Women who have experienced the longest periods of celibacy are those who end up happiest

Ladies, here is an article especially for you!

If a woman has been single most of her adult life, it may be that she is not yet ready to become someone’s “girlfriend”. Maybe she is not ready to see this label sticking to her skin.

Maybe also the dating world is not really familiar to her, because every time she has met someone, things have gone wrong or never developed into a serious relationship.

Perhaps still she decided to take a break, to move away from this oppressive world that is the world of romantic encounters. Going out with someone, starting life as a couple is a very stressful affair from which one rarely emerges unscathed.

Finally, maybe she wanted to take the time to discover herself first, to get to know herself better before getting involved with someone else. And it may be one of the best decisions she has made.

Either way, celibacy may be a choice and it is one that many women have made. Admirable women, who understood that development must first be personal.  

Whatever their motivations, situations or lifestyles, women who have experienced the longest periods of celibacy are those who end up being the happiest.

They end up being the happiest for a very simple reason: they have taken the time to get to know themselves and this is an essential step in order to be able to share their life with someone else.

They also took the time to learn to love each other. They have evolved and grown until they discovered what forms of beauty and calm could be found in solitude.

They understood that their happiness did not necessarily have to be linked to that of someone else to be complete. 

They are comfortable with sleeping alone. They are able to do their shopping and live their lives alone, with no one to help them. They live independently.

They are not afraid to be alone, because they know perfectly well that they can get by without the help of anyone. They know how to take care of them. They know how to listen to each other and they have known how to tame themselves.

They know how to walk the streets alone because they understand that they don’t need anyone to reach their destination.

They are not afraid of loneliness. Loneliness is what allows them to surpass themselves.

They accept this solitude and they embrace it. They are among those who end up happiest because they have taken the time to build themselves individually. They may have been selfish and thought only of themselves, regardless of what a partner would think.

They were able to devote themselves entirely to their lives, without shame and without feeling guilty. They were able to use their time and energy to grow, learn and forge an identity.

Likewise, they can devote all the time they want to their friends, without having to worry about arousing jealousy. They can create strong ties with those around them; build a lasting family and friendly relationships.

They can pursue their dreams, inexorably, without having to compromise with the dreams of another. And even if their dreams are big, they are not afraid to get started and be fulfilled. Nor do they have to worry about having their dreams slip through their fingers.

Their motivation has no limits and their strength comes only from themselves. They do not depend on anyone. They are passionate and they work hard.

They excel in the art of cutting themselves off from the world, cutting themselves off from all distractions in order to focus on what they are doing. And it is thanks to this that they manage to do anything that they decided to do.

They end up being the happiest because they know what the term “independence” really means. It is their autonomy that allows them to fulfill their desires and satisfy their desires. Their strength is intrinsic: they built it with their own hands.

They also have no money problems, because they are the only ones managing their budget. They operate their transactions as they see fit and according to their objectives.

They have all the tools in hand to survive. They are self-sufficient.

They have great intelligence and they know how to solve any problem that comes their way because they have learned to rely only on themselves. They manage to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

They get through all the storms. And they end up being the happiest because they understand that our value is individual and is born only from our own achievements and not from those of a third person who would share our life.

They understood that love should never be what defines us. A woman’s life is not just about the companion she chooses. They understood that life has facets that we have to explore, each and individually.

Being single is not incompatible with happiness, on the contrary. Celibacy and all the things that go with it directly contribute to our personal development. And it is only by being fulfilled that one can then flourish alongside another.

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t experience anything either. Love is first to be sought in oneself.

“Better alone than in a bad company”. No saying is truer. A single woman will always be happier than a woman trapped in a toxic relationship.

A single woman will always be happier than a woman who is afraid of being alone.

The women who embrace their celibacy are the ones who will find happiness in simplicity, in the little things of everyday life. They will find happiness in themselves and it is something that is priceless.