What women look for in a man (and vice versa)

Whether you are already in a relationship, or looking for a soul mate, it is important to identify the qualities that make a guy a very good guy! No, not every man has to fulfill all these criteria to fully satisfy you, all women are different and therefore have different needs! But, beyond everyone’s expectations, here is what women look for in a man (and vice versa):

1 / maturity

Of course, everything is relative, and the level of maturity required in a guy can vary from one woman to another, but one thing is certain: all will want to find a man mature enough for them before embarking on a serious relationship! Find me a person who enjoys going out with an immature man, outside of a non-serious relationship! Of course, mature does not rhyme with deadly serious 24h / 24h…

2 / Respect

There are many different attitudes that can be found in men: optimists, pessimists, generous, pretentious, shy … In short, the list is endless! But if there is one attitude that takes precedence over all the others when we talk about relationships, it is this one: the respectful attitude. Look for a partner who will respect you in all circumstances, and not just in public to make a good impression. Look for it, then once you find it, keep it!

3 / He has the same moral as you

You don’t have to agree on everything to be happy together! Nor that of having everything in common. But if there is one thing on which it is important to be on the same wavelength, it is your concept of morality and your values. Before considering a serious relationship, make sure that you share the same deep convictions, and the same notion of good and bad!

4 / Transparency

Well, of course, he has the right to have secrets for you! It’s even something healthy… Besides, everyone has their own secrets, it’s natural. But you certainly do not want a man who cools you and tells you endlessly crackling! So make sure you live with an honest man, who has no fun playing with your feelings, or his own.

5 / Confidence

What is the point of having a partner you don’t trust? You will never manage to build and/or maintain a relationship otherwise. And of course, the trust you have in him must be mutual for it to be effective. There is no love without true confidence that one says it!

6 / He is ready to compromise

Compromises are the key to the proper functioning of all long-term relationships. Compromises from both partners and not always from the same person. Otherwise, there will always be one of the two partners who will be forced to retreat, which will inevitably make him unhappy.

7 / Integrity

This is often a point that we tend to overlook … And yet! Know that if your partner is ready to lie, steal, cheat, deceive to achieve his ends, then he will have little scruples to do the same concerning you … And this is certainly not what you are looking for. So make sure that his intentions towards you are good, and that he is not trying to get anything from you in particular !!