Why am I the only single person in my group of friends?

All your friends are in a relationship. Most of them even start talking about marriage and babies. While you, you always have crappy dates and short-lived stories. How to explain this? Response elements.

You are too demanding.

He is too small, too tall, too fat, too thin, he does not have enough hair … You always find an excuse for it not to work. At the slightest flaw, you take flight. It is good not to jump on the first comer, but setting the bar too high will not help!

The solution: tell yourself that prince charming does not exist. Get to know the person, give them a chance to be loved for who they are, with their good and bad qualities. Stop with your preconceived patterns because you will never fall in love with the one you imagine.

You are a pain in the **ss

You are jealous, possessive and you mess with your partner for anything and everything. “Who is that girl you added to Facebook? Where were you? Who with?” Stop! No man wants to be watched all the time.

The solution: by being afraid of abandonment, you end up provoking it. Subconsciously, you do everything to get him to leave you. Take it upon yourself, otherwise the pattern will repeat itself indefinitely.

You like desperate souls

Your problem is that you are always attracted to unstable men who feel bad about themselves. You take this as a challenge: “with me, it will be different, I will make him happy!”

The solution: stop believing that you can change people. You are neither a shrink nor a nurse. Focus on the positive in your life and love, the real one, will come to you naturally.

You are oppressive
“Do you want to get married? Have children? Are you going to introduce your parents to me soon?” If you put pressure on him when you’re only at the start of your relationship, he isn’t going to stay long!

The solution: you ran into a lot of assholes. But stop thinking that all men are the same, that’s wrong. Let it come to you, is the prerequisite for a man attaches to you.