When a man is afraid of falling in love, he walks away: 6 reasons

Have you noticed some alarming signs that your man is pulling away from you?

Perhaps he has suddenly become much less affectionate. Or maybe it’s been a bit of a mission lately to contact him, maybe he’s told you something like “you deserve better”.

Everything was going great, so you don’t understand his recent behavior.

You’re starting to worry and wondering “Why is it colder all of a sudden?” and perhaps most importantly, “Why would someone who loves you walk away?”

This article will help you get to the bottom of what is really going on and what to do about it.

Why, when a man is afraid of falling in love, does he walk away? Top 6 Reasons

1) So many feelings have overwhelmed him

While intimacy can be a beautiful thing, it also makes many of us start to worry.

In fact, according to Psychology Today, around 17% of adults in Western cultures fear intimacy and avoid closeness in relationships.

If he is one of these people, you may have gotten too close, he is afraid of getting hurt.

When a man develops feelings for someone, a lot of conflicting emotions can arise that he may not quite know how to deal with.

If he doesn’t know how to handle that, walking away may be his unconscious (or conscious) way of avoiding that awkwardness.

It sounds counterintuitive to think that if we cared or even loved someone we would distance ourselves, but the feelings can be intimidating.

Maybe he wasn’t planning for those strong emotions to come out for you, and he’s pretty scared.

Navigating new and unexpected feelings can be a minefield. 

He may even know that he loves you, but freaks out at the thought of losing control.

2) He is afraid of commitment

We can also remove all male stereotypes nice and early.

The image of the emotionally unavailable man may sound clichéd, but let’s face it, they certainly exist, and are in spades.