What to talk to a man you’ve just met or are going on a date with? What topics of conversation do you discuss when you are in a relationship? Bothering you just not knowing what to talk about when you’re with your boyfriend? Here are some things to talk about, which will help you avoid having nothing to say to each other …

These talking points will help you, but if you never have anything to say to each other, still ask yourself whether it is normal to have so many moments without speaking, and if you are really compatible with one another. with the other, because the dialogue between partner, communication, is the basis for having a solid couple.


– Tell him about your cooking. Tell her how good a cook you are, how the art of making good meals is innate in you. Explain to him, if he is interested, how you cook your meals.

– Tell the little anecdotes in which family, friends, colleagues, came to spend pleasant evenings and where everyone had a good laugh and had a great time!

– Tell her about your shopping days, your evenings, and outings with girlfriends, your relationships with them. Men love to know what women are saying to each other.

– One of the most common main topics of conversation is obviously the job, or if you’re still in high school, your student life, as well as the anecdotes of the day. It is common to tell what is happening there, but without going too far, don’t forget it.

– If he has a passion that he exercises regularly, take an interest, ask him questions about what he practices. By showing him that you are interested in what he likes to do, you score points, because men like women who share their passion near or far.

– Talking about current events, sports, allows you to have a wide choice of subjects to discuss. Indeed, the various facts and other catastrophes abound, and to give your opinion, your vision of the world will certainly interest him.

– Talk to him about you too, your moods, what marked your day, what you did during it. Telling him what makes you sad or on the contrary, makes you happy, will also allow you to feel better because you will feel relieved to have said what weighed on you, open yourself to him.

– Tell him your sartorial tastes, what kind of movies you like, the vacations that make you dream. Talk about the house you would like to have or the one you have and what you plan to do in it. Subjects like high-tech, computers, cars, are subjects, if you know a few basics, that will be cool to discuss with a man.


In the examples given above, it is important not to pull in length. Indeed, constantly talk about a subject, can quickly be “pompous” for him.

There is no shortage of topics for conversation. Look around you, listen to the world around you, talk about the simple things in life, about your family, your friends, and also a little bit about yourself. This is the best way to find something to talk to a man, the dialogue then sets in quite naturally.

If you talk about yourself, don’t overdo it! Avoid the “me I…” for hours, this is the best way for him to find you “heavy”, which would be a shame, especially if you covet him and he interests you!

Be natural and don’t overdo it! If you force the dialogue, it will be noticed quickly and will make both of you uncomfortable.

Avoid gossip, or talking on people’s backs..He will quickly label you with “dirty tongue” and he will probably disrespect you, since you lack it for others… Talking about someone maybe understandable, depending on the context, whether it’s someone from work, high school, family, etc. But don’t make it a hobby and a full-time practice … it can quickly get boring and frowned upon!

Don’t go so far as to say intimate things about yourself or someone else, to fill in the moments of silence, or the “blanks” in the conversation. Keep in mind, as the police would say: “anything you say could be used against you!” He could thus betray you and repeat what you have confided to him.

In short, do not feel you have to speak absolutely to cover up these moments of silence!

Rest assured because “blanks”, “moments of silence” are quite normal during a discussion. Do not put pressure on yourself, to have something to say at all costs, be natural, and if you are made for each other the discussion will start by itself.

And you ladies, what topic of conversation and what do you discuss with a man to avoid moments of silence?