Why does a man decide to break up?

When a man decides to break up, some women feel that they have missed something and do not understand why their man left them …

However, deep down, they would have a little idea …

But between reason, self-esteem and a whole bunch of other things which make that to protect themselves, it makes more sense for them to hide their faces than to face a reality that hurts, they turn a deaf ear .

Here are the 3 main reasons why a man decides to break up:

1- A man decides to break up because he is no longer happy:

He is simply no longer happy. There is too much tension in your relationship, too much discord. He cannot project himself with you into a peaceful and stable future. In this case, he will decide to break up and no longer want to continue the relationship.

When we talk about happiness, it’s a whole set of things:

For example, the fact of being in a hurry to return at night to find the other, to live this great bond between the two which solidifies the couple, to have an irresistible desire to find him…

It is also the simple fact of looking at yourself and understanding yourself.

Happiness is also the fact that both partners can know what both expect from the relationship. Realize that each of them is making sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

He or she understands it in half a word, finishes his sentences, and knows what he needs to be happy, or happy.

They have the same outlook on the world and project themselves in their life and into the future in the same direction …

Maybe this description seems rather ambitious, but that’s all happiness…

When the two partners live on the same wavelength and are fully connected.

2- There is no longer any attraction between the two of you:

When a man is in love, his desire is to fill you up and make you happy. He puts you on a pedestal as if you were his princess, the woman of his life.

If the events were not conducive to good understanding, that you disappointed him, or dissuaded by your behavior to cherish you as he would like, then he may have turned away from you, until want to break up.

Men don’t work like us. Above all, they want to spoil the woman they love. It is when a man is truly in love that he gives without counting. He needs to admire you and always wants to delight you.

On the other hand, the routine, the daily life, the children, the various constraints of the everyday life, make that the monotony can settle at high speed. Without realizing it, you have turned off the magic, the protected garden that creates intimacy in the couple. Over time, you have behaved more like friends than lovers, and that may be why his outlook has changed.

3- You are no longer the woman of the beginnings:

When he met you, you were a woman of character, certain traits of your personality charmed him.

Maybe it was at the level of your attitude, your way of being or your charisma.

But over time you have changed. You have become a different woman. Your zest, your zest for life, your altruism, the way you approach life and the way you live the relationship today, no longer corresponds to who you were.

When one evolves with a partner, all the difficulty resides in the fact of remaining the same person, while managing to bring novelty and evolution within the couple.

Let me explain, if you were a woman who was always cheerful and full of energy and that everyday life made you gloomy and sad, then it is true that your personality is no longer the same. Or, if you stayed at the same stage as when he knew you, he experienced a meteoric rise in his career, and you did not know how to evolve this to be a problem. Not that you have to do the same, but you too must give yourself the opportunity to evolve in parallel. Know how to question yourself, in order to adapt to the new life you are both living !!

When a man decides to break up, it is above all the sadness of no longer finding happiness by your side.

Despite everything, this is by no means inevitable….

Indeed, when you are cornered and at the foot of the wall, there are always ways to bounce back and win it back. Nothing is ever played out, and having a history with it gives you a definite edge over many women.

On the other hand, this awareness should not be in vain and requires that you take certain actions to succeed in winning it back and driving it crazy again.

We agree that he rejected the current version of your personality…