What do women like in men? everything girls love

We boys are always looking for the ultimate secret formula to end up in the presence of the opposite gender. Back then at least, and I’m sure now you will too… And now you wonder: What do women like most about men – when meeting each other, on dates and later in bed or in a relationship?

In this article, I will explain the secret psychology of male attractiveness to you. You will learn all the false myths and the real true facts about the opposite gender!

What do girls like about boys? My biggest mistake in the past!

When I was still in my youth and I adored my classmates, I thought a classmate knew exactly what girls like in boys.

My motto at the time was: I just have to “prove” to her how much I love her. Then she will recognize my good character and take me as a friend.

So I gave the girls expensive gifts like bouquets of roses and jewelry, invited them to dinner when I was dating, and wrote cheesy love letters with the pen. I also brushed aside submissive compliments and literally ran after them after class.

But none of that helped, which is why I came to the conclusion: “  Women don’t like me! “But why did I just collect one rejection after another instead of ending up in a happy relationship?

What women DON’T like about men?

Today I know: it wasn’t because of all the compliments, gifts, and other attention that the girls didn’t even touch me with tweezers.

It was the way I went through it all. Back then, as a boy, I was totally lacking in women. I behaved obsequiously like a butler to the Queen and chased the ends of my skirt like a sausage dog, just because I really wanted to win over my chosen ones for a relationship.

Women don’t like that in men… They prefer self-confident guys who play cat and mouse with them while flirting, rather than chasing them. What it takes are guys who, by getting to know each other, show that they’re not that easy to find.

Because we humans are a little weird psychologically: we want in life what we can’t have.

And women find a playful, somewhat indifferent man they don’t get their hands on easily, downright arousing!

Part 1: What do women like about men’s appearance?

Let’s start with the looks… No, of course, we’re not superficial. But when looking for a partner, girls pay as much attention to their appearance as we men do, believe me. After all, they don’t know your personality at first!

The body: defined muscles and abs?

I’ve seen a lot of frustrated guys trying to do well in the gym to make themselves more attractive to women. But do you have to be attractive and “well-built” as a man to end up with the opposite gender?

In the past, I wrote an article about whether women like muscles in men.

Here’s just this: Yes, it’s one of the women’s primal biological instincts to jump on these traits. This is because the “weaker gender” is always looking for types of protector – the literal “strong shoulder” to lean on.

Now the big but: you don’t necessarily have to become that protector by buying supplements to live like the Hulk or Popeye. You can also protect your girlfriend with a strong character by standing by her confidently in everyday life.

And what about height?

I hear the question just as often: do women like tall men? I can only answer the same answer I answered above for the muscle question:

Yes, in a way, but here too you can score “spiritual greatness”.

Man well-groomed appearance

Especially on a date, your counterpart will have an eagle eye to see if you have a well-groomed appearance. That means: make sure you have clean, short nails, a neat hairstyle, and a precisely trimmed beard!

Speaking of a beard: maintaining one is the easiest way to immediately look more masculine, especially if you have smooth facial features.

top outfit for dating

What clothes do women like on men? The following applies to your meeting: Neither a baggy look with sweatpants and dirty shoes nor overdressed with a fancy suit! You can save it for later marriage.

On the date, the dress is normally loose and suitable for everyday wear. You can’t go wrong with a classic long-sleeved shirt in a single color and a well-fitting cut. Jeans are also always popular among women.

Incidentally, here I have described in detail what you should consider when choosing clothes for a date.

Cute accessories for men

Another real tip: women especially like men when they wear small accessories like bracelets and hats.

It often happened to me that girls would approach me about these tricks during a club party. Ladies only have an eye for something like this…

In other words: you’re giving her a stepping stone to get her to talk to you first!

Part 2: Character traits that women like

It’s best if you’re a successful intermediary between the macho and the nice guy in dating and in a partnership… a little bit cheeky, dominant, and self-assured, but also nice, considerate, and empathetic.

Self-confidence and independence

Women love men who do their own thing and don’t get carried away. This also includes persistently pursuing their own mission and setting boundaries for others that they cannot cross.

Alpha male: the leader of the group

In each group, there is a responsible person. And can you guess three times who women like? Exactly, in the leader wolf, the leader.

Therefore, you must become an alpha male, as this is also a protector that girls want, especially for a relationship.

Honesty in finding a partner

Of course, no one wants to be deceived or betrayed. I also believe that you are honest like Jesus in this regard. But my question to you: do you dare to openly tell every woman that you like her?

Or do you intrude on dating, so to speak, “from behind” and first want to become her “good friend” in hopes that she will fall in love with you? This is also dishonesty!

Women don’t like men who dance indecisively looking for a partner. They want guys who are direct and who always communicate clearly what they’re feeling.

Humor instead of obstinacy

I’ve often seen guys chewing gum and standing at the club with petrified eyes because they wanted to look as cool as possible. Something like that was not successful even in the past!

When women start getting to know each other, they want men who are easygoing and who have a sense of humor. Because if you can make a woman laugh, you convey positive feelings to her. And that’s half the battle to win your heart.

Mischievous behavior and thirst for adventure

Most single men are too nice to flirt with women and try to please them. They would sell their asses for kissing this girl once…

Women find that kind of boring. They like guys who are a little mischievous when they date and play with them. They also want spontaneous guys who are busy and adventurous.

