What to do when friendship becomes love?

Friendship is a deep connection between 2 people, it implies trust, complicity, respect, and affection. But it can be tested when feelings are transformed into something deeper. The love between friends can be a fantastic experience if you know how to handle it.

If you feel that you want more than a friendship with one of your friends and you are not sure how to make the feeling mutual, we offer you some tips to strengthen the relationship and help them take that step in the best way.

1. Don’t rush into a romantic relationship with your friend

Before even meditating on telling him something about your feelings, you should clarify if what you feel for your friend is truly love or is affection. You should also limit if you are ready for when you tell him what you feel about him, the relationship changes.

Keep in mind that he can react well and correspond to you, as well as he can not correspond to you and distance himself by not knowing how to handle the relationship.

How do I know if what I feel is love or friendship?

It is not so easy to distinguish the two relationships. After all, it’s about affection and deep feelings. However, it is obvious that if you are in love you will feel a strong connection with that friend.

Your whole body gives you signals when you’re in love: your hands sweat, your heart races, your stomach tickles and you can’t get it out of your head. Time together is never enough.

2. Talk about your emotions with another friend

It’s a good idea to find another friend you trust and tell him how you feel about the boy you’re in love with. That will help you to relieve a bit of worry and nerves. Your friend will surely give you good advice to transform that friendship into love.

3. Observe their behavior with you

If you’ve been friends with the guy you like for a long time, you probably know the way he generally behaves when he has feelings for a girl. Then you should be able to identify if he sees you only as a friend or if the relationship can go a bit more there.

Pay attention to the way he talks to you, the way he looks at you if he offers to accompany you and is aware of your things.

If you see certain of these signs, you may feel the same way you do:

  • He stares at you when you are together.
  • Has a somewhat restless attitude.
  • Try to get a smile always and in all circumstances.
  • Make up cute nicknames to call you or just use 2.

He is aware of you, from quickly answering all your messages and calls, to making sure as long as you are well.

4. If you verify that he also likes you, talk about it with him

If they are friends, they are confident and you verified that they also feel something more for you, the next step is for them to sincerely chat about their feelings. Every successful loving relationship has good communication.

Sit down and tell him how you feel when you are by his side. Maybe you’re embarrassed and think, “Me? To do that? Have you become gone? ». But no, I have not become deranged. It is true that it takes a lot of daring to do it, but it is the best way to take that weight off your shoulders.

Not only will you dispel your doubts, you will also prove to him that you are determined, that you really care about him, and that you are ready to take the steps that are necessary to protect that relationship.

5. Understand and admit what you decide

Once you affirm everything, you should give him time to process the information, do not pressure him to make a resolution, and admit what he decides.

If you decide to give love to each other a chance, you will feel very happy. But if the feeling does not touch you, or does not want a relationship with you, do not create a drama, admit the situation and try to continue with your life. If you push it, they may end up losing their friendship.

What is the love of friends?

It is a feeling that is born between 2 or more people that is based on fidelity, commitment, trust, complicity, and affection towards the other.

It is a mixture of feelings that very often is quite difficult to distinguish. Friendship also contains love. Since they have exactly the same bases, it is very common for close friends to develop romantic feelings.

What is being a friend?

For me, being a true friend is being there for the other, through thick and thin. It is listening to the other person without judging them, it is supporting them when they need you most and reaching out to them. It is also having fun, sharing secrets, and enjoying together.

In what way is love between friends called?

The feeling of love that is born between friends is called FRIENDSHIP and it is one of the greatest joys that anyone can have in their life. It is a pure and frank feeling that manages to break through any barrier.

Love phrases between friends

  • “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is understanding and being understood” – Seneca.
  • “There is nothing I appreciate more on earth than having your friends and having you in my life.”
  • “Your friendship lights up my nights and shelters me throughout the day.”
  • «Do you know why I love you so much and consider you my best friend? For the fact that with you I can be who I am without feeling judged.

What to do when friendship turns into love?

Are you sure you are in love? If this is the case, discuss it with him. If it touches you, congratulations! They are now ready to start a new stage together. A loving relationship always and at all times poses challenges, but if you are already friends and have confidence, you start with a huge advantage.

If he does not touch you, apart from the pain of rejection, you will have to deal with an inescapable distancing in his friendship, since when you tell him what you feel the relationship will not be exactly the same again.

In that case, you will need time to recover and him to feel confident again. But if their friendship is genuine, they will get over it. They should not lose all relationships for unrequited love.