What to do on a first date? 38 ideas of what to do

Finding an original activity to have a romantic first encounter can be challenging; For this reason, here we are going to leave you a list with thirty-eight ideas of what to do on a first date in order to make it a success.

In addition, we are going to tell you tricks that will help you select the ideal option, tips to prepare yourself before a date, what topics can be discussed, and things to avoid if you want to achieve success.

1. Adventure in nature

It does not matter if they have known each other for a long time or if this is your first date with a boy you have known recently. Being in contact with the natural environment is a good option if you both have an adventurous spirit.

What can they do? Kayaking, camping, water sports, hiking… You can even go planting trees in an urban garden; It is a relaxing activity where the two of you can talk while doing easy work.

2. Fun at an artisan market

Where do you live there are flea markets or used things? As strange as the idea may seem to you, it is an alternative to have an absolutely original date that, apart from making them have a great moment, will help you know their tastes.

They do not need to buy anything, but while they walk the site, they can chat and, if something catches your attention, show it to them and ask them what they like.

They can also have fun with special objects that they find and catch their attention.

In addition, as they walk through the different stores they can buy food or drinks; in this way, they are not restricted to just sitting and chatting and plan B – in case the market is very boring – will be very simple to implement.

3. Play to be tourists

Surely there is someplace in the city that neither of the two knows, so it could be an interesting adventure to go there and try something new together.

In the event that certain 2 do know the city from end to end, you can act as a tour guide.

Together they will tour the city, one showing the hidden little wonders and the other enjoying pleasant company and new experiences.

4. Have a picnic

It is not only romantic to sit in nature and eat together but … how do you know if this is the right option? Do this only if you know the person you are dating for the first time well.

Regardless of whether you are looking for what to do on your first date with a woman or a man, this activity will give a good first impression of you, it will prove to him that you are interested in knowing everything about him or and getting to know his depth.

How to prepare? Choose a quiet park with shade, get a basket to put everything, prepare the food, and also include glasses, cutlery, plates, napkins, and a blanket to sit on.

To know what to bring, you can ask him what his favorite dish is; although if you feel sorry for them or want to amaze, take into consideration their tastes and what they have told you.

Remember that what you carry for sure will be fine and will have the best of claims.

5. Go to karaoke

Do you both like music, have a good time, be around people, and don’t want to complicate your life by preparing too much for the date? Then this alternative is sure to please you a lot.

They can go to a little frequented karaoke and participate in a few rounds or, on the other hand, stay listening to those who do their performances while they chat and get to know each other a little better.

If you have been getting to know each other for a while and have formally decided to have a first date, you can organize karaoke at home, prepare or buy snacks and drinks.

6. Cooking challenges 

If you are both foodies, there is nothing better than a first date for the two of you to test your culinary skills.

While they make preparations and share recipes, they can chat.

This activity is ideal if you dare to go to the house of certain 2 and want to have privacy.

In case you are looking for questions about what to do on a first date or what topics to play while cooking, here is a small list:

  • At what age did you learn to cook?
  • How did you learn to cook?
  • Is there something you don’t like to cook more than you love to eat?
  • Do you have any guilty pleasure that is edible?
  • Besides cooking, what else do you enjoy doing?

7. Go to an amusement park

In the event that you are adventurers with a young spirit but do not want to go to a forest, an amusement park is also a good option.

Walking together, enjoying the attractions, eating a sweet or a snack while talking always and in all circumstances is going to be an excellent plan.

8. Date at a city fair

Although it may not seem like a common idea, going to a fair could be a lot of fun: there are games, food, and places to sit and talk while watching people go by.

In every fair there is always and at all times a wheel of luck, so … why not enjoy this romantic attraction on a first date to make a real connection with that person in a magical sight?

9. Dance classes

Dance is an art that not only unites bodies, it also unites souls. If you both want to have your body moving and you want to know from that first date if the connection is real, sign up for dance classes.

Even if they don’t chat with words throughout the class (certain instructors are rigorous about this), their bodies are going to make them communicate.

Anatomical language is one of the most powerful dating tools, so… take advantage of it!

If you think you have 2 left feet, don’t worry! Maybe your date also has them and, if not, that’s exactly what they are in a dance class for to learn and have fun!

10. Have a coffee

It is probably cliche, but it is a good option if you are looking for what to do on a first date with a man or a woman you do not know.

It is a public place, more peaceful and private enough to be able to talk; In addition to this, if you feel that things are not flowing as expected, you can quickly drink your coffee and also leave. Or, on the contrary, request something to eat and extend the appointment if it goes according to plan.

