What is love ? Love is when …


For me it is completely impossible to define love. And if someone says to you: “I know exactly what love is”, he is lying to you!

Love has so many facets that it is impossible to give a single definition. We can love for example his wife but also his mother. And of course these two loves are different.


Rather than giving a single definition of love, here is a multitude …

Love is when winter gives way to spring. When the snow clears and lets guess its beginnings.

Love is when we fly away as soon as the Other touches us, kisses us. It is to feel fully existing in his gaze.

Love is when you have thousands of stars in your eyes. It is when our skies light up and the sun comes to caress us with its rays, warming our dying hearts.

Love is when the difference becomes a strength. It is breaking down barriers to reunite the whole earth. It is to overcome prejudices in order to love each other better.

Love is when you are no longer alone to face the world. It is when the loneliness slowly wanes and we learn to share our fears and failings.

Love is when everything around us seems more beautiful to us. The song of birds, the scent of flowers, the sunlight, the sighs of the wind. Everything is sublimated.

Love is when we feel incomplete in the absence of the Other. It is feeling half of your being detached from the rest of your soul when the Other is not there.

Love is when we burn from the inside, when we set ablaze, when we ignite at the mere thought of being loved. It is when our heart is consumed in eternity.

Love is when time freezes. When the hands on the clock of our lives stop and carry us far, far away, to unknown shores.

Love is when you live a daydream. It is sleeping while loving and waking up with the feeling that we have not lived if we have not loved.

Love is when we wake up in the morning with the one we love , it is when we go to bed at night with the one we love. It is being aware of having found the half of oneself that has always been missing in our life.

Love is when we make promises, oaths of eternity. It’s about creating memories together that will last until the dawn of time.

Love is when we dare to surrender. It’s a constant dizziness, an insatiable desire that nothing can chase away. We get lost, we find ourselves there. But there remains an infinite delight in which all lovers love to indulge.

Love is silence after the storm. It is the beautiful weather which returns, the flowers which push back, the nature which takes again its rights. It is celebrating the beauty of the world, it is taking advantage of the time allotted to us.

Love is when you want to make plans. It’s when you want to discover the world hand in hand. It’s when nothing matters more than sharing your life, uniting your life with someone other than yourself.

Love is when we melt into a dream where we are not even ourselves anymore. And to think that forever, it belongs to us.

Love is when an invisible bond holds us back. When nothing can wait and we cannot defend ourselves against it. It’s having the key to your own cage and yet doing nothing with it.

Love is when we decide to keep in mind only our moments of joy. It is forgetting the pain, the sorrow, the sadness, the anger and only remembering the happiness that we have shared.

Love is when , installed by the light of the fire, everything seems upset. We can be who we want, love who we want. And when the light returns, time resumes its course.

Love is when two hearts, which no chain can separate, beat in unison. Two hearts that will only stop beating together.

Love is when you turn the pages of a book and realize that the story is endless. Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, the story is reborn from its ink and plunges the reader into a whirlwind of words and feelings for eternity.

Love is when you always want the other near you, like a second yourself. It is offering to the Other his heart, his hand, everything we have.

Love is when you slowly lose your mind and would be ready to go to Hell rather than Heaven just to be with the person you love.

Love is when you have the certainty of being happy.