When women separate, is it the end? The test!

Your girlfriend broke up with you and you want to win her back. You wonder if your love is worth fighting for. Because you still have this saying in your head: “When women break up, it’s forever!”

bam! A damning sentence!

Hearing something like that really warms up the pain of separation.

But is this really true? You really don’t have a chance with her anymore?

In other words, is the breakup final – the end of your relationship for good?

In this article, I’d like to help you with some test questions and tips for men so you can find out if there’s still any hope of getting the woman back.

“When women break up, it’s forever!”

I still remember exactly when my girlfriend broke up with me. I fell into a deep hole too, despair, tears, and pain.

My desire for this dream woman consumed me inside and I could barely get out of bed because the world around me had become so dark.

Of course, friends tried to cheer me up in this difficult situation.

Then I heard the stupid saying for the first time…

As we wanted to put the frustration behind us on a vacation trip together, one of the men said the phrase I still remember today:

“  When women break up, it’s mostly for good. Just get them out of your head. It’s not worth crying over this girl. So put your energy into looking for a new girlfriend! Life goes on…  ”

But I didn’t want to put up with it because I still loved this woman and missed our time together in the relationship.

So my decision was clear: I was trying to get her back.

But is it really true?

In other words: did it work to win this woman back and rekindle the partnership?

Fortunately yes…

But after a while, it can lead to another breakup, and this time for good.

Then came some relationships that always ended relatively quickly.

What followed after the split was always the same pattern:

Spurred on by the first successful recapture, I always tried, with total ambition, to win back my ex-girlfriends.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t!

This is why I can say so much from my experience today:

“When women break up, it’s for good”, this cannot be said in general.

Whether the partner ends a relationship for good depends on the specific circumstances:

  • how your relationship went until the breakup
  • what are the reasons for the end of the partnership
  • what kind of personalities are you two
  • what the situation is like/your behavior after the breakup

Next, I want to help you find out with some tests if the breakup is final – or if you still have a realistic chance of getting your ex-girlfriend back.

Is the separation for good? 8 test questions

Let’s look at the different signs, one by one, by which you can tell if it’s final when a woman breaks up.

The more favorable the individual circumstances are for you in the aforementioned points, the more likely your ex-girlfriend will come back to you:

1. Why did she break up with you?

First, of course, it depends on the reasons why the woman ended her relationship.

The saying “When women break up, it’s for good” is more likely to apply if something really glaring happened or if the partnership turned out to be so unbearable that your ex doesn’t want to continue under any circumstances.

By that, I mean really valid reasons like:

  • You have grown apart and have completely different interests, so you can no longer meet.
  • Their ideas of a common future (living together, getting married, having children, etc.) are completely opposite.
  • You cheated on her in your relationship with another woman.
  • Or conversely, she met another man, maybe even cheated on him, and fell in love with him.
  • You are in a long-distance relationship or have so little time for each other due to work and other commitments that you rarely see each other.
  • There are only arguments between you, everyday life is hell, and you can barely feel love.
  • You have been offended and emotionally hurt so much that the “broken china” can no longer be glued together.

Maybe the issues between the two of you weren’t that big and the reasons for the breakup seemed clearly exaggerated.

So it could also be a sign that the woman broke up just to wake you up. Yes, women do that to us men…

She might want you to step back to fight for her and become the man she fell in love with while dating!

2. Does she still have feelings for you?

One thing is clear: if the fire is completely off between you and she doesn’t really feel anything for you, they won’t do anything to get back into a relationship with you.

But maybe there’s still a spark of love in her?

You will notice this by various signs, for example, if she is still in contact with you or reacting to your WhatsApp messages.

Or if she’s not looking for a new boyfriend but keeps talking to her friends about you because she’s still thinking about you and missing you.

So the breakup may not be final and you have a good chance of winning it over for a lifetime together.

This article will give you the best tips on how to use her signals to tell if your ex still has feelings for you.

3. How do you react to the separation?

Whether the motto “When women break up, it’s for good” is true also depends on how you behave after the relationship ends.

Perhaps you have heard or read somewhere that a “real man” has to fight for love.

The idea is basically correct…

But not in the way you see in these cheesy Hollywood movies, with constant chasing and requests.

