What to do if my partner does not value me and blames me for everything, insults me when he gets angry or everything I do annoys him?

For many women, it is difficult to know how to act when your partner is bothered by everything you do since they are situations that are out of the ordinary. Especially when the relationship wasn’t like that.

If you have noticed that your relationship has become very stormy, we leave you some advice for you to take into account. Heal your relationship or get the hell out of there!

What to do when your partner is bothered by everything you do?

Getting into a conflict with a partner due to an argument is very common. However, it is very uncomfortable and irritating when it seems that your partner is bothered by everything you do.

These kinds of situations can go to extremes. So much so that it can ruin an entire day. But what is happening there? Are you really the problem or is he?

When this type of situation happens, you should mainly evaluate your attitudes and your behaviors. Come to a conclusion about whether you could actually be causing discomfort in your partner.

Otherwise, and if you think I feel annulled by my partner, you should talk directly with him. Regardless of his reactions, and regardless of whether he might blame you for something. Put your feelings and emotional health first!

Once you’ve talked, you can make a decision based on what happened. If you notice that your boyfriend does not cooperate, or does not stop blaming you for all his ills, it is time to say goodbye.

On the other hand, you can have a happy ending and return to normal. Since we all go through ups and downs, anyone can have a phase of total irritability. In that casefocus on saving your relationship in crisis!

My partner insults me when he gets angry, he does not value me and blames me for everything

Mainly, we must clarify that respect in a relationship is everything. There may be hundreds of fights, but never insults or mistreatment! Receiving insults, feeling small, and being blamed for everything are clear signs that you are in an abusive relationship.

I love my partner but he makes me feel bad! It is a phrase that many women keep repeating. But the truth is that it is a slight attempt to camouflage a feeling of true sadness. Get your self-esteem back and get out of there!

An abusive relationship begins with the following points:

  • Prohibition of different activities or things.
  • Insults during fights.
  • Mistreatment during any situation.
  • He gets angry about everything and makes you feel less.
  • When he gets upset, he starts throwing things.
  • You can even punch the wall or things.
  • He gets angry when you want to do something by yourself.
  • Jealousy borders on extremes.
  • He checks your cell phone and your personal things.

Each and every one of those points is the basis for developing an abusive relationship. Which in the future, can result in very dangerous situations. So run out of there!

In these cases, it’s not worth making my boyfriend suffer because he doesn’t value me, no. What you need to do is end that relationship before it completely consumes you. It may hurt or be difficult at first, but soon you will regain your peace and realize that ending it was for the best.

Why doesn’t my partner value me? How do I solve it?

Not feeling valued is the worst thing we girls can feel. And especially when it comes to our partner. Since we feel that we give everything of ourselves without getting anything in return.

However, if things between you and your boyfriend have been normal lately, everything should be resolved with a simple talk. We already know that communication is the key to successful relationships. Therefore, let your boyfriend know how you feel.

If you are more of those girls who want to make him see what he is missing, you can make him suffer in the following way.

  • Don’t pay as much attention to it as usual.
  • Don’t write to him.
  • Don’t call him.
  • When he looks for you, feign disinterest.

Each of those things will make your boyfriend desperate and beg for your attention one more time. So go ahead and talk some sense into him!