Another advantage of going out for a coffee as a date is that it can be at any time: in the morning, afternoon, and even at night.

And if you are not coffee lovers … don’t worry! In these places, they also tend to serve chocolate drinks and infusions.

11. Go to micro theater plays

If your date appreciates art but you do not want to go to a super very elegant and listless place, propose a micro-drama work.

This genre of shows does not usually last more than fifteen minutes between acts; In addition to this, the breaks change between thirty to forty-five minutes.

So they are a great option if you want entertainment throughout the date, but without affecting the communication time.

12. Go to an arcade

In the event that you are looking for what to do on the first date with a boy that is somewhat informal, entertaining, and youthful, you can invite him to one of these rooms.

In it, you will find pool tables, foosball, darts, air hockey, tables to score the ball … Apart from having fun, talking and having a good time, they could compete in a friendly way.

13. Make up a trivia

If the date is in a house or in a quiet place and you have run out of ideas to dialogue, make the proposal to do a trivia to get to know each other better and break the ice.

In case you don’t know, trivia is like a game in which you ask a series of questions and the other person must try to answer appropriately.

If you win, you can take your turn and ask a question; if you don’t win… you must try to guess another question until the moment you get the answer right.

Is it necessary to prepare to invent a trivia? It would be ideal, but it is not essential. You can ask him to guess your age, preferred color, if you have a middle name, favorite movie, or series …

14. Go to the Planetarium 

It is an extremely romantic idea that the most passionate in science will surely love.

Peering at the stars and different astronomical phenomena, while talking about the vastness of the cosmos, is a very original plan.

15. Go to the climbing wall 

In the event that you like adventure but certain 2 do not dare to go to a forest or to the mountains on a first date, the climbing wall could be a great option.

Climbing walls, having fun for a while, and then sitting down to chat while having a refreshing drink is a valid alternative for a first date.

16. Sign up for cooking classes

This option is suitable for each and every one of the foodies, but who do not dare to go to the other’s house on a first date.

They will learn certain tricks in the kitchen, they will have fun, they will eat and they will talk… what better than that?

You can choose an absolutely new genre of cuisine for both of you, or the preferred style of your date: Chinese, Thai, Latin, Spanish, Tex-Mex … We assure you that you will find one that suits both tastes.

17. Take a tapas tour

This activity is perfect for both a first date and when you need to execute a plan B, in case the initial one is not going as you planned.

What is the benefit of touring the city in search of tapas? Between restaurants, they will be able to chat along the way, admire the beauty of the city, discover new places and unite through unforgettable experiences.

18. Go to the ice cream parlor or pastry shop

We know that it is another cliché idea, but being realistic … who does not like to have a date where they enjoy a delicious sweet?

In addition, they tend to be calm, relaxed, and frequented places, were engaging in a conversation is going to be truly simple.

19. Dress up a beach or forest

It is not the usual date plan we are used to, but if both are interested in taking care of the planet, there is no better activity than this to meet and spend the day together.

While cleaning, they can talk and later, when they sit down to rest, they will be able to admire the view of nature without pollution.

You will feel the satisfaction of having done something for the planet and you will have connected with each other.

20. Go to a five-course restaurant 

They are usually quite elegant places and have five dishes: appetizer, starter, main course, garnish, and dessert. It is a good alternative option if what you want is to amaze on your date.

How do I know if this is the plan to follow on the first date? Consider the person you are dating: if they have fine taste, they like elegance, they prefer a good gourmet experience over the quantity of what they are going to eat, then this could be the right choice.

21. Eat at food trucks

Food trucks – or better known as food trucks – are absolutely the opposite of the previous activity …

If you want to take your date for a good meal, which in addition to this is overflowing and not so expensive, this is a great idea.

They can buy in multiple food trucks and try what the others bought and talk while they eat.

The good thing about this plan is that they march from very early in the morning, until late at night; with what the appointment can be scheduled for when they have a free space in the agenda.

22. Have breakfast in a beautiful place

Who said that date is only made in the afternoon or at night? The first hour of the day is also a great option!

They can meet before going to work or college for breakfast in a chic place.

Have a coffee, a light breakfast, or brunch, no matter what you choose! The essential thing is that, if everything goes well, they can agree to eat together and extend the appointment.

23. Go the bookstore

Every good book reader loves to go to a bookstore, and if you both feel exactly the same passion, why not have a date in a place that is comfortable for both of you?

