What are the qualities that women value most in a man?

Qualities are positive characteristics of something; be it a person, an object, a situation… In the field of interpersonal relationships, we know that there are qualities that tend to arouse more interest than others, or that are even “sought”, sometimes unconsciously, in others.

In the case of women, there are certain qualities that we pay more attention to when deciding if we want to continue meeting a man. In this article, we talk about some of them, specifically 11.

The 11 qualities most valued in a man, by women

It is a reality that there are certain traits of people that we consider more positive or attractive than others. That is why we call these traits qualities, which are intrinsically positive characteristics.

Although each person values ​​some qualities or others in others, there are certain traits that are usually valued as such in a generic way. Specifically, what about women?

What are the qualities that women value most in a man? We are going to see some of the most outstanding ones below.

1. Sincerity

Sincerity is a highly valued trait, and not only by women but also by men. This involves not lying to each other and being able to explain the things that happen to you on the inside with frankness. Through sincerity, you can build a solid relationship with people, and you can get carried away. Thus, sincerity promotes other positive values ​​for the relationship, such as respect and trust.

2. Independence

Independence is another quality that women value in men. This independence can be of different types: personal and economic. Personal independence means not depending on others to do things, having your own plots in life that you like to enjoy alone (or with people other than your partner), being able to do activities alone, not needing “consent” or approval of others, etc.

Financial independence means being able to live and support yourself independently through your own money. It is a necessary requirement to be able to lead a healthy and free life.

3. Humor

Another quality highly valued by women, and probably the one that most for many, is the fact that men know how to make us laugh; that is to say, the sense of humor. This implies being a joke, being ironic, creating a relaxed atmosphere … which can be very useful especially in the initial moments of meeting someone (to break the ice).

Surely, creating moments of fun will increase the probability that the other person wants to continue to know you or stay with you. In addition, when we laugh we secrete endorphins, the so-called “happiness hormones”, which make us like being with a fun and happy person more than with a serious person (generally, although there are always exceptions).

4. Respect

Respect is another quality highly valued by women. This respect, which must be mutual, includes speaking to the other with consideration, behaving with the other person in a respectful way, without offending them, etc. That is, it implies a pleasant treatment, without raising your voice, but also without lying, being honest, etc. Relationships, where respect is the protagonist, are more likely to be more solid and lasting.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is another quality valued by women; This implies being able to adapt to variations in the context (or their circumstances), as well as understanding the opinions or ideas of others. In addition, flexibility allows you to approach things from different points of view, avoiding being rigid with a fixed opinion, etc.

Being with a rigid person, on the other hand, usually brings us discussions, since the other is incapable of modulating his opinion or adapting to new circumstances, which is usually a problem.

6. Security

Self-confidence is a highly valued quality, and that is why meeting someone who is confident in his way of relating, whether spoken or not, is interesting to us and attracts us.

This confidence when speaking and relating, we unconsciously relate to people who have clear things in life and who can provide us with some security as well (although sometimes being sure of oneself and having things clearly do not go hand in hand, we tend to relate both ideas unconsciously).

7. Optimism

An optimistic man attracts, arouses interest since he gives us a feeling of positivity and can help us to approach problems from another point of view, also valuing the positive aspects of it.

Positive emotions are said to, to some extent, attract more positive emotions, and in turn, these emotions attract positive thoughts. Being next to someone optimistic, who is able to appreciate the good side of things, can infect us with that optimism as well, and we value that as a positive quality.

8. Transparency

Related to the first quality mentioned (sincerity), we find transparency or authenticity. Transparency, in addition to implying the fact of being sincere, connotes a trait of naturalness and authenticity, which leads the other person to show themselves “as they are”, without too many “ornaments” or conventions. Thus, a person who transmits naturalness is attractive to us, since he seems closer to us.

On the other hand, when we are with men who show that they are a “facade”, that they overact or that they do not get carried away because they are too concerned with pleasing, that causes us a certain rejection to continue advancing, often unconsciously, since we relate it insincerely or artificially.

9. Listen

Listening is another highly valued quality in interpersonal relationships. Being with someone who knows how to listen when we speak, although it sounds very simple, is not easy to find, and it is not so obvious to everyone.

We are talking about real listening, active listening, which translates into being interested in what the other person has, asking questions related to that topic, knowing how to respect silences, etc. This listening helps to feel accompanied and can be a powerful source of intimacy and trust.

10. Initiative

The initiative, related to personal safety, translates into proposing to do things, scheduling plans, acting without the need for others to tell you to do it, etc. This initiative or undertaking is valued as something positive, also related to personal independence. We like to be proposed to do new things.

11. Delivery

Especially if we are talking about relationships or relationships that are just beginning but are “getting on track” towards a relationship, the dedication by the other is a highly valued quality. This involves spending time with the other person, showing involvement, attention, and consideration.