When a wild soul finds its warrior, things change

A warrior broke into my life he managed to tame the restless nature of my soul.

Before him, I thought I was a wild soul and that no one could tame me. And I didn’t want to be tamed. He proved me wrong about a lot of things. He showed me a new level of freedom that I didn’t know before him.

He tamed my soul by aligning with her.

This warrior is my other half. My twin flame. My opposite, and my equalizer. Together we find the balance.

As an independent woman, I was convinced that marriage was not for me. I thought marriage would mark the end of my freedom. I thought I would feel suffocated, I was scared.

I didn’t need to be accountable to anyone or anything outside of my incessant need and desire for freedom.

What I learned about myself, after a long period of self-reflection through meditation, yoga, and spiritual studies, is that I was not really free. In reality, I was trapped in my own selfish illusions.

I was aware of my selfish nature, which is why I never had children. I knew I didn’t want to change for someone. I knew I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to.

Hence the reason why all of my relationships, so far, have failed. I didn’t care enough about myself to really take care of someone else.

I was closed and emotionally blocked, and I had no idea how I could open up and be vulnerable. So I hid behind a facade.

Then I realized, through a lot of hard work, and I matured spiritually and emotionally. I found self-love and acceptance in the teachings of Buddhism. I no longer lived as a prisoner of the past. I was free from fears and self-destruction.

I was excited for my new trip.

My independent nature was still deep. I always had an inherent desire to explore all that was possible in the world and beyond. And, I really enjoyed my solitude because I was no longer constantly alone in a world surrounded by people. I felt like the sky was the limit.

It was then that he arrived. My equal. The one I had waited for all these years. My divine counterpart. And I did the craziest thing my old self could have imagined: I said yes to marriage!

And now that we’re married, I’ve never been happier. It’s a whole new adventure and a challenge. Anyone can travel the world and live on their terms, living in a state of contentment and serenity.

However, not everyone can engage and accept a conscious relationship with their counterpart; many of us are still too selfish to do this. Many people forget that it takes effort to stay in love.

Twin flames or not, our marriage takes work and effort.

We are two complete halves that have come together to unite in divine love. We honor and respect each other. We practice communication and compromise. And we have confidence. We venture and we wander.

Our souls align in multiple ways:

we are both researchers and explorers. We are hungry for knowledge and experiences. We have both come out of darkness and seek to bring light to a world that is increasingly darkening.

We are also completely opposite in several ways. We clashed often, and we clashed loudly at the start. We screamed and had many arguments.

I cried. He cried. I threw things away. I pulled away and he held on tighter. I wanted to run away and he wanted to stay. He wanted words and I wanted actions. He is vulnerable and I am not.

We took a break. We took a deep breath. We withdrew and reassessed what we were doing. We remembered that even though we were angry or scared, we were in love.

Warriors will stand up and take responsibility for their behavior.

They will examine the information presented to them and integrate it into their lives. They will stop and see, because they have disciplined their minds, that their path may not be right or the best.

They can consider the feelings of another and together they can decide the best course of action for moving forward. Warriors realize that real strength lies in vulnerability.