Why do men look for a woman who looks like their mother?

Are we really like our mothers-in-law ?!

Can’t see your mother-in-law in painting? Bad luck, because apparently she looks like you. Or rather it is you who look like him. In any case, this is what the study carried out by an Australian dating site affirms.

64% of men think the ideal woman looks like their mother

And boom! That’s done. This survey conducted by the dating site eHarmony reveals that two-thirds of men seek in their partner the best qualities of their dear mother. On the menu: tolerance, loyalty, empathy, altruism, and being tactile. Well then, let’s not get carried away. This survey was carried out among 53 men. We can not say either that this panel represents all men on Earth … Besides that, we are talking here only of the opinion of Australians. Who tells us that the French, the Chinese, or the Colombians think as much? For Italians, joker …

But if we assume that this adage is universal, it is said here that men who have grown up with a mother who respects the values ​​and opinions of others will seek this same quality in the women they meet. If they were particularly pampered during their childhood, this time they will bet more on the tenderness and affectionate gestures that their partner can bring them. If you are not at all tactile, then better hope that the man in your life did not have this luck with his mother either!

“Later I want to marry mom”

Oedipus complex, hello. But you can tell that a question is nagging you… If men are looking to find a woman who looks a lot like their mother, does appearance matter too? A priori no (sighs of relief). Even if a previous study suggests that men would more easily approach women with a morphology similar to their mother, we are not very convinced at the present time. So don’t panic, no, your man doesn’t find you s**xy like a mom …

How to explain these results?

Although it is not truly representative of all societies, this study is justified by the fact that we often (and naturally) go to people who look like us or who give us a comforting image (like mama!). A mother is often omnipresent in the education of a child and perhaps even more so with the boys. This famous mother-son relationship that is not without driving some of us completely crazy !!

At this point, it’s best to look on the bright side. If we stick to this study, Mother-in-law will never be able to reproach us again at the risk of putting herself at odds. Upon reflection “I never understood what he found in you”, you will now be able to respond very naturally to him “neither do you”.