Why does my ex add my friends on Facebook? 10 possible reasons

Relationships are a very important part of life.

And when something goes wrong and a breakup occurs, emotions often get in the way of logic.

Moving on is hard, especially for certain people.

Let’s face it, everything changes during a breakup. How we spend our days, who we talk to and even how we relate to each other on social media.

And then you may be wondering: “why is my ex adding my friends on Facebook?”. Here are 10 possible reasons to consider.

10 Reasons Your Ex Is Adding Your Friends On Facebook

1) Your ex knew your friends before they started dating

An essential question to ask yourself first is, did your ex know your friends before they started their relationship?

If so, you can see that they will remain loyal to your ex, even though you have developed a deep relationship with them during your time together.