Why you can’t find a partner: 3 mistakes single people make

You have been single for some time, and as much as you want to maintain sentimental stability and share your time, interests and your heart with someone else, the reality is that Cupid refuses to pay attention to you.

The worst thing about this is that in the time you remain single it seems that everyone is happy and you get just what you lack: a partner.

Little by little, you go from being the single and happy person, to the bachelor or spinster who feels sorry for their condition. Do not despair! there will always be someone waiting for you. The worst thing you can do is believe that you don’t deserve to be happy with someone else.

Read this part well “being happy with another person” your happiness is shared with another, but it does not “depend on another being”.

You should not change the way you are and act, or waste money to get someone’s attention.

Loneliness is not a good counselor, we know that. So thinking about love, and the beauty of feeling accompanied, we recommend you read this article if you are going through a prolonged single life.

It is very likely that you are unconsciously making some mistakes that make you remain single. Don’t worry, everything can change for the better from now on.

1. Anxiety feels

If you despair, you lose! Just as it happens with fears of certain types of animals, such as dogs that can smell the fear that some people have of them and that is why they end up being attacked, the same happens with relationships.

When you are anxious about finding a partner, others feel it and understand that you have emotional voids to fill.

In fact, in one way or another, your way of expressing yourself will indicate that you are afraid of losing your partner, no matter how good or bad the relationship is (this in case you have it) instead of being healthy alone.

And while you think this way, you will lose the opportunity to meet someone who really complements you.

If you are single, and want a partner at all costs, you may run into interested people who end up using you.

So breathe and put anxiety aside, your perfect partner will arrive without you having to humiliate yourself or settle.

2. What you project, you attract

This point is based on the Law of Attraction. As long as you think and talk about what you lack in life, that will continue to be missing.

You want to get a partner, but you keep talking about the bad luck you have suffered in all your relationships, how your partners end up being manipulative, treacherous, and harmful in your life, about the bad men or women you have had to meet, and how apparently they show one way and are really another and they let you down.

Understand that until you change your negative attitude, everything that you focus on is what will come into your life. Modify your way of thinking and the results to be obtained will also be different.

To attract a good relationship, you must feel confident about yourself, happy with your life, with your personality and with all your strengths and weaknesses. Only then can you cultivate good feelings and thoughts that will be perceived by those around you.

At first you will think that you are wasting your time, but once you are constant in your visualization and projection of positive thoughts you will see how your life changes.

You will feel better and with more energy, you will accept and value yourself. If you don’t, where do you think love will come from?

Inner peace influences you and others, you can also support yourself in new age readings, practice yoga, meditate, and constantly reaffirm positive phrases.

3. Don’t humiliate yourself

If someone is going to love you, let them do it because of who you are, not because of what you have or because of your need for attention. It is not necessary to fall into humiliations or impositions to maintain or attract the company of a person.

Love is a sublime feeling, therefore you cannot force anyone to love you, nor make the mistake of falling into the blackmail of the other person’s whims to accompany you in a moment of your life.

The world is full of wonderful, caring, gentle people wanting to meet equally great people (like you).

By focusing all your attention on an inappropriate relationship, you may be missing the opportunity to love and be loved properly.

Finding love is more than a hobby, it is a commitment that entails sacrifices, which must lead to fullness and shared prosperity.

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