Why Don’t Men Call You Back?

One of the biggest questions women ask about men is, “Why doesn’t he call me back?” “

Speaking with many men, I found some elements of answers …

1. You say too much

Men tell me that many women give far too much detail when they talk about their old relationships, especially about s*ex.

Men don’t want to hear that, even if they ask you to tell them about it (yes, it’s ironic).

Don’t be too direct and don’t go too far. Men want a girl they can take home, a girl they can introduce to their mom.

Above all, they want a woman they can continue to discover day after day. Don’t play all your cards from the start, and keep your garden secret!

2. You talked about all the horrible things men have done to you …

… And you made him feel like he was the same type!

Men hate it when a woman blames them for something that an asshole did to her before they knew her (and that’s NORMAL).

It is as if they are already guilty before they can prove that they are innocent. And you know how useless it is to chat with someone who already has a very clear opinion on a subject!

3. You are angry with men and you like conflicts

You have something against men and you direct your anger at each of them … simply because they are men!

It is a variant of # 2, but more generally. For example, you hate men because they earn more money because they are more likely to climb the ranks, etc.

I hope to throw a stone in the pond by saying that if you are like that, you must work on this aspect of your personality!

4. You are missing one or all of the qualities he is looking for

For women, the list of expectations for men, marriage, and relationships can be very long!

Consequently, as it is not always easy to find a man who meets all their criteria, many women end up choosing someone who lacks some of the qualities they are looking for.

In contrast, a man’s list may contain only five or six items. So, if only one of these elements is missing, this represents a fairly high percentage of what he is looking for.

When my clients tell me about a man who seems to be too difficult, I teach them to say, “Next.”

5. You gave in too quickly

Yes, some men want to get a woman into bed as soon as possible.

But if a man is really interested in a woman, and she sleeps with him too early, then there is no more challenge.

Most women do not realize that men calculate the value by effort.

The more effort they have to make to get something, the more valuable it is … whether they admit it or not!

What if you are perfect?

If you don’t recognize yourself in the previous points and he still doesn’t call you back, there are two reasons…

1) He is not ready to commit;
2) You are not the right one.

… At least that’s what he thinks!

A simple message could make him review his calculations …

After all, a date or two is not enough to judge if someone is our soul mate!