When you really love someone, you risk everything and you don’t give up

“We don’t abandon the people we love.” – Chuck Bass

Love. Nothing is logical. Nothing makes sense. But at the same time, the only thing you can understand is how you feel about this person. He’s someone you would do anything for. Love comes without rules or guidelines to follow because once you fall, everything else is out of control.

Then you say and do these nonsensical things that you never thought you could do, but no matter how crazy you look, it’s okay because you love the person.

I don’t care what you do to show that person that you care about them. I don’t care what you look like. Once you fall in love, you can be an idiot.

Everyone is still trying to justify it and find the logic. But there is nothing logical in love.

Because suddenly, it is only that person that counts and you would do anything to be with them. You would do anything to make her happy. Because your heart is there, whether you like it or not.

And it’s not always that simple. Sometimes we fall in love with someone before they even realize we exist. And you’re just there waiting for him to see you, to feel him and hopefully love you back.

Even if you shouldn’t wait for love or fight for someone’s affection, if you think there is something, then by all means go ahead and wait until you can’t take it anymore.

Everyone around you will give you advice and tell you that you deserve better or more. But they don’t know how you feel. They are not in your head, because each thought that passes brings you back to it. They are not with you at night, because the last thought is for this person and before you even open your eyes, they are the first person to cross your mind. Don’t let someone else’s opinion dictate your life when it is you who feel these things so intensely and deeply.

It’s easy to tell someone what to do. But when your heart is in it, you have to listen to it, even if it may seem crazy to someone else. Listen to your heart.

If you love someone, if you don’t stop thinking about them, don’t give up. Keep trying. Continue to give the best of yourself.

And I know it can get tiring and I know sometimes you wonder if you are wasting your time and is it worth it?

But if there is a little hope, give the best of yourself. Love it with everything you have inside.

Because honestly, the only things we regret in life are not the occasions when we risked everything, but the occasions that we did not take advantage of and that could have made us happy.

“If you are not afraid, you are not taking any risks. If you don’t take a risk, what are you doing? ” – Ted Mosby