You deserve much better than contradictory signals!

Any relationship (whether in love or not for that matter) is by definition two-way. When one person loves the other and the other feels absolutely nothing, there is no way to talk about the existence of a relationship.

In order to be able to speak of a relationship, the two parties must love and care for each other. Otherwise, it can’t work!

Currently, we are extremely influenced by the media (television, newspapers, social networks, etc.) and these exhort us to believe that a romantic relationship will fulfill all our desires and allow us to realize all our dreams.

Unfortunately, the reality is much more complex. It often happens that we fall in love, only to realize later that our partner does not love us at all! Disillusionment and disappointment then ensue.

In matters of love, it is difficult to give advice or to prescribe one attitude more than another. We’re all different. We all have different life paths, more or less severe pain, trauma to manage, etc.

This is why the only advice we can give you is the following: stay away from all those who send you only contradictory signals.

Stay away from people whose feelings are unclear.

Sad to say, but people are bad. They deceive others and make them think that they have feelings for them. Finally, “to deceive” is a big word. Let’s say people make you think they love you when they don’t know how they feel about themselves.

And words don’t mean much anymore. The “I love you” comes out when you don’t even know what it means. They tell you that you are special, unique and that they want to be with you forever. But they no longer know what it really means.

And in fact, they are unable to commit. And besides, every time we tackle the subject, that we manifest the desire to build something serious, they evade and find lots of excuses to change the subject.

And they are so strong that we often come to believe in their excuses!

But you deserve to be with someone who really cares about you, without a doubt and knowing what it means.

Of course, we don’t choose those we fall in love with. Especially since life is short and we have no choice but to take risks, get started and try. But it is a reality, these risks sometimes lead to suffering.

Being afraid is normal. Being afraid to commit is normal. It is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. But even if it takes time, love naturally pushes us to make this decision.

But many are those who are not sincere and know very well that they just want to have fun. So you have to learn to flush them out. You have to learn to flush out dishonesty and distinguish it from real, sincere feelings.

And there, nothing very complicated. On the contrary, it is very simple. If someone cares about you, they will prove it to you. In his own way, perhaps. At his own pace, perhaps, but he will show it to you.

Someone who sends you contradictory signals and whose feelings are not clear is not clear himself!

And the last thing you need is someone who covers you with gifts but never has time to see you. A contradictory attitude, which is not that adopted by someone who is in love.

Don’t get me wrong, gifts are good. Everyone loves gifts. But if there are gifts, with nothing else, it’s worth nothing! If there are gifts, but nothing else, there is also no relationship.

One thing is certain, commitment is the key to any serious relationship. And if everyone moves at their own pace, the commitment must end up there. Otherwise, it is not serious.

If you cannot be honest with each other about your feelings, continuing is pointless.

But remember: you have to think of yourself first.

Many people get lost when they start a relationship. They forget themselves and only live through the other. It is an insidious behavior that quickly pushes us to forget that we count, that we are important ourselves and that it is to ourselves that we must first think.

So above all, don’t be afraid to give up. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the end of the world. Some relationships are doomed to fail, even if you really want it to work and you have to accept it.

And you know what they say: sometimes we focus so much on the bad boy, that we miss the good … While he is right next to us …

The longer you stay with someone, the more difficult it is to detach yourself from that relationship, even if it has not worked for a long time.

What is certain is that you deserve the best. And if your current romantic situation does not allow you to flourish, you need to move on, perhaps by moving on to something else.

We all deserve to love and be loved in return. It’s a little sweet, I recognize it but it’s true!

There is someone for each of us. You have to believe it and keep hope. Above all, do not settle for the minimum or something that does not suit us.