Why does a man block you and remove you from social networks?

Believe it or not, men can also be difficult and adopt certain customs that they usually attribute to women, such as the case of blocking us from social networks

They surely have as bad a time as we do, hence they do not want to know anything about what we do.

For what reason does a man block you from social networks?

Of course, there are caveats. Certain men only block you for the fact that they do not want you to see them being happy with some new conquest or because they simply believe that with having us on Fb we are going to make bad comments.

And there are considerably more reasons why a man blocks you from social media. Now I explain them to you:

1. He is very hurt

If the relationship ends and you were the one who put the full stop, he may be upset and hurt with you. Hence, he may feel that he does not want to know anything about you.

2. Accurate time

After ending a relationship, we all need time to heal our wounds. Men, even if they don’t try it, also get hurt. Hence, they need time away from us to heal.

3. Consider that you are intense

Sometimes men can act like jerks since they do not like girls who always and at all times seek their full attention. So when they no longer want to be with you they simply disappear thinking that you are going too intense.

4. Got what you wanted

If after certain outings you decided to get physical with him, it is most likely that he is one of those men who only want to employ you and then simply disappear from your life without leaving any trace.

5. He wants to say something about you without you being able to see it

In Fb always and in all circumstances, we have the habit of sharing all kinds of images and states that may or may not be taken personally. But the moment a man wants to make a bad comment about a woman, he will not be measured.

6. You need to be reserved with your things

Many men take the position of being reserved after ending a relationship. Possibly, even though he’s not celebrating, he doesn’t want you to be looking at his posts.

7. He no longer wants you to be a part of his life

It is usually very hard to end a relationship, but unfortunately, when it ends you have to make the resolution to leave everything behind. If this is the case, the man will not want you to be a part of his day after day, much less on his social networks.

What does it mean the moment a man blocks you?

Men can act enigmatically in the face of pain or disappointment. In general, they do not know what to do when they feel so angry once a woman has disappointed or rejected them.

This is not to say that there are not certain reasons why they might take the initiative to block you from any social network.

For what reason does someone block you on Fb?

For a girl, one of the worst things we can go through on social networks is to be blocked or eliminated from the life of a person with whom you have shared certain essential things.

The truth is that you could be talking to him or looking at his Fb profile and from one moment to another he simply disappears from your sight and even from your life. But … why does a man block you from social networks? There are a few reasons:

  • He does not want to interact with you in any way.
  • They don’t want to tell you something they might regret.
  • It is happening during a moment of immaturity.

If he blocks you, is it because he loves you?

Yes, it is true, one of the reasons why a man blocks you from social networks may be the love he feels for you. Possibly he is so in love with you that knowing about you through them hurts too much.

You must bear in mind that they do not respond to heartbreak the same as we do. They become a bit more spiteful as time goes on. So he simply admits that it is not a good time for them to have contact.

If he blocks you, does he care about you?

Well, the truth is that in such a case it depends on the situation. If the relationship has ended on good terms, possibly if they want to move on, they don’t want to hurt you with their posts.

It is obvious that always and in all circumstances, after ending a relationship they feel free and want to go out and try with their friends. Maybe he cares too much about you for you to think that just because you’re dating he doesn’t love you anymore, but he does, just in a different way.

For what reason does a man block a woman?

We women also have to live with certain questions such as why a man blocks you and the truth is that many times we have no way of knowing why he made that resolution.

But, don’t worry! Among girls, we must also assist each other and since I have been in that situation I am going to tell you about certain reasons why they distance themselves from us in this way:

  • It is likely that he wanted something with you and you rejected it.
  • He didn’t want a serious relationship with you and he never knew how to tell you.
  • If he’s proud and you’ve hurt his ego, he sure won’t even want to see you.

How should I react if I get blocked on Fb?

Many times our brain does not even know how to process this situation. We remain there frozen in the computer or the telephone, not knowing if the appropriate thing would be to leave everything in this way or to write to him by some other means.

So, we find ourselves wondering what steps it should take after being blocked from Fb. I’m going to give you some easy tips:

1. Do not write to him through any other social network, since he will also block you.

2. Give it some space. Maybe it is what you want and needs.

3. Wait for the time to be convenient for them to chat.

4. Get on with your life the best you can without him.

5. Don’t try to text her with her mutual friends.

I know it can be rude, but you should try as much as possible to stay calm given this situation. After all, it is quite difficult to know why a man blocks you from social networks and it is better not to kill yourself thinking about it.

So the wisest thing we can do is walk away and let them grieve. After all, they are also entitled to proceed in the way they believe best.

Let that man take his time to ponder if what he is doing is appropriate, while the best thing you can do is get on with your life. Stop worrying! When the two of you are ready, you can go back to chat.