What to do if I want to start a serious and stable relationship with a guy

Do you want to know what to do to start a serious and stable relationship with a boy? You have come to the right place, because today we have prepared a super complete guide with everything you need to know about it.

Although it is true that passionate and temporary relationships are more and more frequent, there are those who still want to find the love of our lives. The fantasy of living a fairy tale and being next to a prince charming is something wonderful.

It is normal that these dreams are reflected in the goals and objectives of adults. However, many find it difficult to project these dreams onto their partners or in their everyday lives. So what does it mean to have a serious relationship and how to get it? Find out here with us.

What is a serious romantic relationship?

Many men and women wonder what it is like to be in a relationship,  especially in their younger years, when they begin to feel the desire to be with someone else. However, at those early ages relationships are mostly casual, and more serious and future plans are put aside for the moment.

On the other hand, as the ages advance, that desire to settle down with a partner becomes much more ingrained. Especially in women, who want to know what a serious relationship is like. Many are afraid of reaching a certain age and ending up alone or that finding a partner will be much more difficult for them . However, this fear only increases the chances that they will not find a serious and stable relationship.

Now, with respect to what a serious romantic relationship means, it is much more than sharing an affective bond between two people. In addition to that, there must be a commitment and a sense of loyalty and fidelity from both parties.

In a serious romantic relationship there are no love ties with other people . Keep in mind that emotional ties with family and friends are something else entirely. We are only referring to other emotional ties of the couple, whether temporary or not.

So, a serious relationship should be based on two people, obviously. But not just two people, but two people who are truly committed to maintaining and forging a union that will last for many years. Therefore, having a girlfriend or boyfriend implies committing to respect the other person , be faithful to them and always be there for them.

Therefore, the main difference between a casual relationship and a serious relationship is that both of you feel that you really have a future together. It is necessary that both can feel the security, that they have a solid ground under their feet that will not let them fall at the first problem that comes their way.

How to get into a serious relationship

If what you want is to start a serious and stable relationship with a boy or girl then you should take into account the following:

Do not rush

It is essential that you do not rush, if you want to start a serious and stable relationship with a boy. For if you skip the first stage of courtship, you will only get something temporary. You can expect the other person to lose interest in you quickly.

By this we mean that you should not leave everything served on a tray. Everyone, both men and women, showed our best version at the beginning. As the saying goes “new broom sweeps well”.

In the case of men , it is normal for them to be chivalrous at first, but this does not mean that they want something serious. Believe it or not, the stage of conquest is extremely important, as it is like a kind of “surrender” of the person who wants to fall in love with you.

Always keep in mind that you are a valuable person . So that person who wants to conquer your heart must give the maximum effort.


Following the previous point, if you want to start a serious and stable relationship with a boy , go on dates. Nowadays, they look “old-fashioned” and, therefore, they are no longer necessary. Passionate and temporary relationships are more and more frequent.

However, what we want to achieve is a serious and stable relationship. For many, this is an old-fashioned love affair. So dating is part of it.

One tip: do not always choose the place where you are going to have your date. It is best to put your creativity to the test. It’s normal for many men to let women choose locations to avoid planning fatigue.

Let him be a gentleman and pamper you

As we told you at the beginning, we will always show our best version at the beginning. Therefore, you can take advantage of this stage and allow yourself to be pampered if you want to start a serious and stable relationship with a boy or girl.

Be careful, with this we do not mean that you let only him make an effort, do it too. If, for example, today you sent him the first message saying good morning, wait until the next day until he does it first.

A partner is that, partner and therefore it is important that they have a balance and that the two are gentle and consent to the other equally.

Don’t take him home on the first date

If you are too attracted to the other person, you may really want to take things to the next level. To start a serious and stable relationship with a guy, do not sleep together on the first date. Finishing up in bed after the first meeting will only feed his ego, as he will believe that you are completely surrendered.

As a consequence, he will end up doing whatever he wants with you and will forget about being romantic. Well, the courtship stage will not be necessary if you already got what you wanted.

It is also not good for you to take it home and present it to your parents or friends. Avoid going too fast, as the other person may get scared and run away. It can also happen that he thinks that you are taking anyone to your house, so that moment will not be special. In other words, you may feel like one of the bunch.

