What jewel to offer to her man to prove her love to him?


You have surely noticed that not all men are fond of jewelry, at least not as much as women. However, more and more men are beginning to like jewelry of all kinds . Some opt for natural materials, such as leather, wood and textiles. Others prefer more marked jewelry in silver, gold, and diamonds.

Whether your man is low-key by nature or, on the contrary, likes more visible jewelry, you can always give him a little gift that marks your affection. Jewelry accompanies your man every day. They are noticeable immediately, whether on the wrist, neck or finger.

Things will be easier for you if the gentleman already wears jewelry on a daily basis. You just have to follow his preferences while trying not to stray too far from what he is used to wearing. Be careful not to force him too much on the pretext that you like the jewel on him. Respect his preferences and style to be sure to please him through your gift.

In addition, wearing a piece of jewelry that you gave him will always make your sweetheart grateful. He will be proud to put it on him for any occasion, especially if the gift matches his tastes and preferences. You can even order special couple jewelry and match it with your own, no matter what jewelry you choose.


You have to choose the material of the men’s jewelry according to the character and personality of your companion. If you are in doubt, silver jewelry is a classic that still resonates with men. First choice of women as a discreet gift, giving a silver ring to your man is very trendy. A simple ring will make maximum effect. In addition to adding more elegance and personality to the man’s look, silver also has beneficial virtues both physically and psychologically.

On the other hand, if you have a man who likes showy and sparkling jewelry, gold is surely the material for him. You can choose models that are rather simple, not imposing and discreet. However, if he is used to adorning himself with lively jewelry, patterned models with imposing shapes are the ideal choice.

And why not stone jewelry ? Men’s jewelry with stones does not look like women’s jewelry. They are characterized by more raw, masculine and often more sober forms. You will often find these stones encrusted or placed on rings or pendants, sometimes even on bracelets. We mainly find natural stones, such as tiger’s eye, black agate, jade and turquoise.


Everyone has their own preference for jewelry. To prove your love to him and to hope that he wears this accessory at all times, the necklace can be the best gift . Whether it is a necklace or a pendant in silver, gold, leather or stainless steel, the necklace enhances the look of your fiance or your husband in a very spontaneous way. In addition, with a rather sober and refined model, he can assemble it with a casual and / or elegant outfit.

In addition, the rings will refine its style. A man who wears one or two finger rings always looks elegant with a specific character and a strong personality . By giving him a ring that features a stone or badge with your couple’s name on it, he’ll know how important your relationship is. The cable ring style is ideal on the thumb or ring finger. It remains by far the favorite of young men who love the rather casual look. Signet rings, on the other hand, are particularly popular with older men. There are also the very thin rings which are suitable for all men, young or old.

Finally, you have bracelets made of natural stones , or made entirely of precious metals. They often attract young men. If your other half has a particular preference for this type of jewelry, offer them two models so that they can change them from time to time. Opt for example for a bracelet in stone and another in gold or silver exclusively.


When you buy a piece of jewelry for your husband, brother, fiance or companion , you must take into account the character of the person to whom you want to give the jewelry, his personality, his habits as well as the traits that define him.

If the gentleman seems preoccupied, anxious and under professional pressure, offer him an anti-stress jewelry to help him overcome this state of annoyance. Gold, for example, has anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties. You can give him a necklace or a gold ring to accompany him on a daily basis.

On the other hand, if you want your man to feel good about himself, with an iron health, give him a light jewel in pure silver . This material has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The silver is also recommended for people who suffer from chronic flu, rheumatism and sinusitis.

Stones, on the other hand, have different strengths and properties depending on their nature. If you decide to choose a natural stone jewel, make sure that the personality of your darling matches perfectly with the lithotherapeutic virtues of these stones. If the characteristics of the jewel correspond to the person who wears it, the effects can be felt immediately.