They can make recommendations, choose a book and ask him to guess what it is about, to show you his favorite literary work. You could also play at saying literary sentences and have your quote find which book it belongs to …

24. Traveling out of town

If the twos are the adventure and you are confident enough to take a whole day for the date, plan a trip to a town near your locality and share like real tourists.

The best thing about this plan is that you will fully know how your date is, from their patience throughout the journey, their way of seeing the planet, their treatment of other people …

They will be able to chat about everything they can think of and, if they feel comfortable, even extend the evening.

Does this activity have disadvantages? Some … since not everyone has the free time to miss a day of their routine and not everyone is ready to go on a first date.

So come up with this idea, only if you know your potential partner’s spirit of adventure.

25. Go to the museum 

It doesn’t matter if it’s an art, archeology, science, nature exhibition… This activity is ideal if you want to amaze your date by showing that you are interested in their hobbies or that you want to share your planet with theirs.

Why a museum? It is a peaceful place to chat where you can use the exhibits as an icebreaker, or simply to talk while you get to know and go through the different works on display.

26. Go bowling

Although it is a place where it is customary to go with a friend or with a large outfit, why not do something different and have a date there? There is food, they can have fun and in addition to this, they can chat to get to know each other.

27. Go skating 

Doing this activity is a good alternative option to traditional dates since regardless of your skills on skates, you will have the possibility to meet your date and try to link them.

If you know how to skate, show him your skills and offer to teach him.

In the event that neither of the two is that skilled, there is nothing to worry about; In truth, take advantage and have contact holding hands to maintain balance and thus connect on a physical level.

Meanwhile … they can talk about any topic they want.

28. Walking around the city on foot in search of a place to eat

It is a romantic and very fun idea … wandering around the city without a clear direction, just talking, admiring the beauty in each and every corner, and exploring new places.

To select a place to sit down to eat, choose one that neither of you has ever known before; This will increase the sensitive connection between.

How to raise this plan? It can be a second option in the event that the first is not going well or being in a park or square and from there decide to walk near the city.

29. Travel in a hot air balloon

What could be more romantic than a walk in the heights admiring nature and the sunset? In truth, there are services that offer a kind of food for the duration of the passage.

How do you know if this might be a good option for the first date? Ask him if he is not afraid of heights, if he likes nature, and what he thinks about the idea.

30. Jazz night

In case you do not want to expose yourself to a super original idea but still in this way you want romance in the air, going to a jazz night together can be something unique.

It is relaxing, happy, and romantic music that, in addition to this, will let you have a chat while enjoying a drink or snack.

31. Go to miniature golf

This traditional, entertaining and super romantic outdoor activity is perfect if you are not very athletic, but want to have a good time and also have time to talk.

32. Visit a vineyard

They say that wine always and in all circumstances makes things better, in this way that … why not have an appointment in a vineyard? We assure you that it is an original idea and that few dare to carry it out.

In addition to chatting and enjoying different genres of wines, these places generally also offer to taste cold cuts and cheeses that complement the taste of the wine.

33. Go to the Go-Karts 

For a relaxed date, full of fun and adrenaline, the or Karts are the ideal options.

While it is true that while they are on the track they will not chat much, since each of them will be in a car, at the end of the race they will be able to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

34. Stroll through a botanical garden

Flowers are romantic and walking next to your date surrounded by so much natural beauty, without any doubt, creates the ideal environment for the magic of love to sprout.

35. Walking on a tourist bus

Even if they know the city, acting like tourists throughout a date is a very romantic way to start an evening; In addition to this, they will learn about particularities that they surely did not know about certain monuments.

This idea is ideal for to start date; If you feel the chemistry, you can continue the evening in a food establishment or get off at a tourist site that catches your attention.

36. Visit the aquarium or zoo

If you both love animals, you are sure to have a really good time at these sanctuaries.

What we love about this kind of place is the simplicity to break the ice, using the exposed (animals, in a case like this).

You can say funny or interesting facts about the animal that they observe and from there continue the talk to get to know each other better.

37. Helicopter ride through the city

Seeing the city from above is an unforgettable experience and doing it on the first date will leave a great impression on you.

At the conclusion of the walk, they can have a picnic to meet each other, while they talk and discuss the wonders they observed in the air.

38. Outdoor bonfire

Although it sounds like a movie date, it is too romantic to be under the stars in front of a bonfire with your date.

They can chat about whatever they fancy, cook marshmallows and hot dogs while being absorbed by nature.