What things does a man in love with a woman do, 29 possibilities

A man can be insensitive, stubborn, angry, absent-minded, etc., but sometime he falls in love. And in the same way, not all men express their love in the same way. What things does a man in love with a woman do? Here are some possibilities as a man shows his love.


The things that a man truly in love will always do are as diverse as there are many men on earth. The worst thing you can do to know if a man loves you or not is to compare him with others. Because your partner is not going to love you in the same way that others do.

Keep in mind that many men are not really good at showing their feelings. What are the gestures of a man in love really? That’s what it’s all about, seeing the gestures, finding signs of love to know if he really loves you.

A man in love will always be very detailed with the woman he loves

A man in love will always want to move mountains for the true love he feels for his girl. You just have to see how he’s channeling it. If your man always has details for you, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t say “I love you”, he loves you.

Those details may be insignificant gestures, not necessarily a bouquet of flowers. Sweets, romantic notes, a call or a surprise visit. In each relationship the details are different. Be grateful for your relationship and you will start to see them

He helps you improve your relationship with yourself and you are increasingly optimistic


Sometimes a woman who is very insecure with herself begins to flourish thanks to a relationship. But things are not perfect, because there may be other things in which your relationship fails. Sometimes a man in love does his best with the woman he loves but is not perfect.

Think of something you would like to thank your partner for. Reflect if that little virtue is worth more than the other things in which you are not happy. Think how much you improved with him even though on the other hand you are not doing as well as you would like.

He always listens to you carefully although he is very messy with his things


How does a man in love act? It is important to talk about a man in love without idealizing his behavior with the woman he loves. If that man is always attentive to you and considerate of you, obviously he loves you.

When you met him, maybe you didn’t notice some things that you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Each man loves in his own way, as he is, where he is from and with his limitations and virtues. There are no perfect people.

If in each appointment you see him well-groomed and with some detail, you have good feelings


There are men in love who do not like to show their feelings of love for a woman. This is due to an upbringing where being a man is understood as always being strong. This type of man in love will not be able to be very expressive with the woman he loves.

But if this man fixes up, perfumes himself and fights his best clothes to go out with you, don’t hesitate, he does it for you. Many women are disappointed in a man because they are not as they thought. But how could they be? No one is anyone’s ideal.

A man in love loves to spend pleasant moments with the woman he loves


This is proven. A man in love always tries to make the woman he loves laugh simply because he loves her smile. A man in love wants to see the girl he loves happy. This comes naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously gets funny.

Women love to have a good time, laughing and feeling comfortable with the man who loves them. If you wonder if that man loves you, think about those happy moments. They can be ridiculous, crazy, or weird. His jokes may be bad, even not laughing at you, but watch what he tries to do.

When a man loves a woman he is very happy to spend time with her even if he is busy


One of the most important things in a relationship is having good communication. Hence, things in common greatly promote communication. But to realize this or to create it takes a lot of attention. Only if you love do you pay attention to the tastes of your partner.

Appreciation is common among people. It’s nice when someone shows us appreciation. When a man loves you he finds time to call or write you asking how you are. If he loves you, he will look for you and dedicate even the little time that he takes from work.

When he makes plans he always includes you, asks or asks for your help so that it is also to your liking

When a man is really in love he always sees his future next to the woman he loves. Especially because of her work, create, take risks and seek better opportunities are inspired. His happiness is next to her, his dreams are next to her. You can’t think, plan, or get excited without it.

He will look for you wherever you are regardless of the distance, time or difficulty

All the signs of a man in love in silence are his attitude. When a man is not expressive you cannot expect much affection from his lips. But express your love with your attitudes. No man is going to love you exactly the way you want, nor can you do it the way he wants to be loved.

A man in love always tells his girl how much he misses her

One of the most common phrases that a man in love utters is “love, I miss you.” Work, studies and other responsibilities can be separated by hours, days or weeks. If he really loves you, he will find time to tell you how much he wants to be by your side.

A man in love always takes care that his wife is emotionally well

The cold, a problem, the news, work, etc., can alter the health or emotions of a person. A man in love will realize the emotional changes or health of the woman he loves. If you are cold it will keep you warm, if you feel worried it will reassure you. He will give you his love.

An expressive man who loves you will always remind you how much he loves you

A man finds many ways to say “I love you . ” In that sense, one of the attitudes of a man in love is to tell you how wonderful you are with words or details. A man who truly loves never misses an opportunity to make his love felt.

If he really loves you he will be happy with your happiness and if you are sad he will cheer you up

When a man feels fully involved in a relationship, he becomes very sensitive to the emotions of his partner. No matter how leaky your moment of happiness is, he will capture it and be happy for you. If you see something in the store and it makes you smile, it will try to please you.

A man interested in a woman seeks to help her in whatever way he can

A man in love is interested in the well-being of the woman he loves. That is why he will try to see how he can help you, many times he will not ask because he will be attentive and you will notice. A look, a smile, a few words or a hand at the right moment help a lot.

A man in love tries to pleasantly surprise the woman he loves

A man with great self-esteem has enough sensitivity to give love in many ways. For example, he realizes something you like and the next day he surprises you with that taste. Especially with small things that need special attention to perceive it.

Other signs or attitudes of a man in love for the girl he loves

– He sends you messages and calls you very often, always of appreciation but not of control

– Walk by your side, at your own pace or ringing your hand and paying attention to the path and you

– Every time he kisses you, he does it with his eye closed and at the end he looks at you smiling

– He always makes you feel like the special woman you are to him

– The eyes of a man in love always shine when he sees the woman he loves

– His honesty shows because he always does what he says and is very consistent

– Loves you and accepts you as you are without trying to correct or change you

– When you ask him to accompany you shopping, he accepts even if he doesn’t like it very much

– Supports and encourages you in the decisions you make for your personal and work life

– He often kisses you, smiles and makes gestures creating confidence and security

– Do not miss the opportunity to caress your hair, shoulders and back

– Respect your space, your tastes, beliefs and life with your friends

– It takes care of progressing and looking good to be at your level

– At all times share your space, your tastes, dreams, fears and time

– A man in love is always very accommodating to the woman he loves