Types of women – this is how you recognize the right woman!

Women are often a true mystery that leaves us men desperate. With all that clutter, it would be extremely helpful to know what kind of woman would be best for you, wouldn’t it? After all, you want to be able to quickly assess whether the beautiful blonde at the bar is a serious candidate for a relationship or even marriage. We’re showcasing the different types of women on this planet so you always know who you’re looking at. You’ll also find out which women might be right for you and which ones you should ignore for your own good!

Intact self-esteem – the source of happiness together

It seems like banal wisdom from the psychology guide, but it’s still true: you can be really happy and have fun only with girls who have at least a certain level of self-esteem. Here is the “checklist” for healthy self-confidence:

  • She gets along well with her family and has stable friends.
  • She has hobbies that she can passionately tell you about.
  • She has a job that makes her happy and financially independent.
  • She has a healthy diet and generally leads a healthy and balanced life.
  • She can accept herself with her strengths and weaknesses and is satisfied with her body.
  • Not only is she focused on herself, but she is also helpful, thoughtful, and considerate of those around her.
  • Overall, she treats other people with benevolence and sees them as equals.
  • She has a sense of humor, can handle crises, and doesn’t take things too seriously.
  • She values ​​harmony and, when the situation calls for it, exercises prudent restraint.

On the date, ask lots of personal questions so that you get a deeper impression of their personality. You should also be able to answer the “checklist” questions yourself. Have you ever met a woman who has many of the traits just mentioned? This is a good sign!

Hands off! Types of women you should avoid

There are women whom men should keep their distance from as much as possible. You sure know which women are best not to let into your life. Well, that too is self-explanatory. However, we would like to remind you again which contemporaries are actually prohibited:

  • The case of social deprivation. Her relationship with her family ended years ago, and she has been unemployed for years and continues to see her ex-boyfriend, who beats her. Of course, everyone has difficulties in life at one point or another. But if her problems remain unresolved and she is stuck in a deep hole, this is a clear alarm signal.
  • The morbidly jealous. They make you really hot if you talk to another lady at a party for more than three minutes. Even if you constantly get control calls or are no longer allowed to walk around the houses alone with your friends on the weekend, you should pull the cord and say goodbye to them.
  • The dominant. That doesn’t mean a patent and leather lady will give you some decent lashes (if you’re into something like that, you’ll love these “educators”). Rather, it means women who keep their husbands on a tight leash. They determine your entire everyday life: how you dress, what toothpaste you use, and whether you can watch the football match on Saturday.
  • The quarrelsome one. It manages to break a solid argument from its trivial or benevolent remarks. Harmony and calm are difficult for them to bear. She also intrigues, incites others against you, or gives a heated public talk.
  • The narcissist. She talks about herself all day without periods or commas. She doesn’t care how you feel when you come home from work tired at night. There is no place for you in their self-centered world – so find another home!

You must completely banish these people from your life – no buts! You can never be happily partnered with them, even with a short one-night stand you risk a lot of trouble with these women. Unfortunately, there are many men with helper syndrome who want to get these women out of this mess. Do not even try! You’re too emotionally involved with them to really help. Leave that task to the experts and look for mentally healthy specimens.

Types of women who can do you good – get the best ones!

Let’s get out of the horror closet now! Here we present nicer women who can be a valuable enrichment – ​​be it for a friendship or even for the best love. But also in this category, you will find women who have their human weaknesses – sometimes more, sometimes less. Give them a chance anyway and remember: Nobody is perfect! This is the only way to find out what kind of woman suits you.

The saint

You certainly know this type of woman too. They get involved in political parties, fight for animal welfare, and women’s rights, or go to demonstrations against some absurdities. This category also includes feminists and “Mother Teresa” who found their salvation in religion. They all have one thing in common: this type of woman is committed to higher tasks and will do anything to save the world.

Of course, this is honorable, but unfortunately, it often comes at the expense of love and partnership. This means: The constant struggle for the “good cause” serves to suppress the natural need for love. If you too are at home at nuclear protest marches or youth services, a wonderful friendship can blossom with these manly benefactors.

The comrade

This type of woman can really be bewitching, and many men despair about it at least once in their lives. Maybe you’ve experienced this before: she calls you, invites you to cook, and watches TV.

