What makes a woman want to see you again: 5 tips

Most of the time some men complain that women have no desire to see them again. They flirt without knowing what makes a woman want to reconnect with them. Problems prevent them from converting their numbers to a perfect date. Sometimes it does not answer your calls at all.
She refuses, feigns, or cancels all your appointments. What makes a woman want to see you again to make a serious relationship happen? The answer to such a problem makes it possible to limit romantic failures and rakes. Here are the 5 tips to make a woman want to see you again.

Send an SMS within 12 hours

What makes a woman want to see you again? You will be told not to spend the time waiting. The major mistake of men is to wait too long after the first meeting. They wait several days before thinking of initiating the first contact by telephone.

The only concern is that during this period of lethargy, the girl could please another home. Chances are she met a number of other attractive guys. You can bite your fingers. The only thing she would take away from you is that you are a man to whom she gave her number.

Over time, it will not give you good treatment. You will be entitled to unlimited access to its answering machine. With a little luck, she will answer you by asking who is it? You will have a small intonation filled with contempt.

The trick is to contact you imperatively within a few hours of the meeting. A time limit of 12 hours is the best time to contact her. It’s the only way to know

What makes a woman want to see you again. During this time, the chances that the girl will answer you are considerable.

The goal is that it will normally answer you for the first time. It’s quite important. Because, you will now know that you are a guy to whom she answers to find out

What makes a woman want to see you again. After answering the phone, the chances of a romantic relationship are now higher. It is possible to condition the woman’s next actions and to know what makes a woman want to see you again.

If the woman answered your text message, it is likely that your call will be received. By initiating this first contact, you are setting up the basis of a relationship. In any case, some text messages find more favorable response than others.

Texting is a great way to make a woman fall in love quickly.

Communication is light, intriguing and positive. Very simple twists can be used. For example, to attract her lust, you can send her a message that she can never guess the adventures of your weekend.

Tell him it was a magical weekend. In case she constantly refuses your calls, just send a message that something sensational happened to you. Your desire would be to discuss it with her.

Such an SMS is also used if it limits your calls. Just tell him by text that you had to trade on something. These sms prove your complicity. They will be more open knowing that they have exclusivity with you. Women are more fulfilled by feeling unique. When using SMS, overplay the situation in its favor. The foundations must be laid for pleasant communication.

An appointment at the first call

What makes a woman want to see you againIt is knowing that she has a dynamic man. No woman wants to go out with a flabard. When you call him, don’t waste time. Quickly suggest an appointment.

The first call is not intended to make a speech. Rather, the iron should be beaten when it is hot. As soon as you call a girl, the first reflex is to have an appointment before she hangs up. You call to suggest an appointment. The problem of many men is to believe that this phone call aims to make him a conversation.

Some people take half an hour on the phone with the fear of not really knowing what to say or even what to do. Know now that women all know why you called. Let me tell you this little secret.

Women expect this first call to be a daring man. A man who knows how to set real goals. You don’t have to go from rooster to donkey without knowing what to tell him on the phone.

They generally know that your questions hide your flaws. They are aware that you are just chatting with her out of politeness. Why call if you are not interested. Which is the reason why you want to waste time therefore.

They tell each other on the other end of the line why you are still waiting. Be responsive to find out what makes a woman want to see you again. The more you spend the whole time waiting, the more you have the chance to take a full rake.

You just make your life complicated. Your stress cannot stop increasing. From then on, a bad conversation develops between you. You just realize it’s torture.

You will finish after a moment to stop the torture by hanging up without having proposed a concrete meeting. You have just demonstrated to him that you are a man in lack of confidence. She will tell herself that she is dealing with a man who did not really trust him. Women don’t like that either.

She will necessarily think that you are the same with all other women. In these eyes, you will remain another loser, an incapable man who does not dare to offer him an appointment because of the fear of his refusal. Offer him an appointment very early to avoid the pressure crushing you.

