Women find that their men are more tiring … than their children!

The life of parents is a wonderful adventure, marked by experiences, discoveries, and small family pleasures. While having children is a source of joy, it also generates stress. Thinking of everything for their safety, their education, their health… it becomes exhausting. But according to an American survey, it is the mothers who suffer the most, because their spouse would cause them almost as much stress as their children!

Mental load

Men are often less stressed than their wives concerning the stewardship of the house, the education of the children… This does not mean that they do not get involved, on the contrary even. But as in many homes, they rely a little too much on their spouse who manages the small daily hazards: managing the schedule of tasks, thinking about shopping and meals, making an appointment with the doctor … All this contributes to this. that we call the mental load, a notion which was until now known to all, but on which we really had no words.

It is an American program, Today, which wanted to be clear about it and questioned 7,000 women and mothers on the reasons for their daily stress. 46% of respondents confirmed that half of them were one of the main causes. One of them said: “  A 7-year-old child acts like a 7-year-old, no problem. But a 35-year-old man behaving like a 7-year-old child, that’s really stressful. I often feel like I’m the only adult in the house. My husband and my daughter compete for my attention. “Another respondent explains”  I work as much as him but it’s still up to me to manage the schedule  “

A little help?

These statements may speak to you. These women, exhausted and eaten up by stress, could use a helping hand… and more! Husbands involved in household chores and the education of children, there are a lot of them, and that’s good. But this does not prevent them from continuing to rely on the organizational skills of their half. Your darling may be eating from time to time, but he still asked you beforehand what to do to eat …

It is best to sit down and talk about it together rather than getting overwhelmed, and sharing the week (or every other week) in terms of responsibilities for the house and the children. Or do nothing to trigger a click (but that’s easier said than done when there are children!)