What type of partner is right for you?

Your partner’s imperfections must adapt to yours, your needs must complement each other, and your qualities must compensate for his lacks.

In love, there are no magic recipes. Neither of us can choose who to fall in love with, it just happens. But, we have to maintain a certain balance and keep some common sense about his type of partner.

Knowing yourself well helps you understand the kind of people who can make you happy. We explain everything to you! 

What kind of person can really make you happy?

First, we need to maintain logic and objectivity. We cannot spend our entire lives waiting for “the ideal person, that person that we dream of and consider perfect.”

The world is full of imperfect people who, assembled together, in reality, form perfect people who know how to build their own and true happiness. It’s not about looking for the perfect person, it’s about finding someone whose imperfections fit well with yours.

Someone who meets your requirements, someone whose shortcomings are complemented by your qualities. We all deserve to have this fabulous adventure. Build together, grow and mature together to create a unique and special bond.

We will now see which characteristics may be the most suitable for your personality.

1. Are you an introvert?

It is often said that introverted people require extroverted people. We often think “it takes both sides, heads, and tails”.

But, we have to be careful with these ideas. If a person is slightly introverted and shy, the more likely they are to feel intimidated by an openly outgoing, social, and ambitious character. She will be uncomfortable.

The best is to find a happy medium. A person who is not the most outgoing there is, but who helps you compensate for your shyness, who opens your mind with respect and without being intimidating. 

2. Are you a motivated, dynamic, and outgoing person?

In this case, and strange as it may seem, it is always better to have a person by your side who is also dynamic and accompanies you in your activities.

If you like going out on excursions, going out for dinner, being with your friends, and achieving a thousand things, problems and arguments will arise if you are in a relationship with a more passive and homey person.

Daily life will always be easier and more enjoyable if you are with someone who shares your concerns, who likes to make plans, and who does not put barriers in your desire to do things.

3. You don’t trust yourself?

If you tend to see yourself as a person who has trouble making decisions, who have more doubts than certainties, and who struggles to start projects or make changes, then it would be best for you to find someone. one that will make you feel secure, and one who is confident.

A mature person, self-confident without being pretentious, proud, or too domineering. It would be ideal to find a partner with a quiet, fatherly personality, someone who would like to offer you their protection and support.

Someone who can allay your fears and give you self-confidence, increasing your self-esteem. In short, a mature and serious person.

4. Are you impulsive, a little directive and you value your autonomy above all?

Many people want to be in a relationship without being “imprisoned”. This may seem incompatible with the idea of ​​having a spouse and making a commitment, but it is an increasingly common reality.  

This is the example of women who value their career above all, control over their lives, over their decisions, who are sure of themselves. In this case, it would hardly be compatible to be with a person of similar character. This could result in an intense, but fleeting and unsustainable relationship.

Two personalities who like to control and who are autonomous often do not stay in a relationship for long. From this, the idea is to find a spouse with an easier character, more peaceful, a homebody who offers you complicity and support in each of your decisions.

Someone who respects your dynamism, your aspirations, easy-going, and simple.

Above all, look for a partner who makes you happy

We know that everything we have explained to you is difficult to put in place. Sometimes you can fall in love with someone completely different from you, someone who doesn’t fit into your pattern.

But, do not worry, this difference does not matter, the main thing is summarized in these three points:

  • Meet someone who, even if they have a different personality from yours, are able to respect you, listen to you, and appreciate both your flaws and your qualities.
  • Look for a partner who gives you a reason to smile every day. Someone who when you wake up in the morning makes you think, “I don’t want anything more, I’m fine.”
  • Stick with that spouse who makes you feel like a better person. This type of partner with whom you can live together and who makes life’s difficulties simple. Someone of optimism, whose character blends perfectly with yours.

Because you deserve it!