Why can’t I find the right guy?

Tired of chaining crappy dates, one-on-one evenings with your cat, or old dates organized with friends who want you well? What if you learned to put the odds in your favor to finally find the guy you need? Here are the 5 steps!

Because I’m looking around the clock!

When we multiply the stealthy relationships that lead nowhere, it may be time to land 5 minutes before returning to the front. The goal? Do a little introspection, in order to list each time THE point that made each relationship not work.
This will allow us to see a little more clearly in our past relationships, and especially to begin to understand precisely the type of relationship that we are looking for. Because wanting to find the right guy is good, but if you head off without thinking a little, you risk finding yourself caught up in a messy relationship!

Because I don’t know what to look for!

When you’re single and you want to find the right one, you like to think that Prince Charming can appear on any street corner. Uh, okay, but be careful anyway: before starting a relationship with a potential Prince Charming, it is essential to make a small list. Who will understand: the criteria that it must absolutely have to please us, and the flaws that will be downright crippling for us.
And when we meet a possible Jules, we will keep our little list in mind; that will prevent us from embarking on relationships without tail or head and lost in advance!

Because I am not looking well …

To flirt and meet people, we have all our favorite places and grounds. For some, it’s the nightclubs, while others prefer to hunt on the internet above all else … Ok, but be careful not to close too many doors! If it was enough to stay glued to your sofa while eating crisps to attract the ideal man to us, it would be known (and unfortunately, that never happens …).
As a reminder, the great Love (the real one, with a capital A), we can meet him at work, in a bar, at the restaurant, at the bakery, in the street … but also at a rotten fancy dress party, at the evening at the end of the thesis of a sister-in-law, or at the wedding of this cousin that we cannot stand.Morality: we must not neglect any possibility, and such JCVD ​​remain aware.

Because I’m looking too much …

Wanting to find the man of your life is a noble cause, that’s for sure. But as often in life, it’s when you stop looking that you finally find! So that doesn’t mean that to find a soul mate, you have to display a distant and aggressive attitude towards men.
But hey, a woman who is dying to be in a relationship, who talks about marriage as soon as a guy asks her the time, and who over-invests each time she meets a boy, we must admit that it’s freaking out. And yes: a desperate chick who runs after love and who is ready to rush into any breach as long as it is a man who opens up to her, it’s anything but s**xy, and it repels men more effectively that an onion-shallot-garlic breath. Ouch.

Because I do not want to?

And if in fact, the reason that we can’t find the right guy is quite simply because at the moment, we are not ready to be in a relationship, and unconsciously we are not don’t want to find it? Because we are not completely over our history with our ex, because at the moment, we rather need to focus on ourselves, or then quite simply because we are in a period when we needs to be a little alone.
And yes: in our societies, we hear so much that to be happy, you have to be in a relationship, that celibacy tends to frighten us. But being a single lady has its good sides too …