Why are we attracted to inaccessible men?

Man inaccessible, danger!

We have no chance, we would get nothing good, we even risk leaving feathers there. And yet, nothing to do, it squats our dreams and our ideas … Because inaccessible men have all made us go crazy at least once, Here is the explains of what attracts us to these problem magnets!

The myth of the perfect man, the secret of the inaccessible man

He is married? It is therefore a good match. He doesn’t even look at us? The challenge is worth taking up. Does he live on the other side of the world? Yes, but it’s so romantic… These mechanisms, we have them all, and no one would dare blame us for them. On the other hand, we will readily blame the fantasy factories that are literature and cinema, by dint of sublimating the beauty of tortured love.

As a result, many of us are subconsciously convinced that true love is complicated, unhappy, fraught with pitfalls, and only finds such intensity of feelings in an impossible story. Even if it means projecting onto the object of their desires a host of phantasmagorical qualities with which he is absolutely not endowed, since if Prince Charming existed, that would be known. Shall we summarize you? Ideals, fairy tales, and impossible demands make the inaccessible man a real magnet for girls.

Lack of trust, the crux of the impossible relationship

No question of generalizing, being attracted to an inaccessible man is not necessarily due to a lack of self-confidence. Those who accumulate painful stories, that said, repeat in spite of themselves a pattern doomed to failure: persuaded that they cannot be loved, they unconsciously turn to men who reinforce their belief. Especially since an impossible relationship avoids having to face a stable relationship, to commit, and to find oneself in front of oneself.

A headlong rush that can find its roots in a deeper malaise, childhood traumas, or a distorted view of love. Do we chain catastrophic relationships? It is time to ask the angry question to stop the infernal cycle.

How to forget the fantasy of the inaccessible man

And concretely, how do we get out of the cursed gear? If the diagram is systematic, we take the time to settle down to take stock. We list what makes us really happy in love, and not what makes film heroines happy after two hours of drama. We define what we are looking for in a relationship, and what we do not want.

We then go through everything and decide objectively what is realistic, what is fantasy and what can create suffering, since let’s be honest, intense feelings are fine, but it turns easily. to the drama. If necessary, we ask uncompromising advice from close friends who see us chaining men who have been inaccessible for years. And we are also considering consulting a therapist to pinpoint the crux of the problem. Radical, but effective.