You deserve great love

What ingredients do you need for a romantic relationship to work?

If we could answer this question, life would be much easier! Because unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe that would allow two people in love to live well together. It takes a combination of multiple elements for things to work!

That said, there is one thing that is certainly very important: the thrill! The excitement. The surprise. Call it what you like, but for a couple to thrive, it needs a little spice. And it’s something we all too often tend to forget, taking for granted the love we have for each other. Above all, it is something that comes from us and not something that is found outside.

This excitement must come from both sides! Your partner must make you shiver and you must succeed in making him shiver too!

The thrill of the beginnings

Any relationship is exciting in its early days. It is also good for that that one decides to put in a couple in the first place. It is the excitement of the first caresses. Discovering the other. Sensual moments that we share as a couple.

It is the looks and the kisses that make you blush. The surging passion. The terrible lack of the other as soon as he is absent. The joy renewed each time we meet.

Love is always swirling when it begins, but maintaining that thrill over the months and years is extremely difficult. However, it is essential for life together.

Inevitably, the excitement diminishes to the point of completely fading, and this is where rupture often comes into play.

To shiver for the other is first to shiver for oneself

I am almost 30 years old and I must say that these long years have allowed me to discover myself correctly. I know myself well and I think I am a great woman. See no arrogance on my part, but I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished.

I’m sure you can (and should) say the same about yourself!

This love that I learned to give myself therefore allows me to love someone else . I feel free to love, to love you. Our relationship which begins makes me shiver … That, I am sure!

And believe me, I don’t engage in anything and with just anyone. It is out of the question that I am satisfied with a stupid and superficial man, who cannot align 3 words one after the other.

So it makes sense that I expect the same from you. You make me shiver and I want to make you shiver just as much! I want our story, although still in its infancy, to be a source of wonder and excitement.

I want to be loved for what I really am

I no longer want men who are only interested in my body. I no longer want superficial relationships, based only on love making.

I also don’t want to be with someone who only loves me when I do what he asks me to do or when I grant the slightest of his requests. I do not want to be loved because I am beautiful or because I know how to keep quiet.

No, I want real love . A love that goes beyond situations (even painful), circumstances (even unhappy) and disputes! I want someone who, whatever the situation feels despite all this thrill from the start.

I don’t care how you express how you feel about me. Whatever means you use to make me understand that I’m making you shiver. What matters is that I know it and that I feel it, day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Because for me, no relationship is worth it if it is not full of excitement!

Know how to grasp everyday life

I know that we will not be able to surprise ourselves every day that we live together. I am optimistic, but I am not stupid. I know that everyday life is inevitable. But I also know that it can be fun and even exciting!

I know we will get bored sometimes. I also know that we will argue and that it will be difficult for us to agree. I know that sometimes we will have to tackle thorny and painful subjects. But all these things are easy when you manage to love yourself with this pure love from the first day.

Because don’t get me wrong, I prefer that we spend some days in indifference rather than seeing you simulate an excitement that you do not feel or no longer. I will always prefer sincerity to lies and comedy.

Poor relationships are over for me. I have given enough and now I want my love life to change. I’m ready for something real . I have finally reached this stage of my life where I am at peace with myself and I believe that the time has come to meet a good man. A man who understands all the things I have tried to explain here.

True love: a rebirth

Men I have met. Relationships, I have had. I wasted a lot of time on men who weren’t really keen on being with me. Men who did not have that little thrill, yet so necessary that I mentioned above.

They never took the time. They did not stay long enough. Maybe if they had taken the trouble, they would have understood that I could have become one of those things that fascinate a man and make him vibrate.

Yes, I liked them. Yes, they found me funny and nice. Yes, they liked spending time with me and looking me in the eye. But that’s all. Nothing more. And I was crazy about them. I was full of this excitement that vibrates hearts.

Unfortunately, it was not mutual and believe me, there is nothing more painful than that feeling. There is nothing worse than realizing that our love is only rewarded with indifference.

But all that is over . I want and need something else! Above all, I understood that I deserved much better than all that. I understood why it didn’t work and maybe you will be the one to confirm this feeling.

I want passion

Who says love passion is a myth? This is absolutely untrue. The human being, in its very essence is a being made and steeped in passions. We are just that. But we are also different and we are passionate about different things.

We are all driven by something. We all have desires, deep desires. This little flame that allows us to move forward, fall, get up, continue and love.

I want to be this little flame . I want to be one of your reasons for getting up in the morning. Because let’s be honest … It is not money that makes the world go round, it is love above all! We are nothing without love. Besides, what need would money have if we didn’t have loved ones to share it with?

Be careful, I’m not saying that I want to be your only reason for living , or your entire universe. Just one reason among many and the center of your vast world. Because I want someone who feels the same way I do. Someone who is therefore able to have his own goals and his own desires.

Passion: a shared thrill

Anyway, I want to build something with you. I want us to share our world and for everyone to bring in a bit of their own. It is said that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, right? Well, that’s exactly how I see love and life together!

I want my words to inspire you. I want my laughs to be communicative. I want my smile to make yours yours. I want to be your muse.

I want you to respect me and admire me. I want to be unique for you.

Because I think it is enough to linger a little. To split the shell and find out everything I have to reveal. Take the time. Give yourself the means and I am sure that I could be one of those things that you are passionate about.

Maybe you and I are made to be together. Maybe we are each gifted with this ability to make the other shiver and love him for the rest of our days.

I deserve the world

Yes, I sincerely believe it and once again, I allow myself to say it without arrogance. Again, you should all do the same. You too deserve a man who makes you shiver and who shivers for you .

I deserve a man who looks at me as if I were the eighth wonder of the world. I just deserve to be loved.

I deserve a man who takes the time to make me feel what I mean to him. A man who takes the time to tell me and prove to me that he loves me. I deserve a man who holds me in great esteem and does everything he can so that I never slip between his fingers.

I deserve great love. I deserve the man of a lifetime.

I deserve a man who shivers at the idea of ​​having me by his side and being able to keep me all my life. In short, you now know what I expect from you …

If you’re not ready, leave me alone

Because I already told you, I am tired of men who only come with me for lack of anything better. Or because they don’t want to be alone. I want a man to be with me because I give him that chill, from day one to day one.

I no longer want someone who has to force himself to stay and find a semblance of love in the bottom of his heart. I know what I want. I know what I expect from a relationship and a man. Let him look at me with envy and wonder. Let him shiver at the touch of my body. Let him be stunned every time I smile at him.

For me there are two things that are absolutely essential to love: sharing and the thrill . So I want someone who makes an effort. I want us to be two in and in front of the world. I want us to be two, enthusiastic about life and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​spending it together.

But I no longer want to give in to mediocre love. To a bland relationship that fades after just a few months. I do not want a love that you get used to for lack of something better or out of desperation to meet the right person one day.

I want us to be together because it’s you and because it’s me.

Life is hard. She is full of challenges and I want to find a partner with whom to meet them, in hope and in love. So, if that’s not what you want. Don’t get tired anymore and let’s both move on.

But if this same shiver runs through your body as it crosses mine, take my hand and let’s go in pairs. I promise you a lot of passion and the most beautiful adventure of your life, eternal and surprising.