Unfaithful women: the 5 most common reasons

Female infidelity

Even if it is very difficult to have clear and precise statistics on this subject, we must stop hiding our faces: no, it is not only men who are able to look elsewhere when they are. in a relationship with. Adulterous women, that also exists. And they would be more and more numerous. However, women are much less inclined to talk about it than men …

And if when we ask these gentlemen about the reasons for their deception (s) they often answer that it is to test themselves or because their relationship is struggling, what can be the reasons that push a woman to cheat on his spouse?

Well, the AskMen male news web portal asked hundreds of women who had cheated on their partners … Here are the 5 most common reasons they gave:

Reason # 1: break the s**xual routine

Scoop: It’s not just men who get bored when their s**x life comes down to a little missionary on Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the children’s nap! Yes: women also want to take pleasure and have a rhythmic, spicy s**x life … and which is renewed.

Reason n ° 2: the impression of being less of a lover than a housewife …

Like Baby in D**rty Dancing, women don’t like to be forgotten in a corner! So if at home their spouse no longer looks at them, or then only as mothers, cooks, or handymen, there is a good chance that they will seek attention elsewhere. History of being reborn as a woman under the gaze of (another) man.

Reason # 3: revenge

Because the law of Talion also works in matters of infidelity, there is a good chance that a deceived woman will avenge her fickle husband … by going elsewhere in turn. So as not to be the only one to feel betrayed, and to reset the counters to zero.

Reason # 4: cowardice

It’s ugly, but many women have confessed that they have already cheated on their spouse … because they didn’t know how to end the relationship and they didn’t dare to leave him. In short, a way to push Monsieur to do the dirty work.

Reason n ° 5: to satisfy a need to please

Whether this need is motivated by a lack of self-confidence, a consequent ego, or other, many women need to be reassured, to test their power of seduction, to feel the desire in the eyes of men. And sometimes things go beyond just flirting.