You can occasionally recognize this type of woman by the fact that she gathers a bunch of guys around her, with whom she makes rock festivals and paintball fields unsafe with a can of grown beer, instead of going shopping with friends on Saturday afternoons. And here we are at the heart of the matter: these masculine women are ideal candidates for friendship.

How do you test if you have a friend in front of you and can quickly clarify? Be brash from the start, flirt aggressively, and touch her on the date to show your clear interest. Does she not go into it, does she cringe or say the famous line “I just want you as a good friend”? Then you know, thank God, where you are and you can decide: do you want to win her over as a friend too, or do you move on without her in search of the right love?

The money magnet

Even if many women don’t like to hear it: money, status, and a Ferrari on the door are attractive to women – at least to some extent. And then there are the women who love guys with big wallets and who fish for millionaires with yachts and private jets in the banking district. Do you find it superficial? It is because this type of woman is with you mainly because of the pool in your house – and not because you are a man with a good heart and character. Do you want a woman like that by your side? There’s no question: if you’re rich enough, you can put up with her for a while, as long as she knows how to behave.

The drama queen

These women find it difficult to keep their emotions in check. Partnering with them is like a storm with constant lightning and thunder. Is she making a scene for you because you talked to the pretty blonde at the party? Suddenly she hits you with the pillow in tears and insults you like a disgusting idiot? Welcome to the drama queen’s big show! If you don’t want to be silent with her, you should examine her strange outbursts of anger with a smile and not get involved in any arguments with her. Do not even dream of seriously approaching her claims – you can only lose here.

The party girl

Everyone who regularly visits the city’s clubs knows about them: we are talking mainly about naive girls looking for fun. You can have it with them too, especially on the mattress after the club lights have long gone out. But these ladies can only be recommended to a certain extent for the next day. Unfortunately, it often happens that the IQ of party rats drops dangerously far below certain minimum standards. His interests mostly revolve around fashion, fast cars, and men with six-packs. But if you are looking for an “uncomplicated” type of woman from the brand, you will find it here.

The intellectual

She is the exact opposite of the party girl because this type of woman has only read something by Pierre Bourdieu about sociable dance events. She prefers to play the guitar, does her best in theater groups, or invites you to participate in discussions about Nietzsche. Especially when she is artistically inclined, she can be very sensual and profound. Wonderful conversations by candlelight in the evening and delicious snacks are a real pleasure with these good spirits. But hopefully, she’s not too cerebral in the long run and can at least turn off her brain for a moment in …

The career woman

She calls you on your cell phone and says lines like, “I’m sorry honey, it’s going to be an hour later tonight!” She also doesn’t have time to have breakfast together, after all, her plane is going to New York soon. With this type of woman, professional success and career are the focus, while men often take a backseat. Women in leadership roles, in particular, are often dominant and want to set the tone not only at work but at home as well.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for them to remain childless. These qualities are not exactly feminine! But if she doesn’t boss you around like a general or has been away on business for months, she no doubt has her upsides as well: the career woman is fully into life, financially independent, and on good terms with herself.

The nymph

This woman has no problem showing off her irrepressible attraction toward you. She sassy dances for you at the club asks if you like her cleavage, and drops funny, frivolous hints that make a choirboy blush. Often these women look as excited and queer as colorful birds in the rutting season.

So you can’t miss them when they’re around! If you’re not intimidated by these spunky women, you’ll be well served with them. For a long-term relationship, however, it is advisable to look behind the mask to find out who is really behind it. Of course, you shouldn’t be jealous either, because who knows which handsome guy she’ll end up with at the next party…

The demigoddess

In fact, too good to be true: a lady who embodies the ideal of all womanhood. If you want to know what characterizes this type of angelic woman, read the list above about self-esteem again! Women of this type look feminine.

They are loving, caring, and always there for you on a daily basis. With her, joint ventures and laughter are as possible as crisis and challenge control. Overall, they stabilize your partnership, contributing to the well-being of both of you through wise and cautious actions. You shouldn’t let these divine beings go too quickly, because they are the best partners under the sun. This makes a trouble-free long-term relationship possible!

Our tip: get to know the different types of women for yourself!

Of course, we men have to gather our own experiences with women – that goes for every one of us. We, therefore, advise you to get to know the different types of women personally to find out which lady best suits you and her needs.

If you are still afraid of talking to women or need help with your date, feel free to arrange a flirt coaching with us. We help love on its way!