What is most important for women in a relationship?

Did you know that women are more selective than men when it comes to choosing a stable partner for a relationship? They take small details more into account, give importance to aspects other than just physical attraction, and like to seduce those who correspond to their image of an ideal partner.

We’ll walk you through everything they are looking for when they want to find the perfect man.

1. Someone with whom to form a good team for a relationship.

Being in a couple supposes a certain cohabitation, the daily construction of a certain complicity, and a perfect harmony. It is not enough to have the most beautiful man in the world by his side, if in reality he is unable to be the daily engine that keeps his partner happy.

Women are looking for someone who makes them laugh, who can share their secrets and understand them in depth.

They are looking for a partner who makes their life easy, and who is not overly demanding, who gives them confidence and is not too jealous. Jealousy is contrary to the idea of ​​a team. This puts distances between the two partners and gives rise to suffering.

Above all, women want a man who will make them happy. Who will take them through life with a smile on their face, and without any tears.

2. A person who listens and knows how to communicate

It is an essential dimension of any good relationship. Men, like women, must know how to listen and understand the person who shares their life, the one with whom they live and build a future together.

Women are looking for men who they can talk to about anything. About their emotions, what makes them happy, and what makes them suffer.

Someone who does not communicate, or who does not know how to communicate, is a person who does not share and who builds walls around them, instead of opening doors. Cohabitation cannot happen if there is no mutual trust in being able to communicate.

Each partner must know how to listen to the other, even when talking about small, insignificant things. We all need to be listened to, and to be understood by our partner.

3. A partner who makes us laugh and who makes us dream

The daily passion is kept alive thanks to small details.  A smile in the morning, a promise or a plan for the future can keep this going. Just like a soft look that consoles, a hug that reassures and a shared burst of laughter.

This passion must be worked on a daily basis, it does not appear by magic. Each partner should freely feel the urge to make the other person happy. Because he loves and respects her, wishes the best for her, and will strive that the passion never disappears.

Without passion, love eventually evaporates.

4. A mature, self-confident and emotionally skilled person

Immature people, and in total insecurity, are those who cause us the most unhappiness. If you are not confident in yourself, and your self-esteem is low, you will be in constant doubt.

This will lead to a toxic relationship, in which jealousy and emotional manipulation will arise which will be carried out through blackmail and threats.

The ideal is to meet someone who is mature, confident, and emotionally adept. An empathetic person, who knows what makes us suffer and who is able to build a happy, healthy, and stable relationship over time.