When someone leaves you, it doesn’t have to be a loss

When something is broken, you have to fix it or at least try.

This is what we have always been taught, during our schooling but also our parents. What if that wasn’t the real solution?

What if instead of repairing, we went looking for something better? In human relationships, it is sometimes better to forget what has been, and move on to something more rewarding.

The reason it is so difficult to let someone go is because we live in a society that sees loneliness and celibacy as bad and negative.

Sometimes we are desperately trying to hold people back, even when they are way beyond the limits of what is acceptable, we hold on to the reasons why they broke into our lives …

We are conditioned and made to believe that nothing positive can happen to us when someone leaves us, that this person was everything to us. We are often told that someone who comes out of our life is a loss, and every friendship and love relationship is a lesson, so instead of feeling sad about people leaving us, we should instead celebrate. those that remain.

When someone leaves us, we feel bad.

It may even be one of the most painful feelings to endure. It is only over time that the pain subsides and you open your eyes. We then realize that we no longer need this person.

All good things come to an end to make room for even better things! You just need to be convinced of it to be able to apprehend life serenely and live a separation in a less painful way. Our beliefs are important because if you view the departure of a person as something negative, you end up experiencing it as a loss. And the reverse is also true.

You have to be convinced that everything happens for a reason, no matter what. You might think that it is difficult when you separate, but even things that seemingly appalling have an explanation. And almost every time, this explanation generates something positive. So be patient!

Separations are often painful.

We feel sadness, grief, and regret, but each loss takes us on a path that makes us stronger. The first thing to do to feel better is to convince yourself that the best is always to come and to be positive. Life is like a boomerang: it always returns what we give it.

It is totally useless to waste time and energy in sadness, regret, and therefore not move forward. Life is a perpetual restart. People come into our life and also come out. They come for one reason and certainly come out for a better one. It’s not the end of the world if someone leaves us. This person will discover new horizons and leave us the possibility of discovering them too.

Often, in the end,  certain relationships that end are beneficial or even salutary. It is better to live with a separation when the other no longer respects us, hurts us or wrongs us. It is better to let the other go when you live in permanent anguish and constant worry. At this point, you have to listen to your instinct and trust it. He has the power to discern the good from the bad and to decide who can stay and who should go.

We are made to meet new people.

We are made to explore, discover, and grow, and not be held back by people who bully us.

If someone just left you, instead of feeling shattered into pieces, think about the sadness and pain they’ve caused you instead. Life is too short not to be happy.

You have to learn to surround yourself with the people who matter. You also have to accept that others are stepping out of your life. They will become strangers and be a part of your memories, but you should never feel guilty about eliminating toxic people from our lives. No one has the right to poison you with their negativity and doubts.

Letting these kinds of people go is surely the best thing to do. It is important to think about yourself and your well-being first, and the sooner the better. The separation should not be experienced as a failure because, after all, your painful moments do not define you. Your way of understanding them and living them takes care of it.