What to do when your children catch you Making love?

Soft music to hide your breathless breaths, dim lights to hide your silhouettes, you are in the middle of a fight with your darling, when suddenly you hear a door creak. You turn around to see who is there, but you see nothing in your field of vision. You lower your head a little, and there you find your child rubbing his eyelids (as if he couldn’t believe his eyes). It’s a panic ! A feeling of deja vu when reading these lines? Follow our article to find out how to behave in such a situation!

Nothing is more embarrassing than being surprised by your child making love. If you haven’t been asked questions like “what do you do?” “Or” why did mom cry? “, The embarrassment still remains in the air!

How to react in this kind of situation? Should we talk about it with your child or turn the page? We tell you everything!

Stay cool:

As soon as you realize the presence of your child, cover yourself quickly, without panicking . It is very important to remain quiet because the child will automatically think that you are doing something wrong if you do not know how to react,  according to psychologist Judy Rosenberg.

So try to keep calm. Do not forget to cover your private parts especially and smile. Be cool!

Wait for their reaction:

There is a very good chance that your child will not know what you were doing, especially if he is 3 years old. So instead of panicking and stammering an excuse that will make the situation even more embarrassing, wait for his reaction. He may find the situation funny, or believe that you were playing.
If he asks what you are stretching to do, do not answer directly and rather ask him what he saw. Then adapt your speech to what he will answer.

Invent something:

According to Hal Pickett, child psychologist, Love making can seem aggressive for someone who knows nothing about it. So, when your child surprises you in the middle of a fight, you can tell him that you were between cuddling adults or that you were having fun, without going into details. Choose a fun activity; a new sport, for example, or tell her that you were tickling her mother. Use your imagination.

This is of course only valid for small children, because from 6 or 7 years old, children begin to understand s exuality a little. It will, therefore, be necessary to change the discourse!

Explain why you were naked:

Again, you have to be creative. If your child arrives in the room and sees his mother in Eve’s outfit and his father in Adam’s costume, he will certainly wonder why. It will, therefore, be necessary to give him a clear explanation, which he will be able to understand according to his age. By taking up the thread of tickling history, you can simply tell him that after having finished tickling his mom, you needed to take a shower. You can also tell her that you are just changing yourself.

Wait for them to come out:

Pre-teens or teens understand very well what you are doing. So expect them to leave the room, before you even have time to cover yourself, unlike the little ones who will stay planted in their place and will look at you with big round eyes.

Be sure that the situation is also embarrassing for them. For a teenager, it is practically unthinkable that his parents make love. This is far too annoying to imagine!

However, this is not a reason to pretend that nothing has happened. It is important to talk about it with your child the next day, offering him a simple explanation, without giving him a Love making lesson!

Finally, the most precious advice we can give is to take precautions! Make sure your bedroom door is securely closed, whether your child is in bed, at school, or elsewhere. Be vigilant to avoid such incidents. And if your child (old enough to understand the rules of family life) enters your room, without knocking on the door, this will be an opportunity to remind him of good manners.