Why you should know how to say no to a man

Relations between men and women are often fraught with pitfalls! Whereas for a woman, saying no to someone is considered “violence”, for a man … Well, it’s one of the s*xiest things there is!

The good news is that now that you know, you can use this completely counterintuitive fact to your advantage. We will see why and how you will be able to make it an asset in your seduction!

Nice girl syndrome

The nice girl syndrome devastates relationships full of future … It is one of the worst plagues of our love life! When we meet a man, we are still a little defensive. We gauge it, we wait to see how it will try to seduce us and we keep our critical mind alert…

Then everything changes. That’s it, he conquered, we lower our guard and our attitude changes completely. We think of him from morning to night, we watch our phone while waiting for his little SMS … And we pace our lives according to our meetings with him.

No more girlfriends, outings, yoga, weekend hikes … It becomes the center of our life and everything else loses its flavor.

The problem is that your man, what he liked, was when you were a little distant, a little on the reserve, sassy, ​​teasing … When it was necessary to conquer you in short …

Man is a hunter

The way men and women work, especially in love, is so different that it often leads to great misunderstandings.

As we have already seen in a previous article, man is a hunter who needs to pursue you to keep his interest on the alert.

On the contrary, women seek to create a stable and committed relationship as soon as possible, as soon as they have chosen a partner. They, therefore, refocus their needs on their budding couple to create the cocoon that will secure them.

It is therefore often at this stage of the relationship, when the woman switches to “couple” mode, that the man is lost. He is not there yet and finds himself “trapped in a cage”.

That’s why we women have to force ourselves to slow down. We must respect that of the other and stay a little longer than we would like in the “seduction” mode of the beginnings.

Even if you don’t like it and it seems completely counter-intuitive, you have to know how to play the cat and mouse game to continue to attract a man.

Knowing how to say no to a man

And here we come to the heart of the matter. Saying “no” to a man is one of the most attractive things to him. You do not believe me?

Remember your beginnings of a relationship, when he went out of his way to conquer you and that you sent him out for a walk?

And had he withdrawn from the competition so far? Not at all! On the contrary, it was coming back even more! And took pleasure in making sure to return to your good graces.

I’m not telling you to mistreat your man, but look at how men are with each other! They argue, they insult gently, they jostle, and that’s how they strengthen their ties.

We, women, need to look after each other, to make them feel good, in a serene and positive atmosphere. We need to express our feelings and create emotional connections.

But at the start of a relationship, a man needs a little challenge, and you don’t have to give it everything.

Concretely, what is it to say no to a man?

Say no, for example:

Set limits …

… When your man says or does things that you don’t like. Men adore women who respect themselves, who have principles and who know how to impose their values.

Be careful, I’m not telling you to set limits while complaining, because that, men hate … You have to say things assertively, calmly. By explaining what may have disappointed or bothered you and without criticizing or pointing the finger at the other.

As we have seen enough, men and women work very differently, and it is sometimes good to clearly give instructions for use to the other …

Do not build your schedule around your availability …

… To him. For example, do not postpone or cancel an appointment to see it. Again, there will be nothing more attractive to him than knowing that your life is not about him. And that you resist him a little …

If he calls her at 5 p.m. to set up an appointment that same evening, the nice girl will cancel the aperitif organized for a long time with her friends … To see him all the ceasing business.

So you don’t have to be that nice girl. Let him know you’re busy and can’t, and wait for him to suggest a new date. He will wonder why this meeting is more important than him to you. Did it really win you over?

Do not agree to sleep with him right away …

… The nice girl thinks that she will lose her man if she refuses to make love to him at the 3 rd or 4 th date.

Again, it’s all wrong! Making him wait will stir up his desire to woo you to convince you.

Especially since it will give you the opportunity to create an emotional bond with him in this phase where he is very receptive.

All that said, I have to make a concession to you. I have nice girl syndrome myself and I find it hard to say no to a man. And I’m not saying it’s easy, far from it, but little by little, by becoming aware of this phenomenon and by forcing yourself to impose your limits, you can improve your relationships and increase your potential for attraction.

Isn’t it nice to have a motivated man to convince you, to seduce you? To give his maximum to woo you because he sees you as a “price” and not as an acquired woman? Then you just have to test the formula!

And you, can you say no to your man? How does he react to that?