When to say I love you for the first time?

The first time you say “I love you” to someone is without doubt one of the most important moments of your life. And for sure, it can put pressure on a lot of things! These three little words can change the lives of two people for the rest of their lives, so no way to miss everything! We want everything to be perfect, and do everything well to make this moment unforgettable and without a hitch. So when do I say I love you for the first time?

In public or in private?

It goes without saying that your declaration should be made at an appropriate time. So schedule the moment so that everything goes as smoothly as possible! However, this involves, among other things, being comfortable! Whether his answer is positive or negative, there is nothing more unpleasant for you as for him/her to feel embarrassed in the presence of other people! But on the contrary, you could feel comfort in being in a public place … It’s up to you to see the best solution!

If you are in a private place, and you are calm, keep a calm tone when you announce it. Or, choose to whisper it in his ear, which is a great opportunity to cause pretty chills.

If you feel better telling it while you’re in a public place, be aware that for some it can be extremely romantic, but others might feel disparaged, or feel like the moment is losing momentum. magic as long as it is not lived in private…

Anyway ask yourself the question whether or not, your interlocutor will appreciate the setting. Because you would not want to make him/her uncomfortable.

Where and when?

Whether in private or in public, the choice of location is essential! Of course, the choice of location will not affect the feelings of your interlocutor, but it may allow you to deliver your message in the best possible conditions. So to capture the best possible atmosphere, here are some suggestions for your statement:

• Choose a place that has special meaning for both of you. Whether it’s the place of your first date, that of your first kiss, or simply a memorable outing! This place does not have to be ultra-romantic! It will work perfectly from the moment it really conjures up something for both of you.

• Choose a romantic place. Say it in a nice restaurant with a subdued atmosphere, or even a rose garden for the most romantic of you!

• Tell him while you are walking. The two of you can take a leisurely stroll in a pretty park. Then, as soon as you feel it, stop, turn to him/her, and tell him/her!

Tell him while you are on vacation together. This is often the perfect opportunity, given that you are not in the stress of everyday life, and that you can spend many special moments together.

The moment is just as important as the place! Timing is certainly not everything, but to declare your flame to your interlocutor, you want to be sure that you have all his attention! Certain moments will help him be more receptive to what you are going to tell him than others. So here are some tips for when to say “I love you” :

• Choose a time when you are both in a good mood and stressed out.

• Do not declare your love to him in times of stress or exams, otherwise, he will be distracted when, on the contrary, he really needs all his powers!

• Choose the evening, everything takes a much more romantic turn in the semi-darkness!

• Tell them when you think it is most appropriate for you, not just when you think it is most appropriate for the other person.

Wait for a special occasion or provoke it?

You decided to say “I love you”, but don’t have a specific place or a specific time in mind to do so? It’s not a big deal! Stay alert to the appearance of privileged and ideal moments. No doubt that an opportunity will present itself quickly if you are on the lookout! This could be done during a beautiful sunset after you have had a great day together. Or when you hear your song in the evening. Or quite simply after a good slice of delusions and fun, when you are simply happy to be together … If you are big (e) romantic in the soul, the chosen moment can be grand and full of meaning, but if you like to do it in simplicity, nothing prevents you from doing it when you feel inspired (e), without any staging, just your heart exposed.

And above all, above all, say it when your heart blows you to say it! There is no point in waiting for the other to tell you first. Sometimes these two words come out all at once, without you having chosen it, as your heart can no longer keep them just for itself.