What the Perfect Man Should Look Like?

George Clooney, James Bond, or the classic knight in shining armor – they all have one thing in common: for us, they embody the idea of ​​a dream man. But what character traits are behind this, and which do better with the female gender?

Our study showed: Hollywood stereotypes are out of the question! Today’s dream man should bring a little bit of everything with him. 55 percent of women surveyed dream of a guy who has a “hard” side and a “soft” side. But we want to take a look at these traits, question the importance of appearance, and show you how you can find the man of a lifetime.

The 8 Most Important Qualities a Dream Man Must Have

There are specific expectations that women have of a man so that they can envision a partnership with him. In our study, we identified the eight most significant character traits that show what matters in the dream partner.

1. He must have good manners

A good way is noticeable at the latest when looking for a partner. Good manners, therefore, reach first place in the ranking of the best characteristics. The gentleman clearly trumps the male here. 90 percent of the women surveyed share this opinion.

2. He must ensure a harmonious partnership

The second place in the ranking of characteristics of a dream man is clearly aimed at women’s need for harmony. 88 percent of study participants want a harmonious and happy relationship. Men who know how to create a good and balanced relationship climate gain enormously in attractiveness.

3. He must be understanding

He doesn’t have to be a sensitive softie right away, but he should be empathetic. 83 percent of women expect their partner to show understanding. Sincere and respectful interaction has a magnetic effect on women. Self-enchanted heroism has no place here.

4. He must share the same values

An approach to life that is as synchronous as possible is desirable. When men can’t look in the same direction, it becomes difficult for them to compete in the ideal partner category. At 79%, having and sharing the same values ​​and ideas about life is still one of the most important traits you should possess when asking “Is he right?

5. He should be fun

You don’t have to be a comedian, but curbs on fun don’t fit the description of today’s dream man. Through humor, you will quickly find out if you are vibrating at the same level or not. For 68% of women, humor is essential. Therefore, you must be able to make a woman laugh.

6. He must be supportive

Loading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and helping around the house. Today’s true heroic deeds consist of supporting and facing everyday situations. Women really don’t like a classic couch potato. And those who prove to be a good support in relationship life no longer need shimmering armor. 66 percent of respondents agree with this.

7. He must pursue the same goals

Differing visions of the future can become very tiresome in the long run and harbor the great potential for conflict or relationship problems. After all, 60% of women surveyed expect the man of their dreams to pursue common goals in life. After all, it is also about making dreams come true for two.

8. He must have at least the same educational qualification

At 51 percent, more than half of women still attach great importance to the fact that their loved one is more educated or has at least the same educational qualification. This quality of a dream man only ranks eighth in the rankings, but it is still more important than style awareness (at just 45%) or being able to move confidently on the social floor (just 44%).

This is how the dream man should be

His muscles are well-toned and his tanned skin gleams in the sun, while his long, flowing hair blows in the wind. The stereotype about men that even Superman would be green with envy doesn’t sit as well as you might think. The results of our study reveal which body shape and appearance women would prefer if they could roast the perfect man.

Sporty and lean rather than muscular

If you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the ideal partner in front of you, you’ve gone too far. For 69% of women, the man should have a sporty figure, but as far as the dream man is concerned, they prefer to be slim and not too muscular. 13% of women even prefer a fuller figure.

Appearance is secondary

Men need not needlessly torment themselves to conform to the outside ideal. Interestingly, according to our study, image is only a decisive criterion for a third of women. For 66% of women, it doesn’t matter if the man of their dreams also has the desired external qualities.

Which so-called partner you should beware of

They exist in real life too, the superheroes and ideals of the nation. But all that glitters is not gold. Don’t be fooled by first impressions! There are men who, at first glance, exactly match the description of the man of your dreams. Personal ideals of beauty, however, often tempt you to throw out the inner values ​​that are important to you.

There is a category of men who are particularly good at this deception because of their masculine behavior. This includes, for example,   narcissists. These are men who basically live on their own, are selfish, and can push you into emotional dependency so they can do whatever they want to you. Insecure women with low self-esteem are more prone to this type among dominant men. Don’t let these dazzling ones fool you and control you. True beauty is only revealed at first sight and, as we know, it comes from within. If you want to recognize fake men in time, you should know which qualities of a dream man are of crucial importance to you.

How to find the man of your dreams? – two strategies lead to success

The first step can be a list with which you will be clear about what character traits your dream partner should have. Appearance should not play a role in the beginning. What is important is what expectations and desires you have from a relationship and what preferences and values ​​the right partner should bring. If you have a concrete description of the man of your dreams, a reputable dating site can be a suitable starting point for finding a partner.

Conclusion:  The right mix for the man of your dreams 

The facts of the study speak for themselves. Extreme types of men are not in demand. The right man is a balance between desire and reality. A little bit of everything, but not a lot. That’s the motto. The world of men does not need to indulge in unnecessary cosmetic surgery or cultivate an excessive cult of the body to satisfy women’s desires. So what do women want? Manners, empathy, and harmony in the relationship. So it still depends on the basic characteristics. Finding the man of your dreams is easier than you might think.