What is flirting? : Consider these 15 Fact to discover the meaning

Flirting is an art

Flirting is fun and when done right it can win hearts. Not everyone is blessed with a flirtatious nature, and if flirting doesn’t come naturally to you, then you’d better stay away from it. Otherwise, it would appear that you are trying too hard to be something that you are not. Flirting is an art that should come naturally to you. No one can make you learn to flirt. Another problem with flirting is that some girls don’t even understand that you are flirting with them. No, they are not stupid; they are simply confused about your behavior. They can’t tell if you are polite and friendly or if you are flirting.

Meet people

Flirting has been around for centuries. Some are natural flirtations, while some people have to put up with an act. Someone complimenting you on your appearance and how you move on the dance floor is a sure sign of flirting. He is not congratulating you because he wants to propose to you; instead, he just wants to get to know you a little better. Flirting is a great icebreaker. If you compliment any girl on her looks or dress, they will surely appreciate it and not question your intentions in this regard. This harmless flirtation helps you get to know the girl a little better. You don’t always have to use words to flirt with someone. You can also use your eyes to provoke someone. Just look directly into the eyes of the person you like and then walk away. For the rest of the party, their eyes will follow you. This is the easiest way to get someone’s attention without making a lot of effort. You’ll have to be a bit bold, and your shy nature won’t help here. When you know someone is flirting with you, you can return the favor or just walk away from that person if you don’t like them.

Potential life partner through flirting

Yes, you can also choose your life partner because flirting is considered the first step to meeting someone. You flirt with someone, you meet them and then you propose to her on a date and if she approves, then who knows you might be about to start a new relationship. It’s nothing like starting to flirt because in the back of your mind you know that you will have to find the right partner for your life. Instead, flirting is something to be enjoyed and if you click with that person on a certain level, only you can consider going to the next level. There are various types of flirting, depending on who is on the other side of the table, you can choose the form of flirting that you feel fits the bill. You can flirt physically, traditionally, playfully, sincerely, and politely. If you can’t figure out if he’s acting sweet or genuinely flirting with you, consider these examples, you’ll know what he’s up to. So how do you know what he means when he compliments you? Here we have discussed 15 ways to make you understand the difference between being nice and flirting.

1. Smile means he is interested

We all smile differently on different occasions and if a guy smiles at you, you should first notice his smile. Is he laughing or is he shyly smiling? If he is smiling shyly, it means that he is interested in you and is trying to flirt with you. He is waiting for you to return his feelings and the moment you give him a sweet smile, you will see that he approached your table and started talking to you.

2. Chatting through the eyes

If you want her flirtatious conversation to continue, then let your eyes get the message across. He will be more than happy to please you with your phrase once he appreciates your effort. Maintain eye contact with the person for three seconds straight, and you will see the eyes decipher the meaning. It is strange that sometimes we understand even unspoken words and sometimes we do not understand each other even after having an hour of conversation. Let’s focus on the eye signal. When your eyes have spoken, you’ll be ready for some more flirtatious notes.

3. Head-bent flirting rule

Men are attracted to strong women, so if you come across as a strong woman, then most likely she is flirting with you. Here, the guy who’s flirting with you won’t use silly lines; instead, he will begin to compliment your work and how well you handle everything. If you have a strong personality, you will most likely keep your head up a bit giving the feeling of confidence. Most men are intimidated by strong women, and they tend to run away from them, but if he compliments you, he is surely flirting with you with good intentions.

4. Special treatment

If he’s treating you in a special way, that means he’s trying to get your attention. While talking to you, he leans in towards you so there is a chance that he is flirting with you. But, this is not enough to judge whether he is flirting or not. You will have to discover his behavior with other women, if he is doing that with basically everyone, it means that you are nothing special, but if he is not doing that with everyone, it means that he is surely flirting with you.

5. Pick up lines

It will try to pick up lines on you. You could put on your creative hat and pull out some innovative pick lines, or you can use the same old pick lines. If he is doing this, then he is surely trying to flirt with you.

6. Age doesn’t matter

It just doesn’t matter what our age is when someone flirts with you. If you’re trying to enjoy the moment, you can start flirting with just about anyone and for this age, it’s just a number.

7. Traditional flirtations

How to detect them? They are mostly introverts and would flirt very politely at a social gathering, a bar, or a party. You won’t find this kind of flirting everywhere.

8. Playful flirtations

They are mostly interested in speed dating and would find the weirdest lines you can think of. Still, they will be able to grab your attention.

9. physical flirting

They use more tact and fewer words. If you come across someone who is using more body language in their conversation, then you have come across a physical flirtation. Do not worry; They don’t make any obscene gestures while flirting. They are the type of people who think words are not enough while flirting with someone.

10. Ask you if you are single

If a guy is interested in you and is flirting with you just to find out more about you, he will most likely ask if you are single. If he is trying to discover your single status, then he would do so through flirty conversation. They just won’t come directly to you and ask about your single status.

11. He remembers your words

When he’s flirting with you, he’ll remember all of your words. It may not be seen because it is listening to every word, but in reality, it is memorizing every word that you are saying.

12. Blush

Blush is an expression that catches everyone’s eye, whether you’re looking for it or not. Blushing means that you are surely making an effort to win her heart for a date. Any guy who tries to flirt will blush. You will be able to find out if she is flirting or not by looking at her cheeks, if it has turned pink then you know what it means.

13. He would take you by the hand

He would make excuses to hold your hands. You will notice that he will come up with a unique way to ask for your hands (not for marriage!).

14. You will be all restless

A person who is flirting will be seen playing with their hair or moving from one place to another without any rhyme or reason. These are all signs of your nervousness. If you are flirting for the first time, you will be very nervous and will end up restless. You are not sure if you are doing it right or exaggerating the act. You are confused, so you cannot do your best and you cannot contain your thoughts either. If you come across someone who is behaving this way in front of you, then you can consider this confusing behavior an act of flirting.

15. The expression gives a touch of flirtation

The happy expression on the woman’s face is attractive, while the man’s proud face attracts a lot of attention from women. So the expression gives a lot of details about the flirting. If someone has approached you upon seeing your expression, they are definitely trying to flirt with you.


Final thoughts

There is no hard and fast rule about flirting. In one study, it was revealed that neither the girls nor the boy could tell whether someone was flirting with them or not. But, they found it easy to tell when someone isn’t flirting with them. So the next time you’re at a party or gathering, look up their body languages ​​and facial expression before considering flirting. There are several examples where people were genuinely friendly, but the other person completely misunderstood. The examples are many, and you will find several examples yourself at the next party you attend. When you take a look around the room, you will see that some are actually making an effort to flirt, while there are some who are trying to strike up a conversation just for the sake of it. Flirting isn’t bad if it’s done the right way, and it’s always a good idea to set an example when you’re doing something, even if you’re flirting.