We never have to judge each other’s choices. Their path is not ours!

How often it is difficult for us to accept other people’s choices, especially when they are different from what we would have made for them!

We all want to be free to choose and decide for ourselves and even if we sometimes ask others for advice, we always have the last word when it comes to the choices we make, the decisions we make for ourselves.

Therefore, we must also respect the freedom of the other to make the choices he wants, to make his own decisions, even if we think we are better informed than him for certain choices.

The other’s way is not our way. We did not walk with his shoes, nor cross his deserts, nor cross his mountains. We have not experienced its past or its present. So why do we allow ourselves to judge whether his choice is appropriate or not?

Whether it is our children, our spouse, our parents, our friends, our boss, learning detachment is also respecting the choice that the other makes for him. If this choice has a negative impact on us, it will be up to us to make a choice for us, but never in place of the other.

We never know what is best for the other, because we are not him. We all need to make our own way, no matter what others say. The reverse is therefore also true: the other advances on his path by choosing what he believes is good for him at the moment. We don’t make mistakes: we learn. Everything serves us. Everything serves the other. Do not think we are bigger than Life to pretend to know what is best for the other: only Life knows it!