When he wants to fight, nothing you say will change!

So you’re in a relationship, all very well, but out of nowhere, he wants to fight and finds some silly reason to argue and as usual (because he’s done this before), he disappears for days…

Some disappear for weeks and reappear as if nothing had happened.

Yeah, believe me, some men do that on purpose and I’ll list why:

  • Because his girlfriend is very annoying, clingy and he wants to take a break
  • To enjoy time with friends
  • Because there are other girls available and he cannot miss the opportunity
  • He wants to feel like “that guy” because he knows you’re going to humiliate yourself and that increases his ego
  • Lack of character
  • All of the above

Well, my friend… You who go through this, I have to say, created a monster!

But what you really want to know is how to change this pattern…

Well, first, acquire more self-esteem, because then you will lose the fear of losing,

The fear of not coming back…

Believe me, he will always reappear and the fact that you go after him only makes him take longer.

In fact, everything revolves around fear, because if he disappears, it is certainly because you are afraid of losing him and you clearly demonstrate this to him with your attitude.

Thus, the Universe itself reaffirms it, making him disappear!

Didn’t you realize that it’s for you to realize that you have value?

What woman deserves to have her heart in her mouth every time an unfortunate person she calls boyfriend decides to take a vacation from her?

And you know what’s worse? She accepts and swallows it all dry when he comes back.

Okay, a dose of self-love, the next thing to do is DON’T GO AFTER HIM!

He left, and you’re feeling like the worst creature, guilty, and intend to call to apologize!

Holy moly, don’t do that…

It will only make things worse, you will only be treated like garbage.

Hold your hand, and your mouth, take a deep breath, and go take your time!

Then he will see that you didn’t go after him and he will show up much sooner than you can imagine, some even the next day!

And there begins the step of change. Don’t allow this anymore and make it very clear!

He’s going to do it again to test you, but then you’re going to take another dose of self-love and put some ice on it and you’re going to practice.

Only like this darling, only with a lot of indifference that he will change!

And it’s cool, if he doesn’t change, don’t waste time, your life is precious!!!