Because she broke up with you and now she needs some time to herself. So you have to approach the “ex-girlfriend back” project a lot more cautiously – with the right strategy.

Therefore, you should not pressure them or create negative emotions, as most men unfortunately do because of the pain of separation.

Do you want to win her over again?

Then, avoid the following behaviors in this situation:

  • bombarding her with a thousand messages
  • constantly trying to call her
  • or even pass your house like a stalker
  • desperately asking to give yourself another chance because now you understand and you’re going to change
  • spying on her, including squeezing her friends
  • insulting her, blaming her, and arguing with her

All these rash reactions only lead to the woman feeling harassed by you and therefore continuing to withdraw further and further.

You’d better wait patiently, even if it’s really hard for you at the moment because you miss her.

For your behavior, you should now consider the following tips: keep your feet still and initiate a temporary contact ban, as long as the situation between you is quite serious.

Also, you might make her a little jealous, but please don’t go too far as to NOT hurt her.

This can cause her to start missing you – and the chances of her coming back will increase!

4. Does she already have a new boyfriend?

You know for sure: an attractive woman gets a lot of offers from other men who court her.

The hungry vultures are waiting for her to finally be single again so they can attack.

When your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend who she also loves, it’s nearly impossible to get her back. Even the best tips hardly help.

So, unfortunately, you have to adjust to the fact that your breakup is final.

5. What kind of woman is she?

The phrase “When women break up, it’s over” cannot be universally true, just because each person acts differently.

The truth of this saying depends on your ex-girlfriend’s personality type.

So what is your personality like?

And how does she deal with emotionally stressful situations like a breakup? What is your typical behavior?

Is she the type of woman who quickly breaks off her old relationship, drinks “champagne” with her friends, and then dives into party life to pick up new men and win them over?

In other words, is she quickly getting a fresh start in life?

Or is she someone who is difficult to talk to, deal with partnership conflicts, and heal old wounds?

In either case, it becomes even more difficult to win them back and rekindle the relationship. Then the separation can be final.

But maybe she also belongs to the type of woman who finds it difficult to separate from the old, who wants to find constructive solutions to her problems, and is also a shy person who doesn’t meet new guys as quickly.

If you notice these signs of character in her, the odds are naturally better again…

6. How long have you been together as a couple?

Many years of happy partnership are not something you just throw away, not even for the woman.

There are many positive memories of the time we spent together – and still the hope that the other will be a partner for life.

Many times you have built something that unites you as a couple: for example, a house, common children, and a circle of friends…

The pain of separation would also be significantly greater.

So in those cases, there’s a lot more motivation for us to get together and try again.

If the relationship only lasted a few weeks, of course, it’s much easier to make the decision to end it.

So the emotional bond is not yet as strongly developed, you are more flexible and more independent.

Therefore, the prediction “When women break up, it’s over” is more likely to be true the younger you are and the longer you’ve been together.

7. How many breakups have you had?

Every man knows these couples from his circle of friends and acquaintances who have an on/off relationship:

They keep breaking up over seemingly small things, only to return happy a short time later, as if nothing ever happened.

If you broke up multiple times and then became a couple again, this is a double-edged sword:

On the other hand, this behavior shows their willingness to engage with you repeatedly. This suggests that it is not forever when a woman breaks up.

On the other hand, at some point, every person has a drop that makes the barrel overflow.

And maybe the last relationship between you guys was that all-too-crucial fall.

Your ex-girlfriend may have been through a lot of drama with you, so this time the breakup should be final. Yes, really this time!

In that case, you would have a better chance of recapture if she just broke up with you for the first time and your patience is still long…

8. How long has it been since the separation?

If the end of your relationship is still very recent, your ex-girlfriend (as I said) first needs time to heal and think about your situation.

You should NEVER pressure her here, but keep the necessary distance from her and keep calm.

Otherwise, the stupid saying “When women break up, it’s over” may become bitter truth for you in your case.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t wait too long either, because sooner or later she will meet another man…

…or she completely shuts you down because her feelings for you completely disappear and she learns to appreciate the benefits of a life without you.

When it comes to “time” to recapture, the middle ground is the right decision so you can use the ideal window of time to fight for your love.

So take your chance before it’s too late!