The technique is quite simple. After saying hello and knowing how she is doing, hurry to have an appointment. It would be a sigh of relief for you. So you no longer have to worry about discussions that will last around twenty minutes on the phone. If she accepts the appointment, you will be more relaxed to continue the conversation and know what makes a woman want to see you again.

Insist on staying casual

What makes a woman want to see you again? If she feels that you are a fearless man. Be aware that for women looking for a long relationship. The woman likes to be desired.

Do not wait until she necessarily accepts your first appointment. We must insist a little bit.

It will, therefore, be necessary to insist and persist so that she accepts to see you again. They say no just to see your reactions. They ask themselves to see your attitude towards a refusal or an expectation. They quickly realize your lack of affection or at least that you are not interested in a serious relationship.

The most beautiful women use filters of this kind to keep men away. In no case can they go to all the meetings offered by the guys. Women cancel, refuse or avoid appointments without even warning. Only your patience and selflessness will pay off one day.

Several men cancel appointments as soon as the girl apologizes. Those who have enough self-confidence know how to anticipate these kinds of things. The rule in seduction is to know how to translate badly what seems obvious.

It is not because she comes out of an apology that one should believe that she is not interested. Show the woman that the possibility that she doesn’t want your date has in no way touched our minds.

She tells you that it is not possible on Saturdays. Where is the problem! And, the other days of the week.

Offer him, for example, the following Wednesday, taking the time to check availability. She tells you what hours she can’t be there. It is very simple. Reschedule the appointment.

She plants a rabbit for the evening. There is no panic in this scenario. A little text of the kind I think this technique is standard enough for women to be desired or an SMS reminding him that his memory has necessarily played a trick on him.

Show the woman that you understand this little game. You have to persist patiently and casually. This is the trick to understanding what makes a woman want to see you again.

Have a rich and informative exchange

The first date is the door to any romantic relationship. To miss it, therefore, amounts to closing the door in your face.

What makes a woman want to see you again? How to crack a woman so that she completely falls in love? For the first date, everything must be in place so that she can want to see you again. It is therefore necessary to put yourself in context for a moment.

You can imagine it. All women are very different, but there is one thing in common. At one point or another, they want to create a certain connection with a man. During the meeting, if you don’t talk to her very much, she can’t be interested in seeing you again.

Be convincing enough during the discussions. It is essential to take your words and say to yourself What makes a woman want to see you again. Technical subjects as well as those at risk should be avoided. Above all, don’t talk about religion, football or even politics.

These subjects are less interesting so that she takes the trouble to see you again. Even if you have a reasoned opinion on such subjects, the risk is not to be taken. Disagreements can arise quickly.

It is a situation that ruins the whole atmosphere of a meeting. Overly technical subjects thrill you with unnecessary and lengthy explanations. A bored girl will never give you the opportunity to see her again.

Just find something in common to start a fairly interesting conversation with her.

Discuss his fears, his ambitions, his dreams before sharing your experiences. She will be more captivated and will also want to reconnect with another date. Women prefer passionate men. Anticipation in trade always ends up paying off.

Have the right attitude to make a woman want to see you again.

What makes a woman want to see you again? It’s the right attitude. Attitude indicates the reflection of each one’s personality. You can be cool by using a wonderful phrase.

Words that will hit your mind right away. Without the right attitude, you risk running away from it. What makes a woman want to see you again then?

The right attitude allows a man to crack a woman. Just put yourself on his level. The trick is to show him your value. What is its added value by falling under your spell!

Women have always been courted. They prefer those who stand out from the crowd by adopting the Zen attitude. The right attitude is the perfect behavior of a seducer.

This is the behavior of the Alpha Male. The goal is to gain some personal value. Consider taking complete control over your emotions. The power of seduction must be assumed. The first approach is to only speak quickly about your feelings. It is essential to know how to communicate with it. The Zen attitude guides you to know what makes a woman want to see you again.