What can I do when my partner gets angry or mad at me for everything and stops talking to me?

Have you had too many problems with your partner lately? Surely you are thinking a thousand and one things that may be going wrong. You may be blaming yourself, or blaming him. But in this case, it is best to assess the state of your relationship and draw conclusions from there. And we will help you.

Why does my partner get mad at me for everything?

A relationship has fights and arguments all the time. It’s very normal and we all go through it. But when home becomes a battlefield on a daily basis, it seems like you’re weighing your partner down. It is a clear sign that something is wrong. If your partner gets mad at you all the time, and it seems like there’s nothing you can’t do because chaos breaks out, it’s time for the two of you to have a very serious talk.

It is not valid to say that the culprit is you, or the culprit is him. Because in order to reach that conclusion, both of you need to sit down and talk like adults and try to solve your problems. You can end up in three different situations:

  • Realize your faults: It is very true that women tend to be irritatingly stubborn at times. But if your partner opens his heart to you, and lets you see all the failures you have had, it is your duty to listen and commit to improving. Otherwise, all the problems will continue and this time it will be your fault.
  • Your partner is no longer comfortable in the relationship:  In the worst case, the reason why your partner does not seem to support you is that they are. Many men are afraid of breakups, and therefore they always take a defensive attitude that does not allow you to enter their life.
  • Daily stress is being stronger than him:  When we have too much-accumulated stress, any person begins to react badly to any stimulus. It would not be unusual for your partner to be going through something like this, and in that case, you should support him at all times and it is not recommended that you reproach him for anything yet.

Is it normal for my partner to stop talking to me after a fight?

After a big fight, the healthiest thing is for both of you to go away for a few minutes or even hours. For a shaky relationship, fighting or arguing when your nerves are still on edge will only make it worse. Because it is in those moments where they do not measure their words, and everything that comes out of their mouths is to hurt and denigrate the other.

When your partner walks away so as not to continue a fight, you must give him his space. As long as this kind of attitude doesn’t drag on for too long, it’s the best thing to do for both of you. Once he is calmer, you can have a conversation to solve all his problems.

However, if your partner prefers not to solve anything and ignores you for days. It is a clear sign that he is being very immature. Not wanting to resolve disputes only reveals a trait of his selfish and rude personality. If you are really his priority he should want to fix everything with you as soon as possible!

Communication between couples is something that should never be lacking. Especially when they are having too much trouble. Since it is through it that they can get to know each other better, they know what the desires, insecurities, and discomforts of the other are and they can commit to change. Otherwise, it would just be an empty relationship that will never go anywhere .

How to stop arguing so much with my partner?

The better they know each other, the better they will be as a couple. The fundamental pillars that should be reinforced the most in their relationship are Respect, love, communication, and trust.  

When one of them starts to fail, they all fall apart little by little. And therefore, the relationship will not work. For a proper balance to exist, both must know how to communicate with each other and how to listen.

More important than talking is listening. And empathize with the insecurities and annoyances of our partner to know how to react and improve. If we keep thinking about ourselves, we will not succeed in any relationship.