What if the key to fulfilling love was having bad relationships?

Would a good old messy relationship guarantee a bright future in love? Come to think of it, this theory does not seem so incongruous as that …

What if to live a healthy and lasting couple relationship , you had to go through a previous one that was much less peaceful beforehand? In any case, this is the theory put forward by a journalist on the Elitedaily site, which seems quite logical in the end. But rest assured, you can also find the right shoe without having to necessarily go through the psychopathic box !

Here are 10 reasons why having failed relationships can lead to happiness:

2 – To flee from harmful love

You make a distinction between the good and the bad that this relationship brings you. And anything that could make you sad or worried, you leave it aside for the future. You knew it at the bottom but are now convinced, the toxic is not constructive .

3 – To find out what your limits are

You are able to determine exactly where your boundaries are. Loving does not mean that you have to accept a relationship if it is unhealthy. Or that you must continually feel on the verge of explosion. So, of course, the two partners have compromises to make, but not constantly, and even less if they have to come permanently from you.

4 – To take stock of faults that you are not ready to tolerate

Everyone has qualities … and faults . Regarding the latter, the main thing is to know which ones you are ready to tolerate or not. And do not repeat with someone with the same faults afterwards. Especially since there is defect and defect. It will be easier to swap one pantouflard for another, rather than diving back with a new narcissistic pervert for example.

5 – To allow you to see more clearly

Between you, everything was so complicated and source of arguments that it finally allowed you to see what you expected from a romantic relationship. Without targeting the fairy tale, just a simple and Zen relationship. How do you know you’re ready to start a healthier relationship? When you start thinking when you see certain couples around you: “There, that’s what I want”.

6 – To learn to follow your instinct

During your previous relationship, a small inner voice kept telling you that something was wrong. And you made sure to ignore it. Now, as soon as she decides, you are on the lookout. We learn to trust each other so as not to repeat the same mistakes twice.

7 – To no longer let yourself be governed solely by your emotions

Love and passion is good. But forget everything else (friends, family, passions …) on the pretext that we are in love no, we were running into disaster. And that will serve as a lesson for our next meeting .

8 – To help you take responsibility

When a relationship runs straight for failure, there are often two culprits. And if your fault is perhaps only to have waited a little too long before realizing it, the good news is that next time, you will not wait as long before taking your legs to your neck. As for the other things that you think you may need to work on, it will be useful to have taken the time to do so before meeting the man in your life.

9 – To understand that happiness comes first

We do not stay with someone out of spite, for fear of loneliness or to maintain a certain security. It is better to be alone and in the uncertainty of the future than badly accompanied or unhappy in the household. The incessant conflicts ruin existence. And scoop: we only have one life so we might as well make it as happy as possible . What you will not fail to do with your next partner.

10 – To learn to break up with someone

Knowing how to break up with someone is a very delicate exercise. Quite often, people prefer to let their relationship last longer than it should in order to avoid going through the breakup box. Also, even if it means taking action, as long as our victim is the one with whom we live an unhealthy relationship. This will train us. Next time, we will already know better how to go about it. Unless we came across this time on the right number in which case, we will be delighted that this card is completely useless.