How to go from a casual relationship to a formal one?

Every relationship begins with something casual , an outing, a love affair , or informal outings with a friend. As a result of them, emotions, chemistry and feelings emerge.

Hence, casual relationships are created. But have you been in a casual relationship for a long time? Well, let your boy know that you want everything to go further. It is not good to rush or get stuck! So first assess whether your guy really feels the same way about you.

Then you can lay the foundation for your new serious relationship . Get to know your family, spend more time together, make decisions and forge a future together.

Next, we will tell you how you can know if the other person wants to start a serious and stable relationship with you.

How to tell a man you want a serious relationship

Over time, stereotypes and prejudices have made women fearful when wanting a serious relationship . Since they think that most men, the only thing they are looking for is a one night stand, or a casual relationship. Resulting in that they are much more hesitant to open their hearts to anyone.

However, to forge a serious relationship, the first thing you should do is have faith in love again and leave those stereotypes behind. The next thing, although it sounds difficult, will be to relax and not desperately seek to find a relationship. Yes, despair quickly drives men away.

If in your case you are already in a relationship, the best way to let your boy know that you want a serious relationship is by asking him about his future plans. And change the term from I to a we . Both must know each other and know each other as a unit, as a team that will be together from now on.

If you feel like your relationship has already reached that point, you are on the right track. So you just have to follow that path outlined, and commit to respect and love yourself. Include your boy in every decision you make, in every activity you are going to do, and in every moment of your life.

At the same time, he will have to do it for you, and in case the actions are not reciprocal or mutual , it will reflect that there is a fault between the desires of both and it will be best to get to the bottom of it.

How to know if the other person wants something serious with you

Actions speak much louder than words. Your boy or girl can tell you beautiful things, even that he loves you. However, if none of this accompanies you with actions, they are of no use.

How can you be sure that what he says is really what he feels and what he wants? Although the acts are important, they are often easily confused. Also, if you are in love with this person, you cannot clearly see their true intentions.

To know if the other person wants something serious with you, pay attention to the following items. In this way, you can see if you can be sure that what he says is consistent with what he does.

Spend time with you

If the other person wants to start a serious and stable relationship then spend time with you. He has no detours and wants to see you . He is interested in spending time with you and if either of them cannot, he calls you and worries about you.

No matter how busy they are, if you are looking to cut a hole in your busy schedule it is because you want a serious and stable relationship. Even if they don’t have anything fun in mind to do.

Has you as his priority

Another way in which we can tell if a boy or girl wants to start a serious and stable relationship is this. It has you as a priority . If he includes you in his plans and takes you into account most of the time, it is a good sign.

Even if he has more interesting or fun plans, like being with his friends, but he prefers to spend time with you . Keep in mind that, on some occasions, it may happen that you have a really important commitment that you cannot miss. In these cases we must be a little more tolerable.

Sometimes it is difficult to realize, especially if we are very much in love when it has us as a priority and when not. If, for example, you are his emergency plan or he only hangs out with you when he has no other plans , then he has no real interest in you.

Is in constant contact

If he calls you constantly or sends you messages asking how you are doing is another good sign. If this is your case, surely he likes you very much and wants to start a serious and stable relationship. This indicates that he really misses you very much and cannot resist that long away from you.

Here you should also pay attention, especially if you have already slept together. If he constantly texts you to see you, but when you can’t stop texting, you should run away. This indicates that the other person just wants to have a good time and nothing more.

In addition, if it is only you who always sends messages and takes too long to respond (days) or does not respond, it is because it has happened to you.

He likes to be with you in public

A person who wants to start a serious and stable relationship is brave . They are not afraid of being with you in public or that others will see them together on the street.

He is not afraid to express what he feels about you or to show himself as he is. He kisses you with the soul no matter where they are. In the case of men, it is normal that they want to hide or that they do not show you in public if they do not want anything serious.

On the contrary, if he takes you somewhere where he may or may not meet a family member or friend, it means that he has confidence with you. They will not mind that someone sees them together and happy.

Pay attention to what you say

When a boy or a girl wants to start a serious and stable relationship with another person, they are interested in you. If he pays attention to what you say and remembers it, it means that you are important to him or her. It means that he likes to hear your stories and what you have to say is interesting to him.

