What Should You Do When He Doesn’t Text Messaging For Days

The hard part here is that there are numerous logical explanations as to why he is not returning your messages.

On the other hand, he may be distracted by other girls.

Perhaps he has had a family emergency or has broken his phone.

Maybe he accidentally deleted your number or had to turn off his data plan and is out of easy wifi access?

Seriously, there are a million reasons why he hasn’t texted or responded to your messages any more, some good and some bad.

Top Tips When He Doesn’t Text For Days

Tip One: Never Lose Your Cool

You should never vent if he hasn’t texted you back.

The worst thing you can do when he doesn’t text you or doesn’t respond anymore is react.

This might be just what he’s been looking for.

Just stay calm and understand that people have lives and sometimes you don’t have your cell phone glued to your hip.

Maybe he’s sleeping or taking a shower.

He could be at an event or visiting a family member.

You just don’t know, so do yourself a favor and don’t react, at least initially.

Tip Two: Stop Shooting Him Like a Machine Gun

It’s very annoying when you don’t respond to a text message and when you finally pick up your phone, you see that you have more than 10 messages from the same person.

Don’t make this mistake.

You will look needy and insecure.

Even if that’s the case, you should never let him know about it.

One message, please, and then leave him alone, for your own sanity and his.

Tip Three: Go Forward

Don’t let an ignored text message hold you back.

Keep doing what you do in life so the focus isn’t on waiting for that specific sound that indicates he’s responded back to your message.

That’s a waste of time, not to mention a little scary.

Keep yourself busy and before you know it, there will likely be a text message from him waiting to be read by you.

This is when you are in control of the situation, rather than being controlled by his slow reaction time.

Tip Four: Send Him a Nice Message

If you’ve given him reason enough time to respond and you still haven’t heard from him, only then should you send him a gentle message to let him know you’re thinking about him.

You have to be the judge in this case, because it’s true, sometimes text messages get lost in the middle of so many others.

If that’s the case, great.

On the other hand, sending him another message prematurely can scare him and make him withdraw even further.

Use your judgment, but play it cool as long as you know it’s the right thing to do.

Tip Five: Give Him One More Chance

Another tactic is to wait a good amount of time and send him another text message acting like you never sent the other one.

You’re not being completely honest here, but it gives you a chance to get in touch with him again.

At most, only do this once.

You will regret it if you do it more than once.

Tip Six: Don’t Talk About It

Never start complaining to your friends about not hearing from him.

This could be the stupidest move ever.

It shows that you are judgmental, untrustworthy, and insanely needy, not to mention a cell phone junkie.

Gossiping is never good, and if you’re complaining to other people about your boyfriend’s issues, this is the worst of the worst.

Just don’t do it, please.

Tip Seven: Make an Effort for a Face-to-Face

Body language represents 80% of communication.

It is very dangerous to rely on text messages to express your true thoughts and feelings.

It’s very easy to be misunderstood and turn an anthill into a scary mountain.

Try contacting him in person or even where he might be.

That’s when you’ll be able to better read your true intentions.

When you’re not in his presence, there’s a lot of miscommunication, especially when you’re still trying to get along.

Trust me, please.

Tip Eight: Never Go Public

Here’s another thing you just don’t want to do.

Social media is fantastic and horrible at the same time.

It’s so easy to get in touch and tell the world things you might soon regret.

Having a rant on social media like Facebook is something you just don’t want to do.

Many people face problems on social media when they act out of emotion.

Just close the door on it, please.

What’s done is done.

Avoid allowing your emotions to override logic.

According to science, the two are physiologically impossible to occur simultaneously.

Tip Nine: Don’t Wait

Sitting around waiting for a guy to text you back is pretty weak.

That means you have nothing better to do than letting a guy take full control of your time.

Under no circumstances should you stop everything in the name of a text message.

Move forward in your day and if he responds, you’ll find out eventually.

When you take steps to keep yourself busy and not focus or wait for the answer, you are putting power in your own hand, where it should be.

No man is worth that kind of expectation of yours.

Believe and verify that this does not happen.

The choice is yours and yours alone.

Tip Ten: Maintain Your Dignity

This tip is near the top of the list.

You never want to do something you’ll end up regretting when you wait for a text response.

That means you need to act calm and act like it’s no big deal.

This is not the time to complain or vent.

Tip Eleven: Give Him Time

This one is tough, but you need to hold on and give him time.

I know you’re anxious, but you need to give him the time he needs to respond.

It can take a day to respond if he’s at work or sleeping on the night shift.

You need to use your judgment and follow your gut and give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves he deserves otherwise.

It’s the right thing to do.

Final Words

When he hasn’t texted you for days, it’s never a good sign.

What you need to remember is that while it might hurt, there’s still a chance he has a good reason.

Remember, no man is worth it if he can’t respect you enough to take two seconds to send you a message or reply, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

That has coward written all over it!

Hope this helps you handle your messages more effectively with guys.