Because being plucked from the gray of everyday life gives them a tingle in their stomachs…soon even with butterflies if you are their “pirate”.

Even later in the relationship, it is extremely important to provide variety with exciting activities.

Part 3: What do women like on a first date?

How can you surprise her on your date? Here I explain what women find attractive on a first date.

Please no gifts at first

In fact, there are still men who bring flowers or chocolates on the first date. But it’s still too early for that! The woman will interpret this gesture as submissive behavior…

Because it gives her the impression that you want to buy her love with him.

In dating, it’s better to shine with your charm and other character traits that women like rather than handing out sinfully expensive gifts as if Christmas and birthdays were just together.

Praise – but do it right!

Women look even prettier for the date and spend hours in front of the mirror. So at the beginning of your meeting, it’s only fair if you value her effort and tell her how beautiful she looks.

But please don’t give superficial compliments about your appearance, but specific ones! Instead of “You look so beautiful” you should say, for example: “  I like your earrings, they match your shirt! 

Unusual ideas instead of a cinema and cafe

Most men go to the movies or a pub with their wives on a date. A good idea?

You should get that out of your head quickly. Reason: The dark corridor and the distraction caused by the film hardly make communication possible. And you want to know yourself better!

Restaurants and cafes are good when it comes to dating…but women like it even more when you think of something really special. For example, a picnic in the summer, ice skating in the winter, or a visit to the exhibition of YOUR favorite painter.

Here I have gathered a lot of ideas for the first date when you can go with her.

Take the lead instead of waiting

This immediately brings us to the next point: Be the driving force of your meeting and take responsibility for its success!

As a man, you should suggest things to do and plan the meeting.

And if you feel lost in the city center, then don’t just stand there like the little forest man, but take her by the hand and take her to a great restaurant where you can enjoy your time!

Your partner will thank you because women love being able to sit back and relax and let us men take the lead in dating.

In-depth conversations about “God and the world”

Even when you are speaking, you must take charge like a man. A little conversation at the beginning of course…

But after a short period of time, you should take the conversation on a date to a more personal level. Women especially like men who tackle emotional topics and talk enthusiastically about their own hobbies!

In fact, problematic topics such as relationships with his ex-girlfriend, politics, illness, etc. are taboo. Instead, stay positive!

For example, to get to know each other, ask questions about your preferences and memories: “  Where do you like to travel? “, or “  What was your best experience as a child that you remember? 

Part 4: What do women like when they write?

Whether dating online or via WhatsApp: for a date to happen, you must know what women find attractive when they write.

No fancy standard sayings, please!

Women don’t like copied sayings that you’ve heard somewhere or read on the Internet. This gives the girl the feeling that maybe she is just one of many women and that you make no effort to appreciate HER qualities as a person.

In addition, as a rule, she does not know how to respond to such ready-made statements. Therefore, it is better to avoid these embarrassing phrases!

Individual compliments in the message

Women like men who recognize what is special about their partner. If you want to write a compliment to her, write a personalized message just for her.

If you’ve ever had a date, you can count on a source only the two of you know about, like this drink you both loved.

If you haven’t dated while flirting on dating sites/apps, don’t compliment your looks like every other lecherous guy, but rather your hobbies:

“  By the way, I think it’s great that you play the guitar, I like those more modern sounds. 

Don’t report to her all the time

Women don’t like it when we men write to them all the time. Girls then think you’re a boring guy who sits in front of his PC or cell phone all day and has nothing better to do. It doesn’t seem like a particularly exciting life…

Or the loved one thinks you are a needy man who shoots messages at her just to win her over. But the opposite happens: if you keep calling, she quickly loses interest.

In order for her to continue to find you attractive, you should limit your chat flood and report less – but with really exciting messages. The principle applies again: if you become scarce, you become interesting!

Part 5: What do women like in a relationship?

A partnership can quickly become routine, which is why many guys at some point give up the reins…

Men who take the lead

In a relationship, too, the most important thing is to maintain leadership in everyday life as the “captain of the ship”. Like a real man, he will suggest what to do on your day off, where to eat, etc.

If you don’t take on this masculine role, she will soon fill that gap or no longer see you as an attractive dream man.

As I said: women like men who show leadership and dominance – and always, regardless of whether they are dating, engaged, or later in a partnership.

Spontaneous surprises in everyday life

At some point, the daily gray grind arrives in every relationship. Also, women like men who make every day an experience and bring exciting surprises.

It can be a classic gift that she’s happy as a snow queen. But also a spontaneous venture she doesn’t expect.

Coming home from work and bored? Then you can say, for example: “  Wear something nice, I have an idea where we’re going! But I won’t tell you more…  ”

While she’s wondering what you’re doing again, bright devil, you take her to a restaurant, to a concert, or anywhere else… Women love these exciting moments with the feeling of uncertain anticipation!

Guys who don’t show jealousy

Anyone who gets jealous of a man in the relationship and makes a lot of noise shows a lack of self-confidence. He signals to his partner that he doesn’t consider himself valuable enough and fears that the woman might find someone “better.”

So always stay relaxed and relaxed when she talks about her male friends or meets these men… If she actually finds another more interesting guy, it’s not in her power to change that anyway.

On the contrary, jealousy only drives them away from you and into someone else’s arms. So: keep calm, even if it’s hard! So you can be permanently happy with her.