What if your spouse is bothering you?

Sometimes we feel like our spouse is bothering us because we have spent too much time doing everything together. Take time for yourself or share new passions to rekindle the flame.

Are the moments shared with your spouse no longer the same? Do you feel that the relationship has fallen into a routine? That your partner is boring you? If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, it’s important that you accept that something is wrong with your romantic relationship.

It is true that it is often difficult to admit that things are bad. However, recognizing this is essential in order to be able to find a solution that does not harm anyone.

Routine is one of the couple’s enemies. Over time, feeling that love is ending and that being together is not so interesting is quite normal.

However, this does not always mean that there are no more feelings between you. Even though one of the possible solutions is to end the relationship, sometimes you can make one last attempt to get back what you’ve lost.

Tips if your partner is bothering you

1. Accept the problem

Before looking for definitive solutions to how you are feeling right now, it is important that you accept that you are going through an emotional situation in which you feel disagreed and unhappy.

If your partner is bothering you, first think about what might be causing the problem. It’s about accepting your own faults before blaming the other. Remember that the relationship is a two-way street and it’s hard to always agree. 

2. Talk about the situation with your partner

If you find that routine is hurting your feelings, discuss it with your partnerTry to explain what is happening to you without accusation or blame.

It is necessary for each of you to express your point of view so that you can find the origin of your problems and the solutions to solve them, without either of them suffering. This step is one of the most important since you both have to make a commitment to get out of this monotony that is affecting you.

3. Remember why you fell in love


With the passage of time, it is easy to forget what were the reasons which marked the beginning of this sentimental bond in the couple. Therefore, when you go through a moment of doubt and boredom, it helps to remind yourself of how it all started.

Chances are, you forgot that at first, you had attentions that inspired your spouse. You might also have both forgotten how fun it was to break up the routine by sharing common passions.

Whatever the reason, remembering your beginnings can help resolve this relationship-destroying boredom.

4. Have activities or passions in common

Do you do the same thing every day? See yourself and don’t know what to talk about? Maybe that’s why your spouse is bothering you. If you fall into a routine with your partner, now is the time to resume those activities and passions that you could share together to strengthen the bond.

When the first phases of love have passed, it is normal to lose the habit of looking for a different project to share. To stir up the relationship, it’s good to resume those hobbies that used to entertain you so much.

If you’ve never been interested in her tastes, now is the time. If you’ve never told them what you like to do, maybe this person might be interested.

In short, if you talk about what you like, or if you are looking for a project to live a great adventure, you will certainly be able to feel again this bond which united you so much.

5. Find your personal space

When the relationship begins, it is quite normal that you want to follow your partner everywhere. You put your friends aside, you devote yourself completely to the relationship. And at the same time, you forget a lot of activities that made you happy.

Routine helps you realize that you want to experience those things again that you did before you were in a relationship. This is why, in order not to arrive at the extreme solution of putting an end to it, it is essential to try to find your space.

It is not easy and it requires commitment from both sides. However, this will give you both the opportunity to have different experiences without having to monopolize each other.

6. Be patient

All relationships go through difficult times. So try not to become demotivated when the monotony begins to take hold. If you worry excessively about things that are not worth it, it is sure to be harder to fight boredom.

Be patient, express yourself fearlessly in front of your spouse. Seek to motivate him to solve together these loopholes that can cause a relationship to enter into crisis.

Is your partner boring you? Take it calmly and try to resolve it before you take any drastic action.