Why having a balanced life improves our romantic relationships

Some will tell me that it really has nothing to do with it.  Yet having a balanced life and a harmonious romantic relationship are two parameters that are linked…

We are attracted to what we are. It seems obvious, therefore, that to attract the right person, we must develop and improve certain very specific spheres of our life. Having a balanced life is directly related to our ideal partner.

Let me explain, if you want to attract to you a man with well-defined criteria, you must yourself have known how to balance your life in correspondence with these criteria. You will not be able to find a suitable partner if you have not followed this path.

Also, to achieve a more balanced life we ​​must develop the following 5 spheres:

1- Improve your emotional field:

Who has never been a victim of their emotions? We all have emotions within us that assail us and erode our true personality. I take the example of a person who experiences a great lack of self-confidence. His emotional correspondence will be to find a partner who will reactivate this feeling. Let us take another example, that of the woman who has a soul of a savior. The latter will attract to her, a man from whom she supposes that he needs to be saved. But in reality, his first step will be to save himself. Or, a person who says to his partner all day “I love you” profusely, it is in fact a hidden desire that he says it to himself. All these emotional failures, attract partners little inclined to really match us. On the contrary,

Work to give a better version of oneself…

On the other hand, if upstream, we work to work on ourselves, to understand our flaws and how to overcome them, we grow and we ensure the best. By implementing well-targeted exercises, designed to develop our self-confidence, to understand the fears that make us act in this way, etc. We will no longer attract the same style of partner at all. We will attract men who will be in direct correspondence with our new self ^^

I always say it, before looking for an ideal partner, you have to work on yourself to raise your standards, to assert the personality that hides behind our flaws and shortcomings.

2 – Improve your physical value:

When you increase your inner worth and reach a personal balance, you bring new life into your life. Having a balanced life allows us to attract a different style of person. Take the example of a woman who smokes, has a questionable lifestyle, a neglected interior. Who do you think it will attract?

On the contrary, if the latter takes the time to offer the best, she will have every chance of meeting a person who will be in the same mood as her.

Also to increase its inner value we can focus on developing different criteria inherent in our life:

  • Exercise to be healthy, full of energy and energy in your life.
  • Eat healthier, better quality foods that are not industrialized.
  • Relax, learn to opt for certain ways of letting go, to open up to new practices, such as yoga, meditation. Or, just take the time to refocus on yourself.
  • Entertain yourself, learn to laugh and have fun with everything and nothing.

3 – Improve your mind:

The psyche is one of the keys to finding the vital balance that we need to thrive.

Learning to take care of it, developing it wisely, will allow us to feel fully harmonious with the life we ​​want.

To help us, we can:

  • Plan our life goals, to know where we are going and to orient our life well.
  • Keeping a positive spirit in all circumstances allows on the one hand, to better understand one’s life, to attract the best, and above all to preserve ourselves.
  • Having a life journal, which is an extraordinary tool to allow us to make the introspections necessary for the progress of our life.
  • Read, learn and get rich. To nourish our interior and better understand life and what surrounds us.

4- Increase your spiritual value:

Cultivating one’s spirituality on a daily basis allows us to live a more serene, gentler life, more aligned with our interiority. However, it is different for each of us. But it is above all the fact of connecting to something bigger, a dimension that escapes us, because it does not materialize…

It is also knowing how to listen to our intuition, our buried desires, this little inner voice that guides us. These are the signs that the Universe sends us to lead us to what matters most to us.

By learning to cultivate this part of us, we gain serenity, well-being and above all we go towards things and people who are beneficial to us. We enhance our personal development, which gives us a new magnetic, powerful and protective aura.

To access it, we can:

  • Meditate, learn to refocus on ourselves.
  • Live closer to nature.
  • Connect with something bigger than us, in a religious approach.
  • Live in the present moment.
  • Improve your well-being.

5-Improve relationships:

We live in perpetual interaction with others. Whether through our friendly, professional and family relationships.

Being attached to, developing harmonious and positive relationships makes us gain in happiness. It was Jim Rohn who said “You represent the average of the 5 people you meet most often”. So if we want to attract a man who is worthwhile, we must make sure that the people you meet are not toxic, harmful people who will not allow you to feel good and to feel fulfilled like it should be.

There is no point in wasting time with people who bring you nothing, who are harmful to us, and who are harmful to our personal development. They are only there to slow us down in our life journey.

Finding the right person requires personal questioning:

This is how finding balance in one’s life allows us to attract our ideal partner. By improving the different spheres that make up our life, we put all the chances on our side to meet the right person.

It was Thomas Merton who said, “Happiness is not a question of intensity, but of balance of order and harmony”