You can lose the great man in your life for these 25 silly attitudes

There is no perfect partner, we all make mistakes, we have fear, weaknesses and days when we do not feel like anything. So losing that man who makes your life different out of pride is a big mistake. The perfect partner is not the one who never has problems.

When you look for the perfect, when you do not accept mistakes and you become proud, you start to lose trust in your partner. There are women who say, it is not what I expected. In other words, they condemn their partner for their own illusions. Your partner doesn’t have to meet your expectations.

Let’s see the reasons that can make your partner break up with you.

1.- A man can irritate a woman who spends hours in front of the mirror

Do you look in the mirror for a long time or very often? This habit is sure to make your partner wince. But the last straw is when you ask “What do you think of this dress? or worse “do you think I’m fat?” These attitudes are typical of a woman with low self-esteem.

2.- Make false requests that only reflect an insecure woman

It is common for a girl to ask for demonstrations of love, how I would like you to give me a massage! It would be a nice proof of love, will you? ” Difficult to answer no. Your “request” is actually an order disguised as a “question.”

3.- A woman constantly indecisive can get tired


Losing the man in your life can be very simple if you don’t take responsibility for your personal growth. It is not pleasant an indecisive person to dress monopolizing time. A man can get exasperated when you don’t know what to wear. You say I’m out in 5 minutes and it takes you two hours.

4.- You can lose the love of your life if you treat him like a child

If you are happy to have conquered the perfect boyfriend, you have to take a next step. Become the perfect woman for him. But often many girls treat him like a boy. Humiliate him, prove you’re better than him, or get into a competitive game either!

5.- Do not turn the page with your ex’s problem


You can upset your boyfriend if the memory of your ex constantly appears. Your partner doesn’t want to hear about your ex. In truth, the less he knows, the better for him. And never even think of pronouncing the beginning of the sentence “My ex used to say… ..”

6.- There is nothing wrong with having a cat, but giving it preference …

We like pets, but everything has its limits. Maybe they don’t love that you have a cat or are simply indifferent. What bothers him is when you start talking to your pet and you think he responds by meowing, and to top it off you translate what he just said!

7.- You can lose the man of your life if you try to look like your mother


From such a mother such a daughter! If you are the portrait of your mother it is not necessarily an advantage, especially if you copy her bad habits … be careful! For something the mothers-in-law have a bad reputation, of course some are pure love. Losing a love for simple things you can change hurts.

8.- Many women talk too much, and that can annoy the boyfriend

Blah blah blah! I know you have the image. Your unbearable mania of talking all the time can end up irritating your partner. Office gossip, your colleague’s new skirt or your sister-in-law’s sentimental problems… They don’t interest her at all! A man just wants quiet and fun.

9.- Can you imagine losing the love of your life because of your attachment to makeup?

Excessive makeup is nothing other than a lack of self-esteem, an insecure woman. If he loves you naturally, why wear a mask? The worst of all is that by being aware of your makeup you deprive yourself of many routine joys that he enjoys.

10.- It is okay to show a mistake, but constantly correcting is heavy

I know you want everything to go well, but you can lose it by constantly correcting it. The man in your life is not perfect and if you constantly expose his mistakes you overwhelm him. Rather, encourage him, let him feel your support, not your rejection.

11.- The worst thing your partner can do is insistently compare you with others


If you have that mania of buying it with others, you are going to annoy the boyfriend, you can even lose him. Stop comparing it with the others. Instead of concentrating on their flaws (consider yours) better look at their qualities. Nobody likes to be compared to others.

12.- Choosing your clothes from time to time makes you fall in love, but not if you are dominant

Every woman in love dreams of her boyfriend as she likes. But to satisfy that taste you do not have to turn your partner into your doll. It’s okay to give your opinion on her rapa, but imposing your taste can be annoying. If you don’t let him decide, you can only be tiring your partner.

13.- The worst thing a woman can do is pretend in bed


It’s an embarrassing simulation that just means, I don’t love you enough. A man is not a magician, you have to do your part. If you pretend in bed, sooner or later, your partner will notice. The worst thing in this case is that he will doubt whenever you are really feeling.

14.- You can lose the man of your life by playing with his feelings

Just put yourself in their shoes. Nobody likes to be played with their feelings. Trying to get what you want by playing on your feelings is a time bomb. He may think about breaking up with you if you constantly cheat on him by appealing to his good feelings.

15.- If you don’t like something about it, don’t try to transform it


Wanting to change your partner can be counterproductive. Because you don’t change. Let him change on his own initiative. It provokes that initiative. Insisting that he change can make that man open up, you can lose him. Your dissatisfaction is in your life not in the way of being of your partner.

16.- At some point they will argue, but never assume things

The perfect boyfriend is unreal. So accept the real one, enjoy every detail of it, don’t be harsh rating everything. Never assume, “yes, we already know that you always …”. Don’t treat him like an irresponsible child. He doesn’t like to be in the middle of these kinds of arguments.

17.- You can lose your man if you put your nose in the wrong place

In the life of a couple, not everything is happening in privacy. Everyone needs their private space. You don’t have to rummage through their things just to satisfy your insecurity. You don’t have to investigate his pockets, phone, computer, etc., for you to be sure of his love.

18. For a sensitive woman it is easy to cry, but …

Sniff! Sniff! Crying is normal, but crying for any reason is not. It can also be annoying. A man can think of separation if you constantly use the weapon of crying against him. Before crying, communicate properly what bothers you and save yourself from misunderstandings.

19.- The perfect boyfriend is one who tolerates you, but don’t overdo it

Many women have the advantage of being multitaskers. But recriminating your partner for not being capable of two things at the same time is annoying. You can lose that man in your life because it’s just annoying that you berate him all the time. If you consider him as the love of your life treat him as such.

20.- Not having security of love, it can tire because it is irresponsible

Many women may annoy the boyfriend or husband by frequently asking, “Do you love me?” Woman, understand that they can only love you to the extent that you love yourself. If you don’t feel loved, it’s not your partner’s problem. He may or may not love you, but your happiness depends on you.

21.- A woman who loves a man does not have to agree with him in everything

Many women to please or like them in a conversation say, “you’re right!”. It is a big mistake that puts your relationship at risk. You tend to say “ok, ok, you’re right!” when you really don’t believe it? Your man detects it and bothers him. A man doesn’t always want to be right about everything, he wants your honest opinion.

22.- Your man may hate talking when they are watching a movie

A woman can lose her partner by not giving her space. A man may be watching a movie that you are not interested in. But it is his life and it is his values ​​that you must respect. A man gets tired over time. He needs his moments of silence, his moments with himself and with what he loves.

23.- The two want to strengthen their relationship, but give directions for everything …

You can also lose your partner if you don’t trust him. He may want to end the relationship if you don’t treat him as a person capable of doing something on his own. He may be patient, but giving you directions for everything all the time can irritate him and tire him out over time.

24.- If you are too confident with your friends, your boyfriend may get upset

Your partner may want to break up with you if your friends know all of their dating secrets. A man doesn’t like it when your friends know everything about him. It really bothers him that your tongue goes out telling confidences, he gives the impression that everyone knows him too well.

25.- Subject him to interrogations only to satisfy your insecurity

Many women forget that people don’t lose their freedom by compromising. Love is not a prison and your man does not have to realize everything. It is very common to lose a love, the man of your life, for not valuing him. A man doesn’t have to put up with your questioning. Think about your quality of life.