When he does that, it means he loves you

I love you. Three very simple little words that men find it difficult to pronounce. But since it is better to trust actions than words, know that when they do that, it is a way of confessing their feelings. 

He looks for you 

Whether you are at home with your loved one or at a party, he spends his time looking for you. One way to prove his love to you. And the fact that he finds you beautiful too! 

He’s texting you 

Even if he doesn’t knock you out with I love you, know that if he’s texting you all day long, it’s because he cares about you and feels the need to tell you that he thinks of you. Good weather, good or bad news, all excuses are good to show up! 

He listens to you 

You can tell your day, the office gossip, the stories of your girlfriends, he always listens to you with great attention. It’s a way of telling you that he’s interested in what you do and what you say. 

He is tactile 

When you are together, there is never an opportunity to touch you. He seeks physical proximity with you, proof of the feelings he feels. 

He wants to do a lot of things with you 

He wants to go for a weekend, take you to such and such a restaurant, to this exhibition … He is never short of ideas and always offers you a whole lot of things to do. He still wants to spend time with you, so he really appreciates you. 

He will get you breakfast

On Sunday morning, instead of sleeping in, he gets up a little earlier to get you some croissants. Even better, he brings you a tray in bed …

He leaves you the key to his apartment 

What better proof of confidence could you hope for from a man? He leaves you the keys to his home, to his personal universe. And be sure, he wouldn’t do that with a woman he didn’t care about …