What Men in Love Want

Despite your efforts, no man seems to really care about you? Even after a first dream meeting, the first fluid exchanges, or even compliments from him, he seems thereafter to lose interest or take flight? Why can’t you build a solid beginning of attendance?

It is sometimes complicated to understand a man and sometimes you want to throw in the towel after yet another “ghost”. And yet, if each man has his own specificities, it is possible to adopt several attitudes that will position you as a desirable woman in the eyes of many men. Gone are the evenings rereading the same message and wondering what you should or shouldn’t have done.

Here’s what men look for in love (and they dare not tell you)!

Men want resistance

Whenever you really like a man, you can’t help but get carried away? Are you still available to him, even if the reciprocity is not there? Ladies, here is an important point not to be overlooked. By resistance, it is important to understand the right nuance: this is not to seem completely disinterested, or refuse to change the relationship if this man ticks all the boxes. It is rather a question of letting a doubt hover, nourishing this feeling that all is not decided in advance. 

A man sometimes likes to have the reins, but that does not translate into leaving him all the cards in the game. Especially during the beginnings of your relationship, if he feels that you are already conquered without having to do his evidence, the attraction is likely to wane very quickly. Worse, he may be tempted to adopt a disrespectful behavior since after all, whatever his attitude towards you, he knows that you will always answer.

Remember to always keep a balanced ratio – or in your favor – between the efforts he makes to seduce you, and yours. 

Become a challenge for him

In the same vein, to seduce a man, after having made him understand that he will have to deserve you, you can go to the stage above: awaken his player, warrior side, and become a challenge in his eyes. 

Many men are very tickled when their ego is at stake. Make this something that can work in your favor: challenge him, offer him funny little challenges and if he is a man with a certain self-confidence, taunt him (in small doses), tell him that he will surely not be able to do this or that, at the risk of seeing you volatilize.

They can be small or medium challenges depending on the context, to be stated in a playful and / or sweet tone, for example:

  • tell him that he has to guess one of the pairs in your phone number if he wants to be able to get it.
  • tell him you find it hard to be impressed with men
  • tell him you’re sure he won’t be able to kiss you tonight

In love, there are many men who covet women who are not cold in the eyes and take risks!

A man wants to be intrigued

This point joins the first two. You managed not to seem taken for granted, and he even entered your game of seduction by seeking to gain points in your eyes. Maintain this atmosphere! So as not to lose the growing interest in it – or to give it birth if it is not yet the case – surprise this man.

A man wants a woman with whom he never really knows what to expect. With others, the same patterns repeat themselves, the same tireless discussions, but with you, it’s different. He can’t completely pinpoint you, it intrigues him and makes him want to dig.

Do not try to smooth yourself to standards. On the contrary, dare to cultivate your difference, and think outside the box. 

Men seek emotionally independent woman

Finally, what men want: independence! To switch from a frivolous start in a man’s head to a sincere attraction, you will seem irresistible to him if he feels that you are, first of all, emotionally independent.

What does it mean? You are aware of your value and are not waiting for a man to come to save you from your situation and reassure you perpetually. Otherwise, he can quickly feel this as a burdentoo big a wait which can make him run away if he has not developed enough interest until then.

In addition, men like independent women more generally: you already have your daily life, your circle of friends, and perhaps even your passions. Not only will he see you as a fulfilled woman, but he may even be able to admire your spirit and your universe.

If all of these points will make you a femme fatale in the eyes of many men, this list is not exhaustive.