It is normal that when someone interests you, you want to know more about them. Therefore, if he is interested in the details of your life, your tastes, hobbies, aspirations, your way of thinking, etc. is very good. Everything indicates that they are on the right track and that the other person is also interested in having something serious with you.

They are interested in joining your social circle

If your boy or girl is interested in joining your social circle, he is trying to show you that you are important. You are interested in meeting your loved ones and those who are important to your life. Well, he wants to integrate and be part of it.

With this he wants to give you confidence so that you feel more comfortable too. In other words, you’re trying to be liked by the people who are important to you.

Integrates you into his family and friends circle

This is the “litmus test” that you want a serious and stable relationship. If he has introduced you to his friends, his family and his loved ones it is very positive. This means that he really takes you seriously and you are not something temporary.

Following the previous point, you are striving for others to understand that you want a serious and stable relationship with you.

Make future plans with you

If he includes you in his future or makes plans for the two of you as a long-term partner, he wants to start a serious and stable relationship. Be careful, with this we do not mean that I propose you marriage, children, house and pets.

At first, he may be interested in sharing the near future with you. For example, if you want them to go on vacation or a concert in a few months.

In addition, he may ask you to spend more time together, either alone or in the company of other people. Use these moments to get to know him in greater depth. They can even test coexistence to find out if it is possible to advance to the next level or not.

You can express yourself as you are

In the event that you are already in a serious relationship, it is likely that you can express yourself as you are. It is not necessary that you hide ” the dead that you have in the closet “, because it accepts you as you are, with all your virtues and shortcomings.

Nobody is perfect, but if the other person who accepts with your good and bad side means that you are already in a serious and stable relationship. That is why it is best to be with someone who respects your way of thinking and your values, even if they do not share them.

In other words, more than a boyfriend, he is a friend. You can talk to him or her about every little detail of your life. It even motivates you to be better and to continue giving your best effort.

You feel committed

Regardless of whether they are going through a good or bad situation, you are committed to your partner . Not every day is going to be pink and you will have to face challenges.

They are constantly supporting each other and trying to get through a rough patch together. More than a boyfriend, he is a support, your safe place. In a serious and stable relationship, the two form a team.

Also, regardless of the importance of any decision you are going to make, you take it into account. Taking their opinion into account does not mean asking for permission. Nor, that you are incapable of making a decision alone. You only do it because you care about your partner and the presence of that person in your life.

The other person shows how it is

Following the first point, in the same way that you can show yourself as you are, your partner is. They are both transparent and completely sincere. He tells you his concerns, fears, aspirations, future plans, etc.

All this indicates that your partner trusts you and that they are not afraid to tell you their secrets and show you their true self. 

There is mutual respect and they feel free

A good exercise to practice trust is for both of you to have your own space, respect each other, and feel free. A serious and stable relationship does not mean that they should be prisoners of each other.

Nor does it mean that they can do whatever they want, always go out alone or be unfaithful to their partner. It is often difficult to find a balance between freedom and respect.

That is why, regardless of the limits that each one has, whether they are large or small, they are equally important. If, for example, one of the two has not gone beyond what you wanted, you must respect it.

Each person is different and has their needs, values, fears and desires. In the same way that you would like your partner to respect all this, you should do it. If your boy or girl wants something serious with you then he will not pressure you and will respect your time.

When there is a commitment involved, you are not afraid to have an argument with your partner. If there is something you don’t like, you can talk about it openly and come to an agreement.

He is detailed and sincere

If a person wants a serious and stable relationship, he is detailed and completely sincere. In this type of bond, trust is already much stronger, so neither of you is afraid to show your true self.

It is important that both of you open up and can talk about personal issues, concerns, aspirations, etc. The best thing is that there are no secrets of any kind so as not to damage your confidence.

For example, he keeps you up to date with his life, alerts you when he is going to be absent, greets you every day or takes your opinion into account. Although many times we do not take them into account, the details can make a difference.

It is important that as the relationship progresses, the details are not neglected. Imagine that it is like a little plant that you must water every day so that it grows strong and does not end up dying.

So far we come with this super complete guide on what to do if I want to start a serious and stable relationship with a boy. We hope it has been helpful and that you can put into practice all these tips that we have given you.