Why can’t I find a man? What’s in the way of your love

Another rejection in the message box. At least he answered. That doesn’t always happen, even if the night together was very good. It’s completely normal for you to ask yourself now, “Why can’t I find a man? I’m always unlucky! What am I doing wrong? ”The reasons for this can be very different. What’s good about it? There is a solution for everyone and that’s why you will get promising tips below so that a problematic situation like this doesn’t happen again in the future.

5 Possible Causes for the Question “Why Can’t I Find a Man?”

1. The fear of being disappointed

If one or two attempts at flirting have failed, it is possible that a negative attitude will creep in. “That doesn’t work anyway, why should it be any different this time than normal?” “It will jump quickly.” “No man wants me!” Many women feel this way after a disappointment and this is exactly reflected in their behavior against them – if they try again. It’s best not to even start, so you won’t be disappointed. It is obvious that the probability of finding a partner is negligible.

2. The preferences

Do you keep falling in love with the wrong people and are desperate because you can’t find a man who suits you? If you really want to be the dominant man but are also quite shy, chances are slim. Maybe males make promises to you that they don’t keep, while good, reliable men are just too boring for you? Your masculine taste automatically directs your focus in one direction, without you being able to broaden your perspective.

3. No initiative

Lack of initiative can also be a reason why you think “Why can’t I find a man”. Many women would like to be conquered. They expect the man to take the first step and make the effort to get to know them and set up a good date. So he sits comfortably and waits. This might work in some cases, but not in many.

4. Very high demands

Having high standards is always good. You don’t want the first thing, you want the best. What suits you perfectly. So far so good. But if you wait to find the flawless man, you will ask yourself all your life “Why can’t I find a man?” The answer is very simple: this man does not exist.

5. Want it too fast

The chat was great and you set up a date. The night was the purest dream and you are completely enchanted! Of course, you want to tell him about it the next morning. You should definitely repeat this tonight! And tomorrow would be time too, not on Wednesday, there is a sport, but on Thursday you would be completely available again. And on the weekend anyway. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

This is obviously an exaggerated presentation given the starting position “I can’t find a man”. But it happens to many women who, after a good first date, become very emotionally involved and never take off their rose-colored glasses. Men, on the other hand, tend to be more cautious and wait to see how things develop. A very strong need for closeness scares them and they withdraw.

Why can’t I find a man? 5 tips to help you on this mission



Don’t give up, change your tactics! A dating site can help you bring this situation to a happy ending. Once you have included your personal data in the personality test and profile, you will receive the first partner suggestions with potential partners. A short time later, one or another request for contact usually appears. Over time, you develop a sense of who might actually be a good match for you. You will learn to interpret profiles correctly and your intuition will guide you. We have five tips on how you can finally get rid of the “no man wants me” feeling when looking for a partner.

1. Put aside the fear of disappointment

A common cause of fear of disappointment can be a lack of self-esteem. If the question “Why can’t I find a man?” It keeps showing up, you’re wrongly concluding that you’re not good enough, smart, or funny enough to find the partner of your dreams. You must put that thought aside very quickly! You can be sure that singles are looking for the same serious intentions as you are. There is certainly one of the many interesting members of Parship who appreciates his humor and finds his special nature irresistible. You can trust it!

2. Train your intuition

Check profiles very carefully! If a lot of things in a profile match your own interests and goals, chances are the man is a good fit for you too. try. But: Once the photo is out, don’t be offended by the externals, but read between the lines. Once you’re sure it’s your character, interests, and hobbies that make you an attractive man, get in touch with him. What can go wrong?

Browse profiles extensively and train your intuition. Pay attention to the little things and learn to see through the facade! This is how you can quickly find a man who really means business and who has the same values ​​and goals as you. Do you have a hunch? Better to trust your intuition, so doubts and the question “Why can’t I find a man” cannot manifest in the first place.

3. Take the initiative

Don’t wait for your prince like Sleeping Beauty in the tower, but take the initiative yourself! If you think “I can’t find a man!” So start actively looking for one.

According to one study, 40% of men want an active woman who takes the first step quickly when she likes a man.

Yes, men also want to be wanted and conquered. Just turn the tables and catch the man of your dreams!

4. Adjust the requirements

If your partner search threatens to fail due to high standards and you still have to deal with the problem “Why can’t I find a man?” Think about what is really important to you. Does it have to be the well-groomed appearance or is the open-minded, pot-bellied guy a possible candidate? Give it a go if you like your character and feel comfortable with it! There are no perfect people – and wouldn’t that be terribly boring? Everyone has little flaws and quirks that you can easily overlook if the rest fits in. Maybe you’ll find one or another quirk very cute once you’ve given the man a chance.

5. Go slower

Are you always on fire right away? Slow down the pace a little. Go slow. If he’s interested, he’ll take a step toward you too, for sure. Try not to get too involved, but give yourself some time and build a solid foundation. The feeling “No man wants me!” It cannot even arise.

That’s how you find a suitable man by your side



If you’ve been looking for the right partner for a long time, you’ll end up giving up and asking yourself “Why can’t I find a man?” If this is the case for you too, consider the situation from a distance. Do you have the ambition to find Mr. Perfect? The model guy with the perfect character who carries you in his hands? Open up to real men who might be great for you! Don’t expect him to take the initiative so you don’t fall for the life motto “I, desperate, can’t find a partner” at all. If the date was a complete success, take it easy and